Jane's POV

I hobble on my boot carrying my crutches (only for long distances and walks) and enter my RV, with difficulty due to my shoulder, but I still get in.

"Thor?" I ask, hoping he'd be home, maybe it just bothered him to see me hurt and in the hospital bed. I was sure he would visit me, every day of the few days I'd been in the hospital due to recovering. I feel my heart sink when he's not here. It looks different than when I left it, something's missing-Thor's stuff. I feel myself choke up, "Oh my God." I say as I find his note and read it.

My Dearest Jane,

By the time you will read this I will have returned to Asgard, out of your home and your life as you asked of me. Though I do not wish to leave you, I wish for you to be happy-and if this is what makes you happy-so be it. I promise you that I will always come when you call for me, and if you ever need me all you have to do is say my name. I will always come for you. I can promise you that. But I cannot promise you that when I come back I will not be married to another woman, which is why my offer still stands.

I did mean it Jane, when I told you to marry me. It wasn't just a 'heat of the moment decision' as Lady Darcy described it. I always have wanted to marry you and only you. But I am heir to the Throne, and if my father wishes for me to marry than I will marry.

But when you do receive this note, please read it carefully and make a decision quickly. Because I can promise you if my father still wishes for me to be married, he will make quick work of it.

I do-and always will- love you,


I put it down and then take a deep breath and sit down on my bed my head in my hands-well hand, why would he come for me? I had broken his heart by the looks of it. "I'm so sorry." I mutter as I sit back and accept what I had made for myself.