~8.02 Evening in the Amagi Inn

"You liked him. Didn't you."

Yukiko looked shocked in response, but quietly responded.


Chie looked sad, but responded "I can go break up with him right now if you want. I don't want to make you-"


This shocked both Chie and Yukiko.

"…Sorry. Yu-kun really seems to like you, and you like him. I don't want to take away your happiness."

"But, at the cost of your happiness?! What good will that do?!"

"I want you to be happy. That's that. I'll get over it. I'll find something else."
"Are you sure?"
"100%!" Yukiko smiled.

"Thanks Yukikio" Chie was beaming with joy.

"But, there are a few conditions."

"Which are?"

"You are beautiful. Never say he 'settled for you' or anything. He chose you because Yu-kun has excellent taste. And, we will never let a boy ruin are friendship."

"Of course Yukiko! And thank you."

About a year later daytime at the train station

"I swear, your visit felt so short." Kanji complained.

"I'm not sure when I'll be back, but don't worry; it'll be as soon as possible!" Yu responded.

"You better!" Said Marie.

"I'll miss you senpai! Love you!" Rise shouted. Everyone looked at her surprised, except Chie, who looked a little upset.

"Rise-chan… may I talk to you over there?" said Yukiko looking towards the ground.

"Hm? Sure."

There was a bit of an awkward silence, which Naoto broke.

"I'm sorry Chie and Yu- senpai. I know that makes you uncomfortable."

"That kinda came out of nowhere." Yosuke replied

"Don't worry about it guys! It just caught me off guard!" Chie reassured.

Teddie had just spoken up now, surprisingly. "Not to worry Sensei and Chie-chan! I'll hold up the fort while you're gone!"


"Rise-chan, we discussed this already."

"Oh comeon senpai! I'm just messing around!"

"You know that makes her uncomfortable, though. I think you might be subconsciously attacking her."


"I know how you feel, but he chose her, and we must move on."

"…I thought I got over him, but I guess not."

"Getting over someone you loved is difficult. Don't be so hard on yourself."

"I'm happy for them though! Honestly, even I was surprised when that came out."

"*giggle* I doubt Chie is mad. Just try not to do that. Remember Chie, despite the confident front she puts on. Is somewhat self- conscious."

"Okay Senpai!"

Back with the others

"Sorry about that Chie-Senpai."

"Oh forget about it!" Chie smiled.

"So Teddie. What did you mean by, 'hold up the fort'?"

"I'll protect Chie-chan in your absence sensei!"

"Aww Teddie that's so sweet! But… why would I need protecting. Inaba has been pretty safe ever since the Labrys incident. Plus, it's not like I'm helpless."

"Um… I'm not sure. I just, really want to."

"As usual, Teddie makes no sense."

"How rude!"

Everyone, even Teddie, couldn't help but laugh laughed at Yosuke's snarky remark.

'Anyways, it's about time I get going, I'm happy to see how much you've all grown."

Teddie couldn't resist. "Rise-chan has grown the most though!"

They say the ensuing facepalms could be heard from years to come.