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Chapter 27

Great Hall—next day

Di Angelo sat in a conjured chair in the in front of the head table of the Great Hall. She was wearing shoes, for once, with a crème turtleneck and black trousers. The professors summoned along with her, meaning the ones who also had Ron Weasley in their class, were sitting along the table to her left. The Weasley family were sitting to her right, with the board of governors and the headmaster seated at the head table before her

"Now, we are here to discuss professor Di Angelo's decision to remove one Mr Ronald Weasley from her course. Headmaster, is that correct?" asked Lucius Malfoy. He already liked this strange woman before him for that decision, according to Severus, the brat was spoilt and horrid. Not to mention he was a Weasley.

"Yes, for no reason, Di Angelo removed Mr Weasley from the course even though he had passed his O.W.L the previous year," Dumbledore said. He hoped his orator skills and his friends among the board would help him win.

"Professor Di Angelo, is there anything you wish to say in your defence?" Malfoy asked. The pale young woman before him uncrossed her legs and stood before ascending the first stair to the table.

"The law states that a student is required to pass the O.W.L for a course in order to be eligible to continue in said course, but the instructor's decision on said continuation is the final decision in the matter, that is correct?" Di Angelo began. She never even looked at the headmaster or the boy.

"That is what the law states, professor," Lucius said. He could feel where this was going and felt the urge to smirk at the professor's cunning.

"As record states, not only mine but also my fellow instructors, I felt that I would take the first fortnight of classes to test my post O.W.L students to determine who should continue in my course rather than who could and therefore were. As we all know, post O.W.L Defence is a rather advanced and dangerous subject; similar to all post O.W.L core coursework. Therefore, I felt, as the instructor that of those who passed to the ministry's satisfaction, I would test to see who passed to my satisfaction. After all, it is not the ministry who is teaching the course, but myself. For those of you among the board who think that is a bit harsh, I would ask you question professors Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout; as all four will state that is something they also do."

"Professor Snape, please step foreword," Lucius stated and his old friend did so.

"Does your fellow professor speak the truth?"

"Yes, I only accept students who have gained an O in their potions O.W.L as I helped write the theory portion for the exam and assist in overseeing the practical application portion I know that the O.W.L exam is on par with my own standards as a potions master. Therefore, I defer to its ruling, but only allow those who gain the O mark to attend my courses for N.E.W.T as the potions and theory are incredibly advanced."

"Very well, professor McGonagall, please step foreword. Professor Snape, you may return to your seat," said on of the more elderly members of the board. The dour man bowed politely and returned to his seat. The Gryffindor House head took his place.

"Professor McGonagall, do you also make final decisions on who stays and goes post O.W.L coursework?" asked one of the few witches on the board.

"Yes, as professor Snape does, I defer to the ranking of O.W.L marks, but I allow those who rank with an E and above to take my course. However, I test them weekly in both theory and practicum and if they fall below and E then I drop them from the course, as the material is quite dangerous," McGonagall stated. She felt nervous giving evidence that wasn't in support of one of her lions, but she would not bend the truth for him.

"Professor McGonagall, has Mr Weasley been allowed into your course?" asked Lucius.

"Yes, he passed the exam with an E."

"Is he still in your course?"

"Yes, lord Malfoy, he is."

"How well would you say Mr Weasley preforms in your coursework?"

"…." She didn't know what to say. Ronald didn't apply himself and was barely scraping by, mostly due to Ms Granger. Although, that was speculation on McGonagall's part.

"We're waiting, professor."

"…He does not preform as well as he could. He, in all honesty, barely passes my weekly tests and has a hard time grasping the material."

"Professor, as Mr Weasley's head of house, you know his O.W.L marks, correct?" Lucius asked. He wanted to humiliate the brat and his family, and so e would help Di Angelo win this hearing.

"Yes, lord Malfoy."

"Did, Mr Weasley gain an O in potions?"

"No, he did not."

"Pray tell, what did the boy mark in that exam, as we failed to question professor Snape on this front."

"… He gained an—he marked in potions with a P," said the lioness with her head held high. She knew her lion would not be pleased, but she would not lie for him.

"Thank you, professor. You may step down, professor Flitwick, please approach," said the elderly board member from before.

"Yes sir," said the small warlock.

"Does Mr Weasley take your course?" asked the man.

"Yes, he is quite excellent in the practical portion of my course," squeaked the man.

"How do you determine which students you allow to take your course?" asked another of the board.

"Similar to Minerva I initially defer to the O.W.L rankings; allowing those who get an E and above in. However, I feel there are some faults in the O.W.L exam for charms, so over the first week I test the students to my own satisfaction. Those that pass stay, those that fail, go," squeaked the little man.

'what qualifications do you have for testing the students in this manner?" asked on of the witches.

"I am a world renowned dueller, with a warlock title, as well as have been teaching for over three decades. Also I have a masters in charms as well as warding and curse breaking. I even trained young Bill Weasley over there as an apprentice. He approached me in his fourth year and I must say he is one of the finest."

"Mr Bill Weasley, is professor Flitwick correct?" asked the witch.

"Yes, ma'am. He did apprentice me. I was in high demand when people found out he was the one who trained me. He is quite renowned in the professions of charms and curse breaking," Bill said. He didn't feel much sympathy for his little brother.

"Thank you, Mr Weasley. Professor Flitwick, you may step down. Professor Sprout please approach," said the witch as her quick-quote quill scribbled.

"Professor Sprout, do you defer to the O.W.L ranking?" asked one of the younger members.

"Oh, goodness no. There are all kinds of problems with the exam. I've been petitioning for years to have it reviewed but the Ministry keeps deferring it. It's far to simple, I'd say some of the more clever third years could probably pass it. No, I allow only students with an O to enter the course, and then I vigorously test their practicum and theory to my own satisfaction. I have the qualification to do so… The other thing is that I understand some students do not preform well under official testing, so I allow some students who don't get an O mark into the course, if they speak to me of course."

"What are your qualifications, professor?"

"I have a mastery in Herbology and also one in potions. I am one of the more prominent members of the Herbologist society, I have been published in several periodicals for my research and have an Order of merlin third class for my work with dangerous plants," Sprout said as she fiddled with her collar. Lucius and the rest had to say they were impressed. Lucius looked down at his records of Sprout's qualifications and indeed, every one of them showed up; even a few she forgot to mention.

Perhaps there's more to Hufflepuffs than I thought, this woman is impressive, he thought with a faint smile.

"From what it looks like here in our records, I must say I'm surprised you didn't write the OW.L and N.E.W.T exams yourself," he said. The others on the board nodded in agreement. Sprout blushed.

"Thank you kindly my lord, but those exams were written about a century ago. They're long out dated, and I do so wish I could revise them as Severus did the Potions exams. Mostly because a lot of students who pass the exams go on for masteries, and fail, some even die in accidents, because the masteries are far beyond their capabilities," Sprout finished.

"well, we as the board will speak to the Ministry for you, however, we must continue with our inquiry," Lucius said. "Is Mr Ronald Weasley in your course?"

"He was, sir, not any longer."

"What do you mean."

"He was allowed into my course, and managed to pass my own tests; but his work after hat was subpar, and I have to admit, he was putting the other students in danger with his negligence. So I told him he would not be continuing after the holidays."

"Thank you Professor, you may step down."

"Professor Dumbledore, please step foreword… What are Di Angelo's qualifications?" Lucius asked.

"Well, she has was recommended by the Unspeakables, stating that she had the necessary qualifications if I was concerned. I don't know much beyond that," said the old warlock with twinkling eyes. He honestly didn't but he knew the Unspeakables did their research thoroughly and if they said she was qualified then she probably was over qualified for the position.

"Professor Di Angelo, is this correct?" asked one of the witches.

"Yes, it is. As such my qualifications are sealed from your records, but I assure you they are exemplary. I have as much right to test my students as my fellows do, and as I know very little about this country's examinations, I felt it wise to test the students myself, based upon other schools' curriculum and exams. I must say I was shocked to see the poor quality of this school's students. Mr Weasley was not the only one to be removed; since he couldn't even pass my exams, and was horrid during practicals. The boy, as Sprout said, is a danger to the other students. Not to mention the child insulted me, and made threats. The headmaster's sneak charms recorded the events, I'm sure."

There was silence as everyone looked towards Dumbledore. The Man himself was caught. He'd wiped those records, but if his device were checked it would show a suspicious gap at that time. Also, if he denied their existence then the board would be in their right to check the records, so he also could not feign ignorance. However, if he conceded then Ronald would almost certainly lose this hearing. There was also the question of how in the hell had the chit found out about the charms.

"Is this correct headmaster? Is there a record?"

I could always say there is not, however, Minerva would state otherwise, so that's not really an option, Albus thought to himself.

"…Yes, there are records kept of the activities within these walls. They were instated by myself to ensure the safety of the staff and students; in case there were fights or accidents," he said. Minerva frowned. She knew about them because when Albus instituted them she had strongly objected, even though she had relented to his reasoning because she knew there was no winning.

"Do these records show such a record?" Lucius asked. The other board members were sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the answer.

Albus looked a bit constipated for a moment.

"I would have to check the records, and while I'm sure Di Angelo is being honest, but I doubt Mr Weasley—"

"I believe that proves there are such records and that they side, if viewed, with Professor Di Angelo. I say we bring this hearing to a close, in favour of Professor Di Angelo," Lucius stated.

" I second the motion," stated one of the young members.

"Excellent. All those in favour say aye," Lucius said. All but four voices rang out the word. "All those opposed say nay."

The four voices said the word. Lucius smiled an unpleasant smile.

"None abstaining. This hearing closes in favour of Di Angelo and her decision is concrete, young Ronald Weasley is not to be reinstated in Professor Di Angelo's course. This hearing is concluded, we bid you good day," Lucius said with the smile spread across his face. Di Angelo bowed, and Dumbledore near sighed. The Weasleys, minus Bill and Charlie, looked apoplectic.

Lucius felt this was an excellent day.

Dark Lord's lair—gardens.

Sirius was chatting with Marcus as the triplets rolled in the grass as they tried to crawl. Sirius laughed at his pups, while in awe at how strong their necks were to hold up their heads so soon. Apparently it was because of spending the first month in wolf form.

"I'm happy your mate is back with you, although he does not seem to fond of the dark lord," said Fenrir. The two were closer to the cubs. Remus flicked his eyes to the alpha.

"He… It is more difficult him, Fenrir. Hell, it's still difficult to me and I'm a dark creature. The man ended the lives of dozens, and order the deaths of hundreds more; not to mention he is now mating with our godson. It is, difficult, and will take time to get used to the idea of Harry, sweet kind Harry, being with such a man. I'm getting used it, and have learned more about the Dark side, but Sirius hasn't yet. Give it time. Will the pack accept him?"

"If he can run with us than they will, if not, they will because he is your mate, he won't be able to run with us."

"He can run with us." Than that is settled. They will be crawling soon."

"How do you know?"

"I have seen many cubs in my time, they'll be crawling soon. Give it a week, not any more than that."

"…Fenrir, before Harry came to get me yesterday, you were going to tell me something."

"Yes, but you needn't worry about it, it is a story for a different time; perhaps when your mate doesn't hate me so much."

"That may be a long time coming; he can truly hold a grudge."

"Hmmm, I'll keep that in mind."

"Say, do you know where Harry is?"

"Something about him signing something without the Dark lord knowing."

"Sign what?" Remus asked, he was now getting a bad feeling.

"Some sort of contract mates sign, he said I wouldn't be interested in such things. In truth, he's correct," Fenrir snorted. Remus looked at the alpha with wide eyes.

"A—a marriage contract? He's signing a marriage contract?" Remus near shouted. The cubs stopped rolling about and looked at their parent. Sirius sat up.

"Who's signing a marriage contract?" Sirius asked. He was sitting up as Remus jumped to his feet.

"Harry is signing a marriage contract and I'd bet good money who wrote it," Remus growled as he started moving towards the manor. "Fenrir, watch the cubs."

"That bloody pervert!" Sirius cried out as he followed Remus. The wolves stared after the two.

"What under the moon is that about?" Loke asked his alpha. Fenrir snorted.

"I've no idea, some wizard thing I suppose. They are so strange."

Dark lord's quarters—same day

Harry cried out as Tom licked around the base of his cock. Tom's hand was playing with one of his nipples and the sensory intake was overwhelming Harry. Tom smirked. Harry was panting as he licked the underside of his little Gryffindor's cock.

"T—om," Harry moaned as the dark lord swallowed around him. His back arched off the soft sheets. Harry had been feeling rather randy after signing the contract without telling Remus or Sirius about it, and he definitely didn't tell Tom. Not yet, at least. Still, since he'd been in the mood he'd pulled Tom away to their rooms and had launched himself at the taller man. Of course, Tom could say no.

"Do you want me in you?" Tom asked his little love before softly biting one of Harry's nipples.. Harry panted out something that might be an affirmative. Tom summoned a bottle of oil and uncorked it. The door banged open as he was dipping hi fingers in. There stood two enraged godfathers of one Harry Potter; and as they took in the scene, Tom realised he was in incredibly deep shit.