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Pairings: Naruto/Gwen

Omnitrix (Omniverse) wearing Naruto.

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Life for Nami- no Uzumaki Naruto in the village of Konoha has been nothing short of horrible and it all had to do with the fact that he had the Yang Chakra of the Kyubi no Yoko in him sealed by the diseased Hiruzen Sarutobi, as if that wasn't bad enough, his ability to use Chakra was all but lost. His fathe- the man who gave birth to him never paid attention to him, all the attention from his parents was given to his twin sister, the supposed hero of the leaf for keeping the Yin part of the Kyubi's chakra and having as much Chakra as her mother and father. Because of that, she was able to do everything they taught her, they doted on her and left him in the dark like an un-used piece of paper. He tried to ask his parents to learn the basics of sealing but the answer was always negative.

No Naruto, sealing is dangerous for you – his father said.

Why don't you help encourage your sister in completing her new skill? – his mother said.

To top it all off, his sister was being a bitch of the entire situation because of all the attention she was getting from their parents and godfather, the toad Sanin, Jiriaya and their god-brother, Kakashi. Added to the fact that the village abuse him every corner, call him names and form mobs to attack him.

Today was their eight birthday and they including Jiriaya all went out leaving him behind in the house and with nothing left to do, he went to the forest of death to train wishing himself a happy birthday hoping something good will happen in his life to him for once.

Naruto was sitting under a tree wearing brown shorts, a blue shirt and an orange sleeve-less hoodie that was over his head, tired from the punching he gave the tree. He looked up in the sky thinking how nice the stars were and saw shooting star.

I wish I had the power to leave this place on my own and have a comfortable life He wished as he closed his eyes. As he opened his eyes, he saw the shooting star change its direction heading straight to his area. He had to leave fast before it hit and when it crashed, a crater was formed from the star.

A curious Naruto walked to the crater to see a cylindrical object in is smoking from the intense heat it gathered. He walked to inspect it and when he got closer, the object opened up as if it was keeping something safe and what he saw there sort of took his world for a spin.

Sitting in the object was an item that resembles a wrist watch. It has a square face plate and has a white and green color scheme. The faceplate is black with two green stripes forming an outline for the hourglass.

Naruto reached for the object with his left hand but was surprised when it latched onto his wrist. Now as a child of the forth hokage, Naruto knew when to be calm in situations like this so he was as calm as he could be and inspected the watch on his wrist. When he saw what looked like dials on it, he pressed both of them together and an image of several creatures appeared as play list for him to pick. As he was about to scroll the different selections, a hologram (He knows what it is) appeared showing a small grey creature with large green eyes and something that resembled a mustache on its face. He looked old and wise and Naruto was surprised as the creature knew who he was.

"Greetings Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, my name is Azmuth and I am the creator of this version Omnimaitrix or simply, Omnitrix on your wrist. I sent it to you knowing what life you lived, yes I know how your family treated you, I couldn't let that stand so I built a device powerful enough to help you leave the village and find a proper family who will raise you like their own not only that, in case the original version of the Omnitrix I send doesn't make it to the right destination and falls in the wrong hands, you probably are the only being on the planet powerful enough to beat him or her. I sent co-ordinates to the location of a family that would be glad to have you as their child as it would calm their lives and yours. Train hard and may the stars be with you." The hologram said as it disappeared from view.

Naruto was intrigued at what just happened but he knew that he had to get home because someone had to have noticed the crash site.

He just didn't know it, but his wish was just granted indirectly.

2 years later

It's been two years since a 7 year old Naruto found the Omnitrix in the forest of death, one year since he had gained mastery of his forms and with the help of grey-matter, an alien that was from the same clan as Azmuth, he was able to unlock the master control of the Omnitrix. Now he can transform into all 15 different species at any given time but he knew that he was still weak too fight on his own so in the year that just past, he was able to master 8/15 species.

Of the different species he had, his most favorite was Chitrax (Ultimate alien, fast-track) an alien based on speed and strength but the downside was the streaks it left behind. His other favorite alien was Wrath (Rath); he was a 9 feet tall and resembles an orange and white bipedal tiger with one claw coming out of each wrist and no tail. He had a very interesting way of speech, but that wasn't all, he was really strong and had enhanced senses like most other species. He also had a few other favorites like Siberian (Big chill), Hot Spot (Heat blast), Ordnance (Four arms), and Elevation (Upgrade). His least favorite was Maxilla (Ripjaws) because of the need for water.

Today marked another year to Naruto's life as he left his room in black baggy pants and orange short-sleeved shirt with a pair of orange sneakers. He walked down the stairs with a scowl on his face as he heard the party being thrown for his sister.

"Happy birthday Nami!" his father said.

"That's right, today is your 9th birthday," his father said.

"And I think it's time to see what we got you." His god-brother said. Naruto just waited patiently leaning on the stair rail for someone to notice him but he knew that wasn't going to happen so he watched as they started showering his twin with presents. Even the clan heads and their children were here to celebrate their birthday or his sister's birthday.

First was Kakashi who brought out a scroll for one of his techniques she'll need in the future. The second was Tsume, who got her a puppy, someone she could play around it and the sight was sort of refreshing. The third were the Ino-Shika-Cho who settled for a gift certificate and a shogi board. The forth was Hisashi who handed her an envelope that she was to open later. The fifth was from her mother who just gave her the Uzumaki clan's famous sword, red death. The sixth was from her father who presented a water balloon and gave it to her, something that infuriated him and surprised some people there who knew what it meant, but his father said that he had another surprise for later.

"Okay, I think its time for my present." Jiriaya said as he weaved out hand-signs and a scroll appeared on his hand.

"Isn't she a little young to be signing the summoning scroll?" A curious yet excited Minato Namikaze asked. Jiriaya just waved off his students' worry and handed the scroll to an excited Nami who just quickly signed it without any second thought right under her father's name.

"I'm so proud!" Kushina gushed out to her daughter as she signed the contract.

"Before you know it, she'll be stronger than her old man." Choza Akamichi spoke out with his jovial voice. Minato ignored it and got everyone's attention.

"Can I have your attention please?" Minato asked and as he saw everybody focus on him, he continued "I would like to announce the ascension of my daughter as rightful clan heir to the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan, she has earned that responsibility and I hope she doesn't abuse it." He announced to the shocked crowd who was silent at this announcement.


Everybody turned around to the long forgotten child that was clapping at this announcement on the stair way. They were shocked that they forgot him and that it was supposed to be his birthday to making some of them feel guilty and the rest either annoyed or indifferent.

"Bravo, Namikaze-sama, Bravo…" the still clapping Naruto announced.

"Naruto?" Kushina asked shocked that she forgot about her son.

"You know, I was wondering when you were finally going to pull this stunt, some part of me prayed that it won't happen but after the events just witnessed…" Naruto said as he walked down the stairs to the door with his hands in his pocket.

"What the heck Naruto? Can't you see you're ruining my party?" Nami rudely asked her twin. Nami was like a mini carbon copy of Kushina. She had on blue trousers and an orange long-sleeved blouse with a pair of blue shinobi sandals.

"Yeah loser, Leave us alone!" An 8 year old Ino shouted. That actually hurt a bit coming from her of all people. Ino was a small girl with blond hair and pale blue eyes. She wore a simple orange shirt and black trousers and brown trousers. She used to be his only friend in the village when he was 4 years old after his parents left him in the ramen stand. It wasn't until he told her who his family was that she abandoned him for his sister like his parents did so for her to insult him actually hurt but he ignored her and continued.

"Oh, I don't intend on staying." Naruto said as he reached for the door and grabbed the handle "If this is how this family is going to be all the time then I'm glad I was just expelled from the clan." And with that said, Naruto left the house and slammed the door on the way out.

With the shocked family


Minato Namikaze held his red cheek as it was slapped by his wife who was currently glaring at him with her purple eyes.

"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO THROUGH WITH IT!" Kushina yelled at her husband enraged at what he did.

Minato winced at being yelled at his wife "But Kushina – "

"DON'T YOU BUT KUSHINA ME! WHEN NARUTO GETS HOME, YOU'LL RETRACT THE ASCENSION AM I UNDERSTOOD?" she didn't even wait for an answer as she left her house in the same manner that Naruto did, with a slam on the door leaving a shocked group of people behind.

"Cake!" Nami yelled catching the attention of everyone present who were glad for the distraction.

With Naruto

As soon as he made sure he wasn't seen, Naruto quickly rolled up his sleeve and revealed the Omnitrix on his wrist. He picked the species he wanted, and smacked the face plate and in a flash of green light, what stood in place of Naruto wasn't the one he picked but something new. The alien resembles a semi-armored velociraptor from the list of species of aliens Azmuth sent him on his 8th birthday. He has black balls on his feet and wears a helmet with a visor, leaving the other features of his head unknown. One can see that he has a blue face, green eyes, and black lips and stripes. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest. He has 5 blue stripes on his tail.

The creature inspected himself and blinked "Not what I was going for, but it does have about the same ability as Chitrax, I think I'll call this one, Rush." With that, he got into a ready stance and a visor covered his face "Sweet." Rush said then in a burst of impressive speed, he left the area to his destination in full sprint.

One short run later

Naruto was in the forest of death in his human appearance and what he saw shocked him. There laid in front of him were items addressed to him, two scrolls and a sword that was sheathed completely. The grip of the sword was decorated in blue and white stripes and the guard was designed as a four pointed star. He went to pick it up and felt the sword vibrate on his hand as if accepting his touch. He slung it over his shoulder and went to inspect the two scrolls. The first was a scroll on a certain type of Tai-jutsu, The Gōken. He could only guess where this had come from thanks Lee, Gai he thought as he placed the scroll in his pocket. He looked at the other, it was a scroll for Kenjutsu beginners with a note written at the bottom

Happy birthday from Yugao, Lee and Gai

He was glad that at least, some people remembered his birthday but was sad when he knew that he'd have to leave them. And gladly pocketed the scroll in his other pocket. He got up and saw that the day was still bright so he left to a scheduled part of the forest to start practice on his Taijutsu skill till daybreak when he knew he would leave this place.

With Kushina

She had gotten a tongue lashing oh how she treated her soon from her best friend; she wouldn't had believed it if it weren't true come to think of it. As she got home, she tried to remember the fun activities all four of them did together but could think up with nothing. She was even ashamed of herself when she realized that after 2, they stopped caring about celebrating Naruto's birthday with Nami's. She prided herself on being a good mother and an Uzumaki that follows the family code but she was sure her grandfather would be ashamed with her actions.

She got up from her's and Minato's bed with a new determination from now on, I will do as much as I can to be there for my son she thought as she left the room going to prepare a big bowl of ramen for the entire family.

With Minato

Being the Kage of a village and having a family meant one thing, either pick the village or the family, so don't blame him if he wanted to keep the village safe by having his children as the Jinchiruki of the Kyubi no Yoko. He knew he was alienating his son but out had to be done for the greater good of the village and his daughter was the child of the prophecy, something him and Jiriaya knew of because of the details.

Someday, you will take on a pupil. This student will become the harbinger of a great revolution in the world of the ninja. They will finally bring peace to the world…or utterly destroy it so the result of their revolution will be one or the other. – the great toad sage said to Jiriaya.

Minato was sure that his daughter was the prophecy child since she had the power and the chakra and the lineage to back it up and Naruto had nothing just the yang of the Kyubi's chakra.

He knew that in order for the prophecy to come true, they had to focus on his daughter and Jiriaya knew that so he believed himself to be justified lose a thousand to save a million he thought as he looked at his family picture. He frowned trying to remember if he made the right decision with his son but was interrupted when his door was slammed opened and Kushina stormed in with a note on her hand and was surprised when she slammed it on his desk. He looked at her wife who had a distraught look on her face.

"Read!" She said as she pointed to the letter in front of them. He picked it up and opened it.

Dear Namikaze-sama

Since the forth Hokage in all his glory decided to expel me from the clan, I decided that it would be pointless to live in a village that doesn't want you. I always figured that Nami would be the one who both of you would love.

I will be leaving the village to find a family that would not put me in the back for their own pleasure. I will show the world that what an old toad says should not be dictated as law. No matter what you try to do I will not come back into a family that will sacrifice their family for the betterment of the village.

Since I am a civilian and clan less, the Hokage will have to break a few laws to drag me back to the village. If you come for me remember this I WILL FIGHT. I wonder Namikaze-sama will you put your own ex-son into the bingo book and send out hunter nins?


Naruto (No-name).

Minato dropped the sheet of paper in shock at this. He was expecting his son to be angry and try to beg his way back into the family but this was extreme. He looked to his wife who was about to start crying and snapped his fingers signaling for his personal guards,


Four ANBU guards immediately appeared in front of the Hokage on their knees. He looked at each of them and ordered "Get me Hatake Kakashi, I want him in my office yesterday!"

"Hai Hokage-sama." The ANBU captain said and they left with a soundless shushin. Moments later, Kakashi appeared reading his orange novel, Icha Icha or come come paradise, published by Jiriaya. He looked at his sensei and greeted casually,


Minato sighed at his students antics and handed him the letter. Kakashi looked confused at first but read it. As he read further and further, he was shocked at what was written. He looked at Minato who was serious.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked the Hokage in a business-like manner.

"Track his scent while these ANBU follow and bring him back alive. If you have any difficulties, call me." Minato said as he got up and walked to his distraught wife and looked back at them "But I don't expect you to have any since he practically is a civilian." With that, he left his office and his student ordered the ANBU guard to meet him at the gate in 10 minutes.

With Naruto

Naruto was running in a pair of black pants with red stripes at the side of his hips trailing down to the feet where he wore dark red sneakers; on the upper part of his body, he had on a black long-sleeve shirt and an orange short sleeve jacket with a hood. Underneath the sleeve of his shirt on his wrist was the Omnitrix and on his back was an orange backpack with a sword and the two scrolls he got as a birthday gift from his only friends in the Village.

Naruto was running as fast as he looked back to see no one gaining on him. He was about to enter the border of Nami no Kuni to head for the port when he heard a voice.

"Namikaze Naruto, you are here by ordered to stop what you're doing and head home."

"Shit!" Naruto looked to where the voice was spoken and saw an ANBU agent standing in front of him preventing him from moving further. He looked around and noticed the appearance of three other ANBU and cursed his luck before drawing back the sleeve on his left arm revealing an active Omnitrix.

"Let's see what you say when I freeze you up!" he declared as he pressed the dial and smashed the faceplate after selecting the alien he wanted and in a flash of green light, what they were seeing wasn't Naruto instead, they saw a humanoid, moth-like creature whose wings and antenna can folded up into a hooded robe, giving him the appearance of a phantom.

"Siberian!" the creature announced in a cold voice. The ANBU were surprised at this development giving Naruto the opening to cloak himself before inhaling and exhaling cold air in front of the ANBU captain and it was only due to his active sharingan eye that he was able to substitute with the nearest log on time freezing it in his place.

"Don't let that fog hit you!" The captain ordered and they all got into place looking for the blue insect like creature who was still in his cloak mode.

If that won't work he aimed for the dial on his chest plate "How about a little speed!" he then smacked the dial on his chest and in a flash of green, he was not the alien he picked "Rhombi!" he asked in confusion seeing the diamond on his skin. He was a silicon-based life form. His body is composed of durable green crystals. He sports four green crystal shards on his back and has a sharp head. His outfit consisted of the color scheme, orange and black. He had on black sneakers and with a belt on his hip revealing the Omnitrix symbol. For the top, wore a sleeveless V-neck shirt that had an orange stripe on the middle and black stripe on the two sides.

Naruto looked at his hand as it shape shifted "Nice!" he then aimed at the ANBU and shot from the already downloaded knowledge based on his skills. Green diamonds shot at the ANBU in his sight firing fast enough to hit the off guard ANBU. Naruto then aimed at the others and was firing timed shots but he knew one was missing so he wasn't surprised when one tried to attack him from behind so he used his arm which shape shifted into a blade to block the oncoming sword strike and grabbed the sword before encasing it and its wielder in a large diamond. "That will hold you for some time." Naruto said as he inspected his handiwork but he didn't notice the ANBU weaving hand signs for the Grand fireball jutsu behind him.

"Katon! Gōkakyū no Jutsu (fire style: Fireball Jutsu!)"

Naruto heard the attack and formed a shield with his hands blocking the incoming attack sweating while doing it "That's some heat, but I can make hotter." Naruto said before he smacked the dial on his waist and in a blinding green light, a new voice was heard.

"Hot Spot!" Gone was the diamond alien that they were fighting and in its place was something different. Hot spot is a magma-based creature whose body is composed of a bright inner magma body covered by a dark red or brown rocks. As a fire-based entity, his body radiates high amounts of heat that was being felt by the people in the area. His feet have slight oval like design with only two toes and one back toe.

"I thought that he was supposed to be weak." An ANBU said to his other two remaining comrades but was interrupted when all four were surrounded by a ring of fire. Naruto flew out and aimed placed both arms on the ground igniting the heat more increasing the height and temperature of the heat completely suffocating every ANBU in the ring.

As Naruto heard the last ANBU drop, he put out the fire and powered down looking at his downed opponents and the one encased in the diamond. "Hun, didn't think he'd actually go through with sending ANBU after me." He said and as he was about to continue his journey, a voice froze him in his tracks.

"That's because you're my son and I'll do anything to get you home safely." As Naruto turned back in he saw Minato Namikaze in full Hokage battle robes with his cloak and kunai ready. Beside him was Hatake Kakashi reading the porn novel in his hand.

Naruto just glared "what do you want?" he asked.

Minato sighed "Naruto, I'm sorry for the way I treated you but this has to stop." He said.

"You're sorry?" Naruto calmly asked "YOU'RE SORRY?!" he shouted angry at what was said then he calmed down and took deep breaths "you had 9 years to treat me right, nine years to get your act straight, NINE YEARS! And you think you can end redeem your words by saying YOU'RE SORRY?!" he pressed the dial in his Omnitrix and the playlist came up and before Kakashi tried to stop him, Naruto had selected the alien he wanted smashed the faceplate and in a flash of green light, he picked his most favorite alien.

"Chitrax!" He shouted and what Minato and Kakashi saw was a cat feline-like creature with a black suit-like color scheme. His hands, legs, part of his head and chest are colored blue. He has spikes on his hands and legs. He also has a black Wolverine mask-like fins around his green eyes. He has a triangle shaped nose, and a thunderbolt-like design down his chest. He had the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

"What's this one supposed to do?" Kakashi asked with an eyebrow raised.

Naruto raised an un-existing eyebrow and smirked "You think you're standing beside the fasted man in the nations?" he then took the sprinting stance "Think again." And in a burst of speed he was in front of Kakashi and gave him a punch sending the masked Jounin flying away. Naruto looked beside him to see a shocked Minato recovering quickly gripping his kunai.

"I'm sorry I have to do this Naruto but with powers like that, there's no way I'm letting you leave the village." Minato said so he threw his kunai at his transformed son who scowled at the act. Time slowed down as he turned around giving the reappearing Minato a heavy punch to the gut surprising the Hokage at how fast his son had gotten before he saw his son grab his special kunai and crushed it to dust. Time resumed at its normal speed and Minato was on the floor holding his hurt stomach with a wince as he got up on one knee reaching into his pocket to get another kunai but before he could do that, he eyes rolled to the back of his head falling face first on the ground.

Naruto was standing behind his so called father with his hand in the chopping motion before he picked up the body and dropped it on the pile of knocked out ANBU bodies in a burst of speed. He dashed to Kakashi's body and did the same thing before stepping back tapping the dial on his chest turning to Siberia. He opened up his wings as he inhaled cold air before blowing it all over the pile of bodies and the still crystalized ANBU creating an ice dome almost hard to break before he turned back into Chitrax and spat at the dome in disgust. "Try to get out of that." He then turned around and left the area arriving at the shipping port of wave country. He inhaled and exhaled, sending the coordinates to a specific group of family Azmuth recommended to his head before speaking out in expiration. "This is gonna be a long run." And with a burst of speed, he dashed over the water heading out of the elemental nations with a smile on his face thinking of how it was worth it all.

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Here are my alien name changes so as to avoid confusion from Ben

Heat Blast - Hot Spot

Big Chill– Siberian.

XLR8 – Rush.

Rath – Wrath (couldn't think of anything better.)

Upgrade – Elevation.

Fast track – Chitrax.

Rip Jaws – Maxilla.

Four Arms – Ordance (Meaning Ordnance).

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