Chapter 6

The Starlet limousine carrying both Anna and her daughter, Rebecca, stopped at the sidewalk on the way to the elementary school carrying the Kindergardners and first graders of Middleton.

Rebecca was in a pink dress with her blonde hair in pigtails, carrying a Malibu Stacy lunchbox.

The rivalry between Anna and Clara was still raging on with Clara getting married to a Queen and having three beautiful daughters while Anna married an oil tycoon and had one daughter of her own. Driven by a sense of perfection, Anna was determined to avenge her ex-roommate from college.

Clara decided to enter Tara into ballet and Sara into the Pixie Scouts. Anna, in her 'infinite wisdom', decided to enter Rebecca into child beauty pageants that would be filmed on a reality show called Tots and Scepters.

From the very beginning, the show attracted a lot of controversy from pageant moms applying spray tans to their five-year olds to the outrageous revealing outfits that they wear in front of the judges.

Being a former child beauty pageant star herself, Anna deceided to plunge Rebecca into the world of these child beauty pagents.

For around two years, Rebecca had participated in around 30 child beauty pageants, winning Queen in around 22 of them and runner-up in the other eight.

Anna dressed Rebecca in those said revealing outfits, from dressing her up as a female celebrity with breast implants to that of a prostitute outfit holding an unlit cigarette.

To keep her daughter's energy up during these pageants, Anna also fed Rebecca 'Uppity-Up Juice', which is a concocction of two energy drinks, eight packets of sugar, and a cup of coffee. This kept her from feeling tired. One of the main drawbacks of the juice was that it kept Rebecca awake all night long on some occassions, sometimes making a mess of her room.

The pageant stuff, to Anna, was an outlet to express her frustration of revenge against Clara for what she did in college.

"I wanna go to kindergartney!" Rebecca chittered while playing with her left pigtail.

Anna chuckled and told to her head of all the household staff the Starlets have on their payroll, "We're already there, sweetie! Jeerves, get the chauffeur open the door for us so that my daughter can exit the vehicle!" The chauffeur was driving the car with Jeerves sitting right next to him.

Mr. Starlet, being a high-powered CEO of an oil company, was on a business trip at the time, so it was up to Jeerves, to be the 'man of the house' while his employer was away.

"It shall be my duty, Miss Starlet, to tell him that!" Jeerves smiled as he told the chauffeur to open the door for the five-year old.

The chauffeur complied. He went around the limousine to open the door for the young child to walk on through the portal from pre-K to the world of Kindergarten.

Rebecca jumped out of the limo, cheerful and was about to enter into a world of play and song when Anna whistled for her to come.

"Yes, mommy?"

"Rebecca, I love you! And I need to tell you one more thing before you enter through those doors." Anna told her in a sweet voice.

"All ears!" Rebecca squeaked.

"If you ever see anyone whose last name is Queen or starts talking about Miss Ciara as her mommy, I want you to put that girl in her place! Make her life a living hell!"

"What do you mean, Mommy?" Rebecca wondered.

"Make her feel useless and miserable, like she is nothing more than a bunch of white trash destined for a trailer park! If you do that, Mommy will be extremely happy with you and will give you a glass of uppity-up juice!"

Rebecca paused for a moment and replied with a gleeful smile on her face, accepting a bit of
"motherly advice."


The chauffeur went back to the driver's side of the limousine and started the engine.

"See you at 2:30!" Anna smiled and blew her daughter a kiss.

"See you soon, Mommy!"

Rebecca caught it and ran as fast as she could to the double doors to begin Kindergarten.