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Sienna Powell:

"Ready, Cici?"

"I was born ready, Cesca!"

She bumped the volleyball high into the air and I spiked it over the net. It thudded against the ground, and we won the point.

"You've embarrassed the boys enough today girls, and it's not even nine o'clock!" Marina yelled from the water.

"She's right." Francesca grinned, shaking out her blonde hair. "We should give them a break."

"Whatever." I shrugged. Francesca Rosini and Marina Nima were my closest friends in District Four. I'm home-schooled, so the truth is that I would probably never have met them if I wasn't such a beach nut. Being at the beach gave me a feeling that I hadn't been able to find anywhere else. Marina was always just as bad as me- she spends every waking hour at the beach. She can get away with it- her black hair, big brown eyes and permanent bright smile allow her to get away with anything. My parents, however, are the types that aspire to live in the Capitol and would never be seen dead associating with the local beach bums. Francesca likes the beach too, but for a different reason. She's fifteen, one year older than me and Marina, and she loves the sports side of the beach- volleyball, swimming, that kind of stuff. Cesca was the one that gave me the nickname 'Cici'. Her younger sister Calianna loves running on this stretch of the beach, and she kind of got me hooked on the sport as well.

"Let's swim." Francesca suggested once we had made our way over to Marina.

"You know we can't." Marina sighed, tucking her knees up under her chin.

"The reaping's not for another two hours." Francesca pointed out.

"My parents will kill me if they think I've been swimming before the reaping." I shrugged. If it were up to me, we'd be living on a boat on the ocean. The only time I ever truly feel free is when I'm in the water. There's no Hunger Games, no bossy parents, no pressure to be perfect…It's just waves. They never stop.

When I finally arrived home, my parents weren't home. With my mother being a nurse and my father being a layer, and both of them being socialites, I never really saw all that much of them. The only time was when my mother was dragging me off to some lame party for law practisers and surgeons. I took a quick shower to rid myself of sand and the smell of salt, before slipping into my reaping day outfit. It's nothing special, just a coral coloured t-shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt, but I can guarantee you that it's more posh than anything you'd ever be able to get Francesca or Marina into in. My mother enjoys things being prim and proper.

I picked up my hairbrush from my dressing table and wished, not for the first time, that my mother would allow me to straighten my hair. It's mousey brown and naturally wavy. It comes halfway down my back, but if I straightened it, it would be even longer. Like my mother would actually ever let me do that. I'm not about to ask now, my parents always get stressed around reaping time because they're trying to plan for as many parties as possible. I'm pretty sure my parents have made sure I will never get Reaped, but something just feels bad about today.

Westley Makai:

I watched Jaxson as he paced nervously through my living room.

"Dude, just relax." I said, stretching out on the couch.

"I can't bro. The Reaping starts in, like, two hours." Jaxson has been my closest friend ever since his father started working at the same pier as mine, when we were both six. We get on really well, considering we're polar opposites. I'm relaxed and sometimes a little lazy, whereas he works his ass off almost every day on the fishing boats. I enjoy being easy going, but he panics easily. I'm not really sure how we're so close, but I'm not about to question it.

"Just calm down. There's nothing you can do about it if you get reaped." If it's meant to be it'll happen, is the motto I live by.

"Westley, my name's in there six times. So's yours, so come panic with me." Jaxson said, rolling his eyes.

"That's nothing." I shrugged. "Some kids are in there, like, twenty times."

"Whatever man. I'll see you later." Jaxson picked up his jumper and walked out of the living room. I rolled over on the couch, hoping to get some more sleep before the Reaping.


No chance of that, then.

"In here, mom!" I called out, sitting up wearily. I rubbed at my eyes as she walked into the room.

"Hey, Westley." She smiled brightly at me as she sat down and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hey, mom. What's up?" I asked, smiling back at her.

"Oh, nothing really. I got you this." She pulled a small package out of her pocket and handed it to me.

"What's this for?" I asked, opening the package. A miniature brown conch shell with a black thread lopped through it fell into my hand.

"I know you're not really worried about the Reaping, but if you do go in this year then I just wanted you to have a decent token." She said.

"I love it mom, thanks." I pulled it over my head and gave her a quick hug. I guess everyone's worried about the Reaping this year except me.

"Citizens of District Four, I welcome you!" The escort, Mia Tuliipp, called out to us. What a bimbo, how can you be welcomed to the place where you live by somebody that only comes here once a year?

"We're going to have a Victor this year, I can just feel it!" She grinned. She could barely move, seeing as her dress ended in a mermaid tail. I could never understand the Capitol's mad fashions. My Reaping outfit was pretty simple, a collared shirt and pants. Mia's wrong about having a Victor this year- this year's academy goers look pretty ropey. Everybody hopes to be the next Finnick Odair, but our training facilities aren't anywhere near as advanced as District One and Two's.

"Ladies first!" Mia announced. She shuffled over to the bowl and fished around for a name- no pun intended.

"Sienna Powell!" She yelled. The crowd of girls parted, and a girl with brown hair in a ponytail and longest legs I've ever seen on a fourteen/fifteen year old made her way slowly up to the stage. Her hands were balled so tightly into fists that the looked like she might explode, and when she gets over the initial shock of being reaped, fear is evident in her blue eyes.

"Come here, sweetheart." Mia grabbed the girl's hand when she reached the stage and yanked her towards her.

"Sienna everybody!"

"It's Cici." She muttered into the microphone. Her eyes didn't seem to focus as she stared out at the crowd.

"Now for the boys!" Mia searched for a name inside the boy's bowl. "Westley Makai!"

Well that I was not expecting.