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Chapter 24

Hogwarts—Day Winter Holiday Starts

Harry awoke to tapping at the frosted glass the morning they were to depart for winter holiday. The young warlock frowned a little at the hour but got up to let the bird in, he was the only light sleeper in the sixth year Gryffindor boys' dormitory. When he opened the window, shivering at the cold that waved over him, the owl fluttered in on silent wings and landed on his nightstand. Harry blinked in shock before shutting the latch and returning to bed. This had to be the most hideous owl he'd ever seen.

There were tufts of feathers sticking out randomly all over, as if it had been in battle, its talons were knarled, knotted and almost twisted. The large orange eyes were a little mismatched in size, one visibly larger than the other and were under a scarred brow that furrowed to make the bird look rather angry.

I'd be angry too if I looked like that, Harry thought as he untied the letter. He unravelled it underneath the scowling glower of the deformed owl. The bird was rather terrifying. Harry's eyes widened as he read.

Dear Harry,

I do not know why you left your summer residence, but unlike the others I believe I know you well enough to trust you had good reason. You are sensible and only take action when you feel justified. I know you do not trust us any longer, and you most likely shouldn't, but I have been persuaded by someone to write you this, and I believe they are right; this is the proper thing to do.

I cannot tell you much, only that last night I attended a secret meeting of the Order. Those present were placed under a spell of silence, however I am somehow able to bend the spell a little—a talent that I keep secret from Albus since I do not believe he would appreciate it. As I wrote before, I cannot inform you of much. However, it would be in your interests to not attend breakfast this morning. A certain potions master has brewed a concoction you and your intimate would be most aggravated about should you ingest it. Be careful on the train, they will try to take you there, I believe, once their plot fails.

Your godfather was a good wizard, I am sorry for his loss, and I suspect it had less to do with Bellatrix than we are led to believe. I suspect Remus is with you, I wish him fare moons. Be careful. The owl before you, because Sargent will not depart until you have read this, was bred to be untraceable by the ministry. I found him years ago and he has been a good partner since.

I am sure you wonder why I am going against the Order, against my allies in this war. The answer is, this is not the way. This is not the way to fight a war, despite all the things the dark does, they do not use children for weapons, they do not force their own allies to do things that do not pertain to the war, and they do not act without evidence. Even the motive behind your parents' demise, the prophecy was real. That is why I wrote this, because this is not the way, and a certain undead person reminded me that a true warrior always does the right thing, always fights the proper way, no matter how that may hurt the chances of victory.

May magic bless you,


Harry stared at the parchment. He could guess whom the initials belonged to. Kingsley must really trust this owl if he was so blatant with the message, Harry thought to himself. He reread the letter, his brow furrowing as the content sank into his mind. Kingsley was warning him of a set up, a trap taking place at breakfast that morning.

I wonder what the potion is, he thought.

"Most likely a love potion. It could be made by an expert in a relatively short time, and is powerful enough to achieve what they wish," Doc murmured. Harry near snorted before catching himself.

Who in Circe's sweet name was going to be my new lover?... Oh Merlin, they were going to take me away from TOM!

"You should have expected it, little one. Considering how the Dark Lord looks as he once did, Dumbledore would recognise him. What did you imagine the old man's reaction to be?"

…You have a point, but still. Nice to know Kingsley is one of the few in Dumbledore's inner circle that has morality.

"Agreed, but what are you going to do?"

He warned me, so I'll warn him. Oh, don't worry, I'm just going to tell him that he may want to leave the order since they're only going to escalate… Maybe I'll suggest he help Mercury out.

"Hm, he should be spared yes. However, I meant what are you going to do this morning? They expect you at breakfast, little one."

Oh, I already have an idea for that. Come on, this lot here are dead to the world for a few more hours, it is only the crack of dawn, Harry thought before he scurried off the bed to get a parchment and quill. He'd packed the night before, so he need only shower and dress, but first he had to write a letter.

Hogwarts Express—late morning

"They did what?" Draco almost screeched in the silenced compartment. Neville looked pale and Blaise's dark eyebrow twitched in anger. Even Luna was looking solemn. Harry nodded, knowing Draco would berate himself for weeks for loosing his calm façade like he was; but it was understandable.

"Yes, that's why I wasn't at breakfast this morning. In fact, I was studying with Poppy over morning tea and eggs brought in by Kreacher. So, I suggest we hurry to your father as soon as we reach the station," Harry said.

"It was Hermione wasn't it, she let them know," Neville said. Draco gave a breathy sigh that could have been a snort if he were anyone lower in status.

"yes, Nev, it was Hermione. I didn't think she was truly changed, it was too quick and different than who she is."

"Oh yes, she didn't nag once. That, whilst pleasant, was rather suspicious," Blaise said. Luna giggled, back to her usual self.

"They see a lion when in truth you're a phoenix… The fleet footed god will make much progress this Yule in all areas, and the realm hopper has brought the fleety one a barking gift."

"… Does anyone understand what she just said?" Blaise asked as he eyed Luna. Before Draco could answer she spoke again.

"A new friend to the dark arrives at the end of this year, and the winged sandal wearer shall receive a new alley who shall be most useful. Also, the bells begin to ring for a lordling and the sister of sirens."

"Oh! Wicked, thanks for the message Luna," Harry said before snickering behind his hand. The other three wizards just shook their confused heads. Even Neville didn't understand what Luna was speaking about. They spoke of school and played wizard's chess until the train arrived at the station. As the Train began to slow, Harry pulled out his wand and began to change his hair and eye colour. It was simple, seventh year transfiguration that Tom had taught him over the summer but the others sat in awe at the display.

"Wow, Harry. You look rather different," Draco said when Harry finished. Harry smiled. His unruly mass of curls was now a soft strawberry blond and his eyes were a shade of jade green. As usual, his hair was brushed in a certain way to cover his scar. The train halted and Harry had to force himself to not bounce out of his seat. Yet he couldn't wait. He was going to spend the entire winter holiday with Tom.

Dark domain, U.K—that evening

Tom was pacing in his office, his guest for the last fortnight or so was sat drinking tea in one of the chairs. The Dark lord would never admit it, but he was nervous. The grotesque hadn't been seen since it returned with Harry's gift, and much had happened since then. Fenrir said that Remus Lupin was well enough to travel with his cubs. Although, due to the litter he had there would be several wolves accompanying him and his three cubs. The Delacours were coming again, per Harry's request, and the parents weren't just here for pleasure this time. The lord and lady had been sent by the Veela to gauge whether or not a treaty of allegiance should be made.

The door opened and in walked his Harry, all dark curls and luminous green eyes. Before the dark lord could say anything Harry's arms were around his neck and he was pulled into a kiss that was making it hard for him to remember there was another person in the room. A coughing sound made Harry break away and find the source in the room. His eyes widened and his arms went limp. He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't. It wasn't possible. He turned to Tom in confusion. Tom gave a small smile.

"Your new familiar thought it would be a good surprise," said the dark lord. Harry blinked and then turned back to the guest just in time to be wrapped in a bone-crushing hug.

"It's good to see you again, Harry."

"It's good to see you too, Sirius," Harry said before he began to cry.

Malfoy Manor, England—Same evening

Draco and Gabrielle were sat together on a sofa, their platinum heads bowed low together and their hands clasped in each other's. Fleur was so happy for her sister and the Malfoy heir. Harry had had a wonderful idea when he'd suggested the two families write a marriage contract; she sighed, if only Bill would agree to one.

The family was dressed in soft silk robes and dresses, prefect for the garden party. Fleur and Gabrielle enveloped Harry into a hug, both girls kissing his cheeks over and over. The three had become quite close since Harry had broken the rules of the tournament to save Gabrielle from the water demons. Fleur eyed her sister; now fourteen, Gabrielle was coming into her beauty.

"My girls, allow the warlock air to breathe. It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Lord Potter, my little loves have told my lady wife and I much about you," said their father. The girls smiled as their Papa and Harry greeted each other. The Dark Lord came over then, introducing himself as he placed an arm around Harry's waist. A subtle claim of the green-eyed wizard.

"Fleur, Gabrielle, you must see Draco Malfoy. You two do remember the Malfoy Heir, don't you?" Harry asked. Fleur gave a small, knowing smile whilst Gabrielle blushed a little. The group moved closer to the other guests and both Harry and Fleur noticed Gabrielle and Draco stare at each other before Draco greeted the youngest Delacour, his lips brushing the back of her hand, making her blush brighten. None of the parents missed the reaction, or the fact the two seemed to spend the entire party in close proximity to each other.

Near the end, as the family made their farewells, Fleur embraced Harry again.

"That was perfect, you'll make sure she writes and your parents are happy with the idea?" Harry asked. Fleur kissed his cheek and smiled as she broke away.

"Ov, course 'arry. You must make ze Malfoy family happy wiv the prospect too, non?"

"Oh, they'll be more than delighted. I'll give you news of them."

"Ov yourself too, 'arry. I wish to know all ov ze details ov the Lord and you."

"Of course, my friend. I'll give you all the details," Harry laughed. He had missed the girls, true friends, like Victor.

"So we agree to sign it come Yule?" lord Malfoy asked and brought Fleur out of her memories. The plot Harry and she had concocted was going flawlessly. The parents, with hints from Harry and Fleur had started their own correspondence about the possibility of a marriage contract. They had decided the details of the contract in post and had now written it. As tradition stated, the parents would allow their children to read the document and agree to it, then, there would be last minute changes and finally signing. Although, judging from the looks and caresses the two in question exchanged, there seemed no problem in procuring their agreement. Tomorrow, Fleur and her family would see Harry and his handsome dark lord again.

Dark Domain—That night, Dark lord's chambers

Harry cried out as the heat blazed under his porcelain skin, making a collage of red and white spots dance across his bare body. His legs tensed as he tried to come and failed, Tom having tugged just enough on his balls to stop the arrival of his bliss. Harry's long fingers curled into Tom's wavy hair as the Dark lord used his wicked tongue to probe Harry's ass.

"T—T—OM! I wanna, please," Harry forced out rather than the mewls and keens he knows will send Tom into frenzy and gain him his desire. Tom paused in his sinful exploration and pulled back to examine Harry. The dark warlock near forgot to breath, or tell his heart to keep beating. Below him was a vision.

Harry's skin was flushed, but near flawless, the scarring faded enough to make his skin appear more cracked china, just on this side of fragile. His emerald eyes were dark and glittery; they seemed focused but far away and beckoned Tom forward into Harry's delicate heat. His lips were swollen and red, making them pout like a Victorian doll's lips. His dark hair curled and teased itself with the musk and writhing. He looked looked delectable, and Tom didn't want to stop tasting.

"What do you want, Harry? Tell me what you want," Tom murmured, as Tom lay flush against Harry again. The light warlock whimpered as he felt Tom's length glide and press against Harry's entrance, not quite lined up, but enough of a contour to give Harry a picture.

"Say it sweetly love, tell me how to welcome you home," Tom continued as he slid up and down against Harry.

"No more teasing, just… Us, yeah? Us completing each other like cogs in a clock, being two separates of a whole until the moment that whole is needed and we melt together and become one. Make me melt, Tom. I—I—I want, I want to feel you shift in me, not rutting but fitting together. OH—!" Harry cried as Tom slid in. The emothins were getting to him, damn Harry was eloquent.

The room, lit only by the fireplace, was silent but for deep breathes and the friction their bodies created. Eventually there were cries and shifting of bedclothes as the rearranged themselves after their climax. Harry nuzzled into Tom's side. He was content to drift to sleep in their shared bed, their shared room, their home. Then he heard the rustle of parchment near the front of his face. He propped an eye open.

"What is that?" he asked before yawning. Tom smirked.

"A real Marriage contract, since you hid you treaty as one in front of a reporter, may as well make it authentic," Tom said as he held the parchment just out of Harry's now very interested reach. The dark lord laughed.

"Come now, you'll see it in the day light. Just thought I'd tease you a bit," he said before capturing his little trickster's lips. This was home.