A story in two parts.

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Part One


Kate Beckett pulled in a steadying breath followed by a nearly imperceptible shake of her head as she steeled herself to walk through the doorway to the laundry room. The past week had been hell, and not just because of the dead girl they had found only a couple days before tumbling in a dryer in this very room, nor was it because they found out that she had been killed by her friend and over a man no less. It had been hell because of him. Richard Castle.

Richard Fucking Castle.

He was so annoying, a child. Seriously, he was a fucking child, and she was stuck with him. And it wasn't like she couldn't do this job alone. She had been sans partner for months and was getting along just fine alone. She had Ryan and Esposito for backup when she needed them, and up until now Montgomery had been more than okay with the arrangement, but then Richard Fucking Castle waltzed into the precinct and everyone had fallen head over heels for him, everyone except her, of course. There was no way he would ever be anything other than a nuisance to her.

Sure, she had whispered in his ear the week before but that had been to taunt, to tease. She wasn't actually attracted to him at all. She wasn't. She has told Montgomery that Castle was an annoying, self-centered bastard, and she stood by that description. What type of self-respecting woman would actually want to sleep with that?

But she digressed. In short, he was annoying, and she could feel her blood pressure rising just thinking about having to put up with him for a month or however long Montgomery, the commissioner and mayor made her put up with him for this book. If it was more than 3, she might actually shoot him.

But right now she had a hostage situation to deal with, glancing back she was happy to see that Esposito had her back, like always, and Castle was actually hanging back like he had been told. She rolled her eyes; well there had to be a first time for everything.

Taking in a deep breath, she turned the corner into the basement room with every confidence, only to be surrounded by a flash of brilliant white light; she found herself tumbling forward, landing hard on the concrete floor, gun still gripped in her hand.

Staring up, she squinted into the blistering sun as she lifted her free hand to press against her pounding skull.

"What the..."

How the hell had she gotten outside? Had they gone through the wrong doorway? She turned her head to look back at the door. Where the hell was Esposito?

With a groan she forced her aching body up on one propped elbow high enough so she could take in her surroundings, being sure to keep her gun hand free in case she needed it, but there was nothing but the normal sounds of the city below. Her brow furrowed, and she gathered enough strength to propel her body off of the ground, not a hard feat with the adrenaline now pumping through her veins.

She was on a roof, she noted as she wandered over to the ledge. How the hell had she gone from a basement to the roof of a New York City skyscraper by walking through a doorway? Unless she had a concussion and had just forgotten the last few minutes. And if the percussion ensemble playing in her temple was any indication it was definitely a plausible scenario. She glanced down taking inventory of herself. She still had her gun, that was good at least, but what the heck was she wearing? Looking back up, her eyes roamed the horizon, searching it like it might actually hold some answers for her. Pitching forward onto her hands, she leaned against the waist-high concrete ledge that stood between her and accidentally falling to her death. Well, it was becoming clear that she wasn't going to get any answers standing alone on a rooftop. With a sigh she made to turn. Then the bright white world turned black.