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From Ace to Zoro: The One Piece Alphabet


A is for Ace, a well-mannered guy, who promised to live and decided to die.


B is for Brook, alive despite rumors, who is happiest when ladies show him their bloomers.


C is for Chopper, a bright young zoan. He'll call you a bastard in a very pleased tone.


D is for Dragon, who remains quite elusive. He wouldn't dare argue, if you tagged him reclusive.


E is for Enel, who thought himself kami. He got stuck on the moon, and cried a tsunami.


F is for Franky, a strong metal-man, whose limited attire ensures him a tan.


G is for Garp, whose strength is impressive. He has a big heart, but is often aggressive.


H is for Hancock, a beauty to flee, who kicks tiny creatures straight into the sea.


I is for Ivankov, an okama queen. Give him a Chris, and he'll make a Christine.


J is for Jolly Roger, hang it up high! And if somebody snatches it, practice your lie.


K is for Kid, a violent young man, who tends to attract the occasional can.


L is for Luffy, who's wrought a tight ring, of people who'd like to see him a king.


M is for Merry, one Hell of a ship, who loved all its passengers 'till its very last trip.


N is for Nami, the great navigator, who'll offer you money, then ask for it later.


O is for One Piece, Roger's treasure to own, but is it enough to buy you a throne?


P is for Pirates, a rowdy, tough bunch! Who like singing, and sake, and throwing a punch.


Q is for Quirky, Questionable, and Queer. Like a man made of rubber, or a talking reindeer.


R is for Robin, whose past is quite grim. She'll see all your secrets with an eye on a limb.


S is for Sanji, a culinary master, whose flattering flirtation often ends in disaster.


T is for Trafalgar, a heart-stealing man, who gets rather flustered when you screw up his plan.


U is for Usopp, who'd like to be brave. In the meantime he'll panic and beg to be saved.


V is for Vivi, the heir to a throne, who might fail to mention the scorpion zone.


W is for Whitebeard, an earth-shaking fellow, whose laughter came forth in big mighty bellows.


X is for X-Drake, a former marine, who'll smile a bit as he pierces your spleen.


Y is for Yasopp, a dad quick to brag, who gave up his family for the call of a flag.


Z is for Zoro, who naps in exhaust. If you follow him blindly, you'll both end up lost.

The End is for done, la fin, owari,

Like the end of a journey,

or the end of the sea.

I took an hour break from editing another story, and this is what happened.

Can you think of any rhymes for different characters? :)

-Deadly 9/2/13