Authors Note: For starters, I'm going to change some of the names of Naruto's aliens to something more acceptable but not childish. These are the ones I've come up with so far;

Big Chill – Glacier

Fast Track – Velocitax

Upgrade – Forge

Four Arms – Crusher (Hey, if you can think of any other name with a symbol to his strength that's not cannon, PM me)

Grey Matter – (Think of one and PM me)

Heat Blast – Flare

Clockwork – Tempus (Not original there I know but it is based on his power)

In other news, I have changed the creator of Naruto's Ultimatrix/Omnitrix from Azmuth to Albedo, the original creator and because that actually makes more sense, with him wanting to prove whose device is better thus proving who is smarter between himself and Azmuth.

Honestly, I would like to apologize for the lateness and due to the laziness I suffered when writing this chapter, it may not come out as some of you like and for that I apologize in advance.

Chapter Thirteen: 20 years later? Yeah right.

"So BloodStone, how was your weekend?" Velocitarx asked as he dodged a wave of mana from the evil wizard using his speed "Mine was good, if you count having to rescue my brother and girlfriend from evil ninja's good."

"At least you had a productive weekend." The evil wizard known as BloodStone spoke as he kept on hitting and missing the speedy alien with his energy waves "At least you didn't have to babysit a teenager that kept on complaining about the unfairness of life."

"Oh really, who's the unlucky brat?" Velocitarx asked ducking under a rock thrown his way telepathically by the wizard who frowned a bit before replying,

"Wouldn't you like to know?" BloodStone retorted before he raised his arms to the air and floated facing the sky.

Velocitarx tried to remain stable as the ground quaked around him only for sections to be lifted up from the earth with him along with it. Knowing he couldn't remain stable using this alien, Velocitarx tapped the dial on his chest and turned into the insectoid human known as Glacier.

He phased through the rocks and turned invisible before disappearing completely trying to surprise the wizard with an invisible attack. BloodStone meanwhile just remained calm and extended his telepathic abilities searching for his enemies before he pointed his staff in a random direction and channeled his magic through it creating a golden hue around it and a figure that's as big as a medium sized human male.

Glacier, though surprised that he was caught in some sort of field when he was invisible tried to free himself from his prison as he was being floated against his will towards the villain who smirked at his struggling prey.

"Such a shame," BloodStone said "I was expecting it to be harder than this."

"Well then, let me change that." A voice said and he turned to his left to see a Pyronite standing with a smirk on his face before he aimed his two arms at him before he launched his attack.

Heat Blast was still smirking as he launched his flames at the dark wizard but that smirk immediately disappeared once his flames were so casually batted away making him take a step back in fear "Okay… is it too late to call for do-overs?"

"Yes." BloodStone replied before he simply flicked his wrist sending the annoying Pyronite away from him quite easily before looking back at his captured prey with a smirking face making Glacier look back at him with a funny expression on his face;

"Oh crap…"


BloodStone used his telepathy and threw Glacier hard on the building beside them causing it to fall on him completely – good thing they were in another abandoned town – but unfortunately for Bloodstone, the red insectoid fazed through the rumble and shot beams of waves of fire from his hand covering anything that it touched in ice including BloodStone's invisible barrier shield that he created in the nick of time.

Heat Blast got up from where he was sent and got his bearings before he flew back to help his brother fight that wizard arriving just in time to see BloodStone shattering the Ice surrounding him in a spherical shape.

"I grow really tired of this." BloodStone said "As I said before, I expected a more exciting Sparring match."

Covering his face as a green light flashed briefly in front of him, BloodStone smirked as he saw the alien he wanted to fight the one that will prove more of a challenge to him it was the alien known as The Guardian.

Guardian floated proudly on the air before he crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes at BloodStone and spoke,

"Ready to begin Round 3?"

"It would be my pleasure."

And with that, both flyers flew at each other with their respective auras surrounding their bodies and when they met each other with their fists, a bright light blinded the entire abandoned town.

Two Days later

"I've got the marshmallows!"

"And I've got the graham crackers!"

"We'll wait here till you and Naruto can get the fire woods so we can make smores." Gwen said as she and Ben each forced a smile on their face that their grampa missed.

"Oh it is so nice to finally see you two getting along without being forced to by your older brother." Max said and walked towards the door of the R.V meeting Naruto as he came out "We'll be back in a bit."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't." Naruto warned before he followed after his grandfather helping him gather the fire wood.

Gwen and Ben still kept their smile as both older males walked into the woods before they turned at each other losing their smiles while shooting glares at each other's face knowing that Naruto and Grandpa were not within hearing range.

"This is your fault!" They shouted at each other at the same time before Gwen took the lead "Grandpa turned only 60 once that's why I had his party totally wired!" Gwen then brought out a sheet with a list with some items crossed out but Ben noticed something,

"You chose his birthday wish?"

"And how is he supposed to make one without a cake," Gwen sarcastically asked said before she went up all in her idiot of a cousin's face inwardly laughing as he fell on his ass "that you were supposed to get?"

"Um excuse me, full time hero here," Ben said getting up from the fall "when do I have time to get some dumb old cake? You were supposed to do it."

"Oh, so you're saying that Naruto doesn't help in the hero work?"

"He does but –

"Then during those times he had helped, you could have used it to get. the. cake!" She said poking his chest at the last three words.

"It's no big deal."

"For grandpa it is." Gwen said as her expression softened when she gazed in a distance knowing how short her grandfather's life is.

"Fine then," Ben snapped "play you to see who goes, Rock-paper-scissors on three."

Giving her cousin a devious smirk she said "You are so on; on three…" they both got ready with their hands in position and Ben started the count down,

"One, two –

He was interrupted by a weird sound that caught Gwen's attention as well and as they turned to see where the sound came from, they were met with some sort of spherical anomaly.

"Okay… this can't be good." Ben said as he saw the disruption it was causing around them and was instantly surprised as a figure flew out of the sphere or probably a portal now.

Taking cover as the figure that was obviously female flew towards and then passed them, they were about to go call for help but couldn't as a screaming Gwen was grabbed by the mysterious female and pulled through the portal along with her leaving Ben alone.


Ben turned into XLR8 and quickly closed his visor before he dashed through the portal head first and as fast as he could after his cousin without knowing what was on the other side and just in time too because the portal closed immediately he went through.

"Ben, Gwen!"

Silence was met moments later as Naruto called out for his little brother and girlfriend once he and grandpa arrived back from chopping the fire woods.

"What happened?" Max asked confused as to where his grandchildren were.

"I don't know and I don't like the looks of it." Naruto said seriously confused as to why the two were not popping out of their hiding places.

Meanwhile at an unknown time in an unknown place

In a busy city with buildings as tall as most in New York, if not taller, the portal from before opened up in the busy streets below with the figures of Gwen, the mysterious female and XLR8 passing through.

XLR8 paused in his dash and looked around noticing that there was something different; everything was more futuristic that one was obvious and the second obvious thing was that they weren't in the woods as they were before instead a more rural area with some signboards written in a weird language.

He opened his Visor and wanted to know what was going on as soon as the 'Villain' dropped his cousin but a voice stopped him cold,

"Hey Ben, looking good!" He looked up and saw that it was an orange head girl greeting him while riding a hover board. How did she know who he was?

"Yo! Ben 10k, keep up the awesome Job!" He looked to his left and saw that it was two kids of different species 'that's a first' flying together in a pair of rocket boots while waving at him; okay again, WHAT. THE. HELL but he then noticed something else that was said,

"Ten what!?"

It was then he noticed the shadow over him that was oddly shaped like a giant male and as he turned to fight whoever it was he was stunned at what he saw, it was a statue of what he was sure he would look like in maybe twenty years' time and boy did he look good in that goatee but as he was glancing downwards to the foot of the statue, he saw the words printed in bold and was instantly proud,


"Hero of heroes, Ben Ten Thousand!" Ben repeated in an awed voice before looking at Gwen who was just as awed and shocked as he was "Is that really me?" He asked before they were interrupted with the statue exploding on them but XLR8 was quick enough to get himself and Gwen out of harms way.

"Hey Tennyson, long time no see!" The destroyer of the statue spoke in a deep threatening voice to Ben who was completely lost as he had never met this rhino-like alien before.

"I'm sorry but do I know you?"

"Prepare for my revenge." The rhino like alien spoke as he fell on all fours pointing his horn towards Ben who saw the tip starting to power up by glowing blue.

XLR8 started to dash in random intervals avoiding the blasts that were sent his way "Oh yeah, why don't you get to see why they call me hero of hero *FLASH* - YAAAAAHHHHHH!" Ben was interrupted in his tirade as the Omnitrix timed out when he was running towards the bad guy so instead of XLR8 hitting him, it was Ben in his normal human form.

The rhino like alien was confused as to what was going on a moment before he didn't care later on as he walked forward towards a frightened stammering Ben,

"Um can we talk about this?"

"Kemo Chas!"

The mysterious hooded female had a golden aura around her left palm and pointed it at the rhino like human shooting beams of what felt like Mana at least that was what it was to Gwen who suspiciously watched the older female perform.

Staggering back a bit from the unrecognized attack before gaining his bearings, the rhino like alien shot a beam at the hooded female who erupted a vertical semi-spherical shield in front of her before she dropped it and later taking flight towards the villain who shot an unsuspecting trap net that caught the hooded female and shocked her violently.

Looking at the children, the rhino like alien fired a beam at them only for him to be randomly attacked at different angles by a speeding creature completely destroying his attack horn knocking him out completely and when the speedy creature stopped moving and stood over the downed body of the villain, Ben and Gwen stood staring at it with their mouths agape,

"Is that XLR8?" Gwen whispered in awe as she pointed to the figure that did indeed look like an older version of Ben's XLR8 who was scanning the downed villain.

"Looks like the work of Animo," The older XLR8 analyzed "I'll run a D. N. A analysis back at headquarters." He said as he spoke to the hooded female that caught the rhino like alien in his own trap before both looked back at the two children who just smiled and waved at the two in front of them.

"And take them back too!" The XLR8 said as he pointed to the children but as he tried to leave, he was intercepted by Ben who was excited to meet his future self at least that's who he thought was standing in front of him.

"You're me right, and it looks like I'm new and improved this is so cool!" Ben was too excited as he punched the air in joy "Did you say headquarters, I have my own headquarters!"

"I don't have time for this." XLR8 said as he tried to move away before he was intercepted again much to his annoyance.

"So, when can you catch me up in my 9,990 aliens?"

"How about never!"

Shocked by the answer, Ben didn't even notice when XLR8 dashed away from him and it wasn't only XLR8 was annoyed with Bens antics, the two females were also annoyed as well and they both placed their hands on their hips hunching forward a bit,

"You could use the attitude you know." The two said before Gwen turned around to the older female in shock and it was then she recognized just who was under the hood,

"You're me!? Gwen?"

"Actually I've been going by Gwendolyn since college." Gwendolyn said to Gwen as she took off the hood revealing a face much like the one on Gwen's neck, albeit a bit older.

"College, do I have a masters?" Gwen asked excited at achieving all what she ever wanted but Gwendolyn interrupted her,

"Look, I didn't bring you here to talk about your future, I came back to bring Ben."

"Why not me, or maybe Naruto? He's stronger than Ben anyways." Gwen asked confused as to why only Ben was needed and come to think of it, she hadn't seen Naruto around.

"Yeah come to think of it, where is Naruto anyways?" Ben said as he crossed his arms over her chest "Why doesn't he have his own statue like I do?"

"Who?" Gwendolyn asked confused as to what they were talking about "I'm afraid I have no idea on what you mean."

"You know, Naruto Tennyson?" Ben tried to clarify "My older brother?"

"Oh boy…" Gwendolyn said slapping her head finally catching up to what was wrong "I think I messed up in the portal." She was scratching her chin.

"Messed up?" Gwen asked her older self "I never mess up!"

"Look Gwen, things happen when I perform under stress," Gwendolyn waved her hands in surrender "Besides, I still got the same results didn't I?"

"Yup, you got me." Ben said as he thumbed himself before he suddenly remembered something "But what happens when Naruto notices where gone and how we left?"

Gwen suddenly had an idea of what her cousin said before she turned to her older self, knowing how her boyfriend would react once he finds out what happened to her.

"Ben's right, Naruto will be so mad once he finds out that I – I mean we have been kidnapped." Gwen quickly corrected before glancing to Ben who was oblivious to the slip up but it seemed Gwendolyn noticed it.

Back at the present

"I can't find them anywhere near by." Rush said to grandpa as he returned from his searching before flashing back to Naruto.

"Where do you think they'd go to?" Max asked as he stood with a thoughtful look on their face "Did they have some appointment that we were unaware of?"

"I know m – Gwen and if she does have an appointment somewhere, she will let me know," Naruto said as he quickly corrected his slip up "Ben will tell me too, so if anything happens I'll be there immediately, it helps that I have a tracker on Gwen's phone also."

Immediately slapping himself in the head, he rushed into the R. V to get his PC and open it trying to locate Ben and Gwen using his computer but all he saw in his global map was nothing where he was supposed to be receiving a general positioning of her location. He shut his Computer in frustration before slamming his fist on the table just as Max entered the R. V,

"Any luck?" Max asked.

"The GPS is on but I can't seem to get a fix on her location, it's like something is interrupting it." Naruto replied to his grandfather sighing.

"Don't you have an alien that sort of rewinds time?"

Naruto looked at his grandfather blandly before looking at the white, green and black futuristic wrist watch on his palm before getting up and moving outside so as to get some space.

Pressing the dial on both sides of his watch, the faceplate separated as a flat horizontal 2d circular hologram with different faces appeared over it. Scrolling a little bit to the left he smiled as he got the alien he wanted before selecting it and with a flash of green light, he was Tempus, an alien Max hadn't seen work before.

"I can't believe I never thought of using this guy." Tempus spoke before he spread his hands forward activating his powers and what Max saw was the key on his head starting to spin and spin before the scenery around them moved, like it was a movie that they were watching.

As Tempus got to the scene he wanted, them leaving for the woods, he stopped the scenery rewind and played it in normal speed seeing what happened to the two youngsters and immediately, Tempus was pissed – who wouldn't after knowing that his girlfriend got kidnapped?

"It seems some sort of portal was used when Gwen was taken." Max theorized.

"Yeah and Ben instead of thinking the situation through charged in like an idiot." Naruto growled as he was still in his alien form "How were we supposed to know what kind of portal that was?"

"I don't know about you but I did notice something strange about that mystery female that took Gwen," Max told his grandson who decided to listen to his theory as they were both trying to come up with a plan.

20 years later… maybe

Why the Omnitrix hated him, he didn't know. All he wanted was a wrecker but did he get what he wanted? No, how would a flyer help with the situation he was in right now? A flyer with no ounce of the wrecker strength he needed? At least he was happy that his older self shared the same idea as he did but did that mean that he need help, Nooooo, Ben 10k had to use a pipe to trap his tail making it impossible for him to fly while he took care of Animo with Four Arms 10k.

"Could have helped if I had the chance…" Stinkfly mumbled to himself as he was watching how easily Four Arms was trouncing Animo whose head was in a jar attached to the body of an Abominable Snow man.

"No, he prefers it this way." Gwendolyn said hearing what Ben said as he was still trying to struggle out of his bindings.

Ben watched amazed as Ben 10k switched effortlessly between aliens and ended Animo with a combo attack ending it with a Cannon bolt before he walked to the downed Animo and bound any chance of freedom from the insane scientist.

He walked back to Stinkfly who just changed back to Ben but he was interrupted by a bold voice,

"Did we detect a cry for help?" Turning as he saw three alien's with one of them being a female tetraman, Ben 10k growled in irritation as he turned into XLR8 when their attention was focused on him "It's a big world Ben," Ultimos spoke "You could always save a couple of the bac guys for us you know…"

"What would be the point?" XLR8 asked as he turned away from them "But since you're here, how's about bringing Animo back to the Null Void projector chamber for me?"

With that he dashed away but not before picking up Ben and Gwen. He stopped in front of Gwendolyn and ordered "I'll meet you back at headquarters." Before he dashed away with the two children in his arms leaving his annoyed cousin to follow via flight.

As the two left the Galactic Enforcers walked to Animo to complete their work unknowing of the devious plan he was conjuring in his mind.


In another rural area away from where the main work was happening, a flash of light was seen blinding some of the passer byers and as it died down, they were met with the imposing form of Tempus as he arrived in this timeline.

"I didn't know Tempus could do that," Tempus spoke as he scratched his head "I really have to explore this guy's alien abilities."

Tapping the dial on his chest, Tempus turned into Velocitrax before looking left and right noticing the different species of humanoids walking around "So twenty years from now, Humanity puts their prejudice behind them as they learn to leave with aliens of different kind…" He theorized scratching his furry chin "Interesting, but I have no time for that," He then took a sprinting stance "Since this is where their trail ended, I have to start search, immediately!"

With that, he dashed as fast as he could scanning the entire city as fast as he could noticing something's on the way,

'Ben 10k? What's up with that?' He thought before he focused on his search ignoring the surprised looks on the civilians face.

5 minutes later

"Don't I have any fun at all?" Ben said as he and Gwen fixed their hair from the messy way they were in before he was interrupted by XLR8 who dashed in front of him,

"You'll learn soon enough that being me isn't just about fun." XLR8 said looking down at his younger self "Now wait here for Gwendolyn, and don't touch a thing!"

XLR8 dashed back to his monitors in the room scanning the city for any and all disturbances and he was getting reports of a speedy creature moving around town with a speed as fast as XLR8.

Gwendolyn walked in as soon as Ben 10k was able to get an image of what he was dealing with and saw a Citrakaya in one of his monitors. Glancing down, she was shocked when she saw a familiar symbol on his chest,

"Is that an Omnitrix?" Gwendolyn asked Ben 10k who was busy examining the image as well.

"It looks like it," Ben 10k said as he held his chin with his claws still inspecting the picture "but I had no idea Azmuth created a second one…"

"Maybe that's because it wasn't Azmuth that made it." A voice said from behind them and they saw Velocitrax standing in the room with his arms crossed over his chest looking ticked off about something.

"Who are you?" XLR8 demanded as he put on his visor dashing with his incredible speed to stand in front of Velocitrax "How were you able to get in without triggering the alarm system?"

"Ben, I'm shocked," Naruto said with fake surprise "I thought that by now you should know that the only person smarter than your cousin is your older brother."

"I have no older brother."

"Okay, I'm confused," Velocitrax raised an eyebrow walking around the room liking the style around "Am I or am I not 20 years in the future?"

"Well I would say A future but not your future." Gwendolyn said as she walked standing in front of Naruto with her fists on her hips. Deactivating the Ultimatrix turning to his 14 year old human self, Naruto was shocked at seeing an older version of his girlfriend in the room.

"Gwen, is that you?" He asked before noticing what she had on her right hand and frowned "And you have all the charms of Bezel, perfect…"

"What's that supposed to mea –

'Danger Alert! Section 1-A septic…. Danger alert! Section 1-A sentric'

Noticing the flashing of the room, all communications were on hold as Ben 10k dashed to where the danger was leaving Gwendolyn and Naruto behind.

"What's up with him?" Naruto asked thumbing to the door that XLR8 10k left through. Gwendolyn just sighed sadly looking at where her cousin was just now before looking back at Naruto,

"He used to be so full of life before but I guess as times go, things change." She simply explained "I better head to the Null void chamber and help, it's 61 stories below us."

With that, Gwendolyn flew to the Null Void before Naruto glanced around the room with a raised eyebrow noticing how empty it was "Okay, they're gone, want to tell me why you were hiding from me?"

"Well, I um," Ben said as he came out from his hiding spot poking his index fingers together before looking around wildly and acted as if he was answering a call "I'm coming!"

He dashed and jumped out the window much to Naruto's shock before he turned to Gwen who was acting restless around him. He quickly pulled her in a tight hug, something that Gwen returned he whispered in her ear "Don't worry me like that again, you had no idea how scared I was when trying to find a way to look for you and Ben."

Gwen blushed and kissed his cheek 'That's for showing that you care about me, and worrying but I'm okay." Gwen assured her boyfriend "I'm just disappointed that I'm always the one getting kidnapped, it just shows how uncool I am, unlike you or Ben, or heck, even grandpa with his secret agent status."

"Gwen, you know that you have your own special ability available for use, so why say that you're uncool?" Naruto smiled at his girlfriend "I know that no matter how you are, I will still love you."

"That's a bold declaration for a fourteen year old."

"Hey, you know you can trust me." Naruto said with a smirk before he looked at Gwen with a serious face "How good is your teleportation?"

"I'm still working out on the kinks but don't worry," Gwen said "I can manage to get us to where the main fights are happening once I get a lock on their Mana."

"You know what," Naruto started "have a lock on their Mana while I put on something more… adequate."

With that, Naruto shifted away from Gwen before he selected the alien he wanted with his Ultimatrix and slamming the faceplate down blinding the area with a flash of green light.

"Got it." Gwen said as her eyes changed from pink back to her normal colors and saw as Glacier came towards her.

"Good, then lead the way." Glacier spoke in his chilled voice before he touched Gwen's shoulder and fazed with her through the ground.

With Ben 10k

Vilgax, it just had to be Vilgax, he had to act like a cockroach and live, something that annoyed Benjamin all too well, and what's worse, is that his younger self couldn't learn to obey orders, that was why he was currently being beat up by his worst enemy right now but if he didn't do anything soon, he will eventually cease to exist, that's why he was so adamant about Gwendolyn sending the two children back to their time, because one simple mistake here, and poof, end of Ben 10k.

Getting up and watching as Diamond head was tumbling towards, him, Ben 10k ordered him to stand down but watched as the pre-teen effortlessly refuted the order and went to try again and attack Vilgax who just grabbed him on the face before he was smacked away.

Four Arms 10k tried using different aliens to attack him with a series of combo but for every alien, came a counter move, and again, Ben 10k was easily defeated.

"You think your childish parlor tricks can beat me?" Vilgax asked as he stepped toward the downed Wildmutt 10k "Animo programmed every one of your moves into my D. N. A, so it is easy for me to anticipate what your alien forms can do and come up with a counter." He picked up the Vulpermancer by the tail hearing its pathetic whine "This is the end for you Benjamin Tennyson!"

"What did I tell you about harming my little brother Vilgax," A cold voice said and before he knew it, he was frozen by really, really hot flames and couldn't see as Glacier phased out through the wall with his wings spread wide "Only I can do that."

"A minor inconvenience." Vilgax stated from inside his frozen prison before he broke free of his encasing and moved to attack Glacier "No matter what help you may receive, you still will be no match for me!"

Glacier just shook his head before tapping the dial on his chest turning into Wrath before he growled at Vilgax and pointed his finger,

"Let me tell you something Vilgax the conqueror who is surprisingly alive twenty years later," He started before he punched his palm and smirked "You think you can take Wrath on, you are free to TRY!"

With that the bipedal tiger tackled the resurrected Vilgax forcing both of them to fall to the ground below from a 100 stories tower.

Meanwhile, Ben 10k was able to recover. Standing up, he tapped the dial on his chest turning into Heat Blast 10k but as he made a move to follow them, Diamond head came up to his older self and pointed a finger at him,

"He may know what all of your aliens can do, but does he know what you can do?" He started "I just hope that after all this time, you haven't forgotten."

As he said that, he jumped down the tall building following after Vilgax and his big brother while Ben 10k was left speechless at what was said and for the first time in 20 years, he had no clue on how to move on from here.

10 minutes earlier

Glacier and Gwen fazed through the ceiling of the Null Void chamber arriving as they saw Animo take down Gwendolyn. Glacier looked at Gwen who nodded in understanding before he let her fall silently to the ground below them while he phased away.

"You can't protect the Null Void and yourself at the same time!" Animo gloated to the downed Tennyson before he walked to the Null Void prison. But as he was about to press the button thereby releasing the prisoners, he was hit by a purple beam of Mana.

"No matter what time we are in, you will always still be the same Animo to me." Gwen said. She was standing in a battle ready position in front of her downed future self who looked back at her in surprise.

"You know about magic?" Gwendolyn asked.

"Apparently, I'm what's called an Anodite," Gwen explained to Gwendolyn as she got up "And while I do know some of my abilities, I'm still trying to get a hang of what else I can do and unfortunately, I don't know any spells to learn as I have no source of information like a spell book of some sort."

"Well then, get ready for your first lesson and repeat after me." Gwendolyn said as her own palms had a golden hue around it. She started to chant,

"Meena Goh!"

Both Gwen's launched a fire beam towards Animo who quickly avoided both blasts by climbing and swinging from place to place before making Gwen loose her concentration by hitting her with a punch but he didn't have time to dodge as Gwendolyn launched a different spell at him while chanting at the same time,

"Interdamoto Labrorator"

Gwen launched herself towards Animo and gave him a punch that not only disoriented him, but also completely knocked out the his head off his temporary body but as he tried to make his escape, he was trapped by a pink prison and looked to see it was Gwen that trapped him while Gwendolyn walked beside her.

"Nice spell work." Gwendolyn commented to her younger self as they looked down at the trapped Animo who just growled at them.

"Looks like I missed the fight." A familiar voice said and they all turned to see Max coming through the door with a smile on his face as he watched his two granddaughters apprehend their suspect and both Gwen's just smiled at him relishing in the familiar presence of their grandfather.

With the wielders

"Let me tell you something Benjamin Kirby Tennyson who is twenty years older than he's supposed to be," Wrath snarled as he saw Ben 10k walk towards him with a smile a calm look on his face "Have you decided to stop acting like an arrogant stuck up!?"

"I guess I needed to realize that I can't do everything on my own," Ben 10k walked up to the tiger "I don't know who you are, but I can honestly say thank you for taking care of my younger self."

"It wasn't an issue." Wrath waved off his thanks "After all, what are big brothers for?"

"Um, I think we have something else to worry about." Ben said as he walked down as Diamond Head pointing to the rising Vilgax who growled at the audacity of that animal that treated him this way.

"Isn't this touching," Vilgax said sarcastically "A family reunion. But no matter, no matter what it takes, I will end the Tennyson's once and for all!"

He then charged the three Tennyson's with his arms raised ready to give them a heavy slam to the ground but Ben 10k quickly tapped the dial on Diamond Head's chest turning him into XLR8 while him and Naruto turned into their own versions of XLR8 to dash out of the are.

Rush dashed at Vilgax who tried to throw heavy spiky ball bombs on him but he evaded every single one of them with his speed before he jumped on the air as he reached Vilgax's face and started to rapidly bicycle kick his face causing Vilgax to stumble back a bit before he dashed away from the evil alien in a burst of speed making way for XLR8 10k to dash at the evil alien.

As XLR8 10k reached him, he flipped over Vilgax before turning to Heat Blast 10k attacking him with a flaming round house kick to the head but Vilgax caught the leg of the Pyronyte and as he was about to fling him away, he was temporarily stunned by a mini vortex created by XlR8 sending the villain in a spinning frenzy.

Seeing their chance, Rush turned into Whirlwind, a humanoid hawk with retractable angel like wings. He had the body of a fully grown medium sized human with the head of a grey feathered hawk and a pair of green eyes. His outfit consisted of two colors, orange and black – black trousers and a pair of black combat boots and an orange sleeveless shirt with the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. His arms were like that of a human only with claws underneath his feathered arms.

"Combo attack, wind and fire!" Whirlwind explained his plan and Heat Blast saw where he was going with this so they booth stretched their arms and launched a combined attack of their respective elements at Vilgax and because of the strength and intensity of the attack, he was launched into the pool behind him but by the time he got his bearings and tried to swim out, he was frozen by a combined freeze attack by Artiquana and Glacier.

XLR8 rushed to see the fruit of their work and smirked at the frozen stiff Vilgax "That'll teach him to never mess with the Tennyson men!"

Artiquana and Glacier smirked at what he said and to be honest, they couldn't have said it any better themselves.


"Happy Birthday Grandpa!"

"Well thanks," Max said seeing all the faces of his old and new family in front of him "Having you all here is the best 80th birthday I can ask for." He then looked to Naruto "Present company included of course."

Naruto waved off his Grampa's worry and saw as a blue screen hovered to their area with Ultimo's face flashing on it,

"Sorry Ben, danger alert," He reported "The nevo Circus treat are in quadrant 92-d."

Ben 10k turned around to see the varied expression's on everyone's faces internally flinching at the disappointed look Gwendolyn was giving him before he turned back to Ultimos after throwing an arm over his grandpa's shoulder "Hey, can't you guys see it's my grandpa's birthday?" He asked the picture on the screen "You handle it."

"Really?" Ultimos asked in surprise and shock before he composed himself "I mean of course, Ultimos out!"

Meanwhile, as Naruto, Ben, Ben 10k and Max were having a good time, the two Gwen's were talking,

"The crisis wasn't Animo or Vilgax was it?" Gwen asked her older self "Your Ben just needed a major attitude adjustment huh?"

"Yeah, I couldn't have Grandpa celebrate his 80th Birthday without him," Gwendolyn said to her younger self before she brought out a book and handed it to Gwen who took it with a surprised look on her face,

"What is this?" she asked Gwendolyn who smiled.

"You'll find out later and believe me, you need it more than I do." Gwendolyn said to Gwen before she squatted down to her level and was eye leveled with her "Look, I know Ben can be a major dweeb sometimes so it's best to enjoy him while he lasts."

Gwen smiled as she understood what her older self meant but with Naruto around, that wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Gwendolyn walked and opened the portal from before and turned back to the group "The portal's ready and I'm sure that there's another birthday party you guys got to get to."

Naruto and Ben smiled as they both walked to the portal leaving Ben 10k and Max but before they left, Ben 10k handed Ben something he was sure he'll need and with that, the three left through the portal entering their own time watching as their own version of Max came out of the R. V,

"Well, I see you found them." Max said to Naruto who smiled at his grandfather before they all wished him a happy birthday and was amazed to see the cake Ben brought along with him.

He was glad to have a wonderful birthday with his grandkids around and nothing in the universe could ruin this moment.


"I see our young friends have just arrived from another adventure." One voice said as he watched the hologram in his room showing the image of the four Tennyson's celebrating their grandpa's birthday party. "How was it?"

Coming into the room, another figure sat down next to the first with a frustrated sigh "Hades, why did you send me in that impossible task?" He asked "Do you know how hard it is for me to make an interdimentional transport portal?"

"They had an adventure that was all the way across another dimension?" Hades asked his friend with a raised eyebrow "Oh do tell…"

With that, the two started to talk about the latest adventure of one of their favorite pass times in the world and at the same time discussing plans on how they would move from there unknowing of how their plans might nearly succeed in the end.

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