During a case, Mai ends up temporarily blind. Naru feeling guilty takes her under his wing, to care about her, until her sight returns. In doing so, their love becomes stronger. Not only Mai will learn things about Naru. Naru will learn about Mai as well. As they live together and solve cases, everything around them change. Rating May go up, not sure..

This take after Naru comes back from England.

A disclaimer: I do NOT own Ghost Hunt.. Only the cases I make up, and other side characters that have nothing to do with the original series.

Romance, Mystery, Supernatural, Friendship

Case One: Under the Bridge

Chapter One: Naru Home

"I can't believe this," Ayako cried, as I sat on the bed, feeling the cotton quilt on my hand.

"It's alright," I mumbled, as I turned my gaze towards her, I hope.

"How is it alright Mai? You are blind... Tell me how is that alright just because Naru couldn't get to you in time, you lost your sight," she argues, as my heart tightens at the mention.

"It's not Naru fault. He can't be there to save me all the time Ayako. Is my fault to follow that stupid ghost.. I didn't know it was a trap. I didn't know it was a demon at the time," I whispered, as I felt my eyes burn a little.

"But it can be permanent," Ayako cries again, feeling her sit on the edge of my bed grasping my hand.

I smiled gently, taking her hand,

"I'm alright Ayako. Scarier things have happened to me already. I just hope Naru doesn't fire me though, now that I can't see," I whispered at the thought. It's been a year since he came back.

He returned five months ago, and acts the same. Never once Naru change his view towards me. All I knew that I knew my answer to his question. And that is him... There's no doubt in my heart nor in my mind that the man I'm in love is Naru. But I can't tell him that, since he doesn't feel the same and now that I'm blind.

"I'm not going to fire you Mai, you still can dream, and do other things," Naru cold voice rasps the air, as I turn my head towards his voice.

"Oh, I didn't know you were there," I spoke, smiling gently at him, as I heard him place something down.

"It's your fault Naru.. You should have just gone after her, instead of having your meaniless fight," Ayako accused,

"Ayako its alright. I'm not blaming him, it's my own fault, stop it," I scrapped out, feeling hot tears gathering on the corner of my eyes.

"Mai?" I felt Ayako cup my cheek, feeling her sadness radiate through me.

"Go and rest Ayako, I'll be out tomorrow morning. I'm not dead or anything," I told her, feeling her get up from the bed.

"You're brave girl Mai. If it was me, I would have been freaking out," she tells me. I nod, hearing her footsteps disapate.

"I'll be here tomorrow morning, Naru keep an eye on her," she threaten, as she closes the door. I bundle the quilt under my chin..

"Naru you can go home.. I'm alright," I told him, wanted to really be alone.. Stupid ghost, why did I go after it...

"I'm alright Mai," he just says, as I turned my body towards his voice... Reaching out, I felt him grab my hand.

"Ah," I smiled, noticing him move a bit towards me, so I cup his cheek.

"It's not your fault Naru, so don't feel as though it's your responsibility, just go back. Doctor said I'm healthy as a cow, and the cause of my blindness is temporary." I told him.

Naru kept quiet, as I felt him stand up.

"Okay," was all he said, as he returns my hand, gently placing it on my chest.

"Rest, we'll handle on what to do tomorrow," Naru mentions, as I heard him leave, closing door behind him.

I moved my body towards the sound of the door, as I felt tears running down my cheeks.

"Now I become more useless than before...Why the hell did I go after that ghost.." I gasped noticing that my chest is moving rapidly than the normal.

My hands fisted on the bed railings, as I bury my head against my pillow crying hard..

But I didn't know that Naru never left the room, he was just closing the door, since Ayako left it half open...

I awoke the next day, to have Bou-san give me a deep bear hug.

"Oh Mai, I'm so sorry," he whispered, as he ruffle my hair, I gave him a fake smile, as I adjusted myself.

"I'm alright, nothing to fret right, I'll regain my sight back sooner or later.." I smiled trying to overcome this...

"I signed you out, so Miss. Matsuzaki helps her get dressed," Naru voice sounds strong, as I get up, Ayako wraps her arm around me, guiding me towards the bathroom...

"Who is she living with though?" I heard Bou-san asked, as I heard the door open. Reaching out, I walked in the bathroom, and saw nothing. Just pure darkness...

"Here, place your hands up," Ayako suggested, as I did, she takes out my hospital gown, and place a shirt on me, then she gave me some pants.

"You can put this on?," I nodded at Ayako, after I got dressed, I turned around to head out..

"We came with a solution," I heard Bou-san announced, as Ayako guided me towards a chair sitting me down.

"What solution?" I asked confused, glancing up..

"Since right now you can't see, and it all Naru faults," I heard a dark discoloration towards Naru, I gulped.

"It's not his fault," I snapped, feeling irritated with him being accused of something he didn't do.

"Whatever, so we voted that you live with Naru until you regain your sight back," My eyes widen, standing up.

"Wait, no, I'm capable of living by myself, since I know my things in my apartment, and such," I argue.

"I don't want to be a burden to Naru," I argued, but I heard a cleared of the throat making me stop at my words.

"I take responsibility of you, since you work for me and you got hurt at the progress," I heard a tint of anger in his voice, as Naru spoke.

"No, It's alright Naru. Really I don't blame you, for God sake Naru. It's my own fault. It wasn't yours, don't listen to them," I argue,

"Let's go," He totally ignored me.

"We have a case tomorrow, Lin will call you all later for the information, I'll work with it with Mai," was all he said, as he takes my wrist. My heart jumped at the slightest touch of his. Instead of him gripping my wrist roughly, I noticed its soft, gentle.

"Let's go," he mentions, pulling me softly out the hallway..

As he walks towards the lobby, I think.. Since I can hear other people around me talk and people either coughing or crying, I got closer towards Naru.

"Really Naru, you don't have to," I begged, but I swear I could feel him glare at me.

"I"m not doing this for you Mai. I'm doing because this is my responsibility. You got hurt. I wasn't there to help you this time. Luckily you didn't end up dead," I heard his voice turning darker.

Lowering my gaze, I felt the slight midsummer breeze hit my skin causing me to shiver for some odd reason.

"All right, but where are we going through?" I asked, as he stops causing me to stop next to him, hearing lots of cars passing by.

"My place, since it's bigger, you can be more comfortable," I titled my head.

"Wait, how can you know I will be more comfortable in your place, than my place?" I asked.

"Since I'm your boss, and such," he snaps. I frowned,

"But..." he groans under his throat.

"No But Mai. You'll get used to it. And since where I live is closer to where we work, is more convenient,"

"Are you sure?" I asked still not convinced.

"Yes Mai," was all he said, as I heard a heavy van park in front of us.

"Its Lin," was all he said, as he opens the door for me. He gently places his arm around my waist, causing me to blush... Pushing me up, I scooted over, as I felt him sit next to me, closing the door rather hard.

Lin starts to drive, as I felt vernable, scared, I gulped feeling my heart beat a mile per minute. It's scary.. I feel alone.

I turned my body towards Naru, and stretched out my hand, to touch his arm, sliding it down, I didn't care if he gets mad... I need this.

I intertwined my fingers with his.

"Is scary Naru, I can't see anything, and the motion of the van is making me more scared." I whispered into his ear. Instead of rejecting me, Naru tighten his hold on my hand.

"If you want, you may your head on my shoulder," he mentions, noticing that his voice is narrow, forced. I nodded lowering my head.

"It's alright, Lin is there, I don't want to bother you.. And it's not like you like public display, nor you're my boyfriend," I ramble off.

"Who's talking about that, I was just offering it so you won't be as scared," was all he said, my face burst into flames.

"Oh.." I whispered, as I lowered my head, closing my eyes, burying my head on the back of his shoulder. Tightening my grip on Naru hand. I was shaken badly.

"You'll get used to it, don't worry, I'll be here," he whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver from his breath tickling my skin. My heart beats fast...

Nodding, I fell asleep...

"Don't," I heard on my right, as I stood in a tunnel, a dark tunnel... Or is it because I'm blind? Not sure...

"Please don't.." I heard once again. I gulped, as my heart starts to pound loudly...

"Watch Mai," I heard on my right. Turning my gaze, Gene stood there next to me, as my eyes filled with tears.

"Gene!" I cried, wrapping my arms around him, burying my head in his torso, while I cried, he wraps his arms around me.

"I'm sorry," was all he said, as he pats my back softly.

Letting go, I wiped my tears, turning around, only to see a woman, wearing a red kimono barefooted, and wet, She was wet from head to toe.

"What?" I asked moving closer towards the tunnel, the woman turns her head, as she held something in her arm.

"Please, don't," She begged, as I heard a cry, my eyes widen, realizing what her hold was an infant, but with blood seeping out of the infant.

"Oh no," I gasped out covering my mouth. I turned my gaze, to see the woman stop at midway, her chest heaving in and out.

"Please, forgive me," she begs kneeling down, as a black shadow appear in front of her. I gasped, as the black shadow stares straight at me, with two pearcing white eyes, causing me to jump.

"You're next," he mumbles,

I jumped out of my dream, causing me to grasp my own chest, breathing in and out rapidly.

"What did you dream?" I heard Naru, as I felt him take my hand, placing a cup on my hands.

"Drink, is water," He mumbles, as I glance err at him?

"I dreamt that this woman in a kimono was being chased by this black shadow, and she was holding a bloody baby," I gasped out, drinking the cup.

"Where am I?" I asked confused, as I stretched out my arm to hand back the cup.

"You are at my house. I prepared a room for you, so this will be where you're going to be staying at," I stood slowly reaching out for Naru.

"What about my apartment?" I asked worried.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on it, so nothing will happen to it. After you regain your sight, you can move back," I nodded feeling relief.

"Thank you for taking the burden," I mumbled, lifting my legs up, wrapping my arms around them. Naru sat next to me, taking my hands.

"I have lunch, you can eat it in my dinning room," he gently stood me up and helps me around to get me to his living room.

Sitting me down on a chair, he places some chopsticks in my hand, I smiled, touching the table, I found my food, and slowly I started to feed the best way I can. I felt Naru sit next to me. I arched a brow up.

"You can sit where you normally sit," I mumbled as my cheeks redden.

"I sit here normally," he admits, as I heard him start eating as well. I frowned, eating my food.

"Did you cook this?" I asked turning my gaze towards him.

"No, Lin bought it for me, since I had no time to cook," he mumbles his response. I shake my head, continuing to eat.

"Does my dream has to do with the next case?" I asked,

"Yes, a woman was discovered dead a few weeks ago, holding onto a bloody baby, apparently this entity likes to target woman, so I have to take extreme measures," He concluded.

I gently stretched out my hand, and take Naru hand, and squeezed it.

"Don't worry, everything will turn out okay, just like before Naru," I smiled, running my thumb across his skin. Naru kept quiet for a few before he could answer.

"We'll leave early in the morning. Ms. Hara will meet us over there, as well as Father Brown," was all he said. I nodded, noticing that he seems a bit stiff at my touch, but doesn't retreats my hand. I smiled at that.

"Then, lets hope for the best, Thank you," I cheered, as I returned back to my food.

Naru stood there watching me, with no emotions behind his eyes...

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