Hi, this is my first story and it's about Lab Rats and I will try to add more chapter to the story and sorry if this chapter is short cuz I'm currently sleepy so yea!

One day, Douglas Davenport returns back to his hidden lab, looking the revolted android hand broken, who's named behind the crusty rock: Marcus Davenport.

Walking till to the catwalk, he stood there feeling angry and disappointed. "Donald, one day I will capture one of little Lab Rats," said Douglas. Suddenly, a blinking, bright green is appearing on the computer screen. He rapidly run down the catwalk and manage to open the hidden cam that the Lab Rats has forgotten to take it down. "Excellent! Now I have more chance to capture one of them… Hmm… It would be better if I create the toxicant, which can change one of them evil and actives the trident app AND I WILL HAVE CONTROL OF THAT PERSON!" said Douglas, happily.

"Wait…Why I'm talking to myself?" asked Douglas, "Oh yea Marcus is here even though he can't… nevermind," said Douglas. As he begins to create the toxicant, a little sound from the rubble begins to form. Soon, later the bionic android boy wakes up in its full energy. "What happened and why my right arm is like an android? Ahhh, IM AN ANDROID!" shouted Marcus.

"Calm down! Bionic android is stronger than bionic humans," said Douglas although he lied.

"What happened?" questioned Marcus.

"The pests was lucky and they run away back to their home and rubbles of rock pounded you above your head and I have just went out and return to take my revenge by turning one of the pests evil," said Douglas evilly. "Who did you choose?" asked Marcus

Douglas looks at Marcus then to the computer screen with an evil smile. "I choose….

(A/N) : Cliffhanger :O Who will he pick? :/ I'll try to add more chapter and school comes very soon….