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"Yosuke, how is Kashiwagi our homeroom teacher again?"

"She 'convinced' the principal to let her teach all three years. I don't even want to know why."

September 10, After School Gekkokan High

Kotone's POV

"I've found you again Kotone-sama!"

"Ah! Elizabeth-san! What are you doing here!"

"Come! We must hang out!" Elizabeth grabbed Kotone's hand and dragged her to the mall.

September 10, After School Paulownia mall

"What should we do first…"

"I dunno."

"Karaoke it is!"

"Ok- ah!"

Elizabeth grabbed Kotone and dragged her on stage!

"Oh dear, what should I sing…"

"Um… Elizabeth-san, I don't think this is how it works…"

"Kimi wo eh-"

About 30 seconds later on the karaoke door step.

"Hm, if they didn't like my singing they could have just said so…"

"Have you ever done this before?"

"Oh yes, once. With your brother. Then again, he handled everything last time."

"Were you good friends with him?"

"I imagine so. He was a very kind hearted person. He was very patient with me and my lack of knowledge about the real world."

"I think you still have a few things to learn."

Elizabeth and Kotone shared a laugh.

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"There's another rank-up! I must be off Kotone-sama!"

With that, Elizabeth ran off.

"Well… I've got some time, what to do now."

"Oh hey it's you."

"Huh? Oh Kyon. What's up?"

"I've been looking for you."

"Do you wanna hang out?"


Kotone gave Kyon a knowing look.


"Anywhere you wanna go?"

"um… I don't know."

"Alrighty then, let's go to the coffee shop?"


"It's a nice place for people to chat is all."

"Oh, um, okay."


"Hm… I feel sexier."

"What?" Kyon asked confused.

"Never mind. So… what do you do in your free time."

"Mainly just, play on the computer."

"Oh neat."


"Yeah? Is something wrong with that?"

"No it's just that, I don't get complimented a lot. Except by my mom. Sad isn't it?"

"Not to me. All that shows is that you have somebody that loves you."

"Loves me…" Kyon seems thoughtful

Thou shalt have our blessing when using Nekomata of the Magician arcana.

"I need to get going, see you around Kotone."

"See ya."

September 10, After School Chie's house

Yu's POV

"Thanks again for walking me home Yu."

"Don't mention it."


"What's up."

"Should we… tell them?"

...Good question.

"I don't know. How about I call my parents when your ready and tell them, and then tell your parents afterwards. I have a feeling your Mom wouldn't be too ecstatic."

I met Chie's parents on new years. Nice people, but I don't think they'd hesitate to kick my ass.

"Yeah. I don't think I'm ready… We'll do it eventually."

"Do what?"

Chie's mom appeared outside the door.

"Oh hi mom! We were talking about-"

"The homework. We just have so much, so I said we'll do it eventually."

"You shouldn't procrastinate."

"Yes M'am." Yu put his hand to his forehead.

"Haha, don't be so formal. Would you like to come inside?"

"No thank you, I need to get home. Don't want my uncle to get worried."

"Okay then, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone."



With that, Chie's mom left.

"That was close. We probably shouldn't wait too long. See ya."

"See ya."

With that they parted ways.

September 10, Evening Dojima household

"Welcome home big bro!"

"Hey Nanako. Afternoon Uncle."

"Afternoon Yu. Were you out with Satonaka again?"


"Have you popped the question yet?"

"What question?"

"You know…"

"Marriage!? Um…"

How did he know?

"Haha, just pulling your chain."

"Oh… haha."

"Can I be the flower girl big bro?"

Nanako didn't like me dating Chie at first, since she wanted to marry me. Then she saw how happy we were and supported us.

"Sure. I wouldn't want anyone else."


"Wait, you've been planning this?"

"No. Just speaking hypothetically."

Dojima doesn't seem convinced…

"Alright. You should get some shut eye. You look tired."

"'Night Dojima. 'Night Nanako."

"Good night big bro!"

September 10, Evening Iwatodai dorm

3rd POV

"Okay. On three… 1...2….3!"


"*gasp* Thank you all so much!"

"I baked you a cake!" Kotone exclaimed proudly.

"Um… I am incapable of eating food…"


"I-i'm sorry."

"N-no it's not your fault."

"More for us!" Junpei exclaimed happily.

"Sorry Aigis, I was working on an update to your system that would allow you and Labrys to taste food, but I couldn't get in finished in time."

"You were!? Thank you so much Fuuka-san!" Aigis hugged Fuuka tightly.

"'Shame that the investigation team couldn't be here…" Labrys said sadly.

"Anyone in particular you were hoping for Laba-chan?"

"No." Labrys shot Junpei a death glare. It proves to be an interesting night.

September 11, Morning Yasogami High.

3rd POV


"Ah, Yukiko. What's up."

"When do you think Apollyon will strike again? There's no way that was it."

"I have no idea. We should just be prepared."


September 11, After School Gekkokan High



"Hey Kyon."

"Wanna go to the shrine today?"

"Sure, why not."

September 11, After school Naganaki shrine

"I like to come here sometimes. Just to be alone."

"Are you religious?"

"No. God just seems unrealistic. If he did, why would this would be so full of shit?"

"...I don't really have a response to that."

"Of course you don't. This is just a calm place. Y'know, this world is disgusting. It's just full of idiots. They all deserve to die."


"Oh, not you of course. You almost make me like humanity."

"Um, thanks?"

Thou shalt have our blessing when using Nekomata of the magician arcana.

"I'm going home, see you around."

And so, time marched on. The investigation team did nothing too substantial. Kotone continued to advance her social links. She initiated links of the tower and strength. She tried to increase Magician, but nothing of consequence happened. On the 22nd, they celebrated Akihiko's birthday. He had been waiting for it.

September 28, Late night Dojima Residence

Yu's POV


"Aigis-san? Why are you calling so late?"

"Fuuka-san is sensing something. We recommend you come to the dorm immediately."

"Alright, I'll call the others and we'll be there as soon as possible."

"Be where Yu?"

"Oh, Dojima. I need to…"

"Go do your thing. I trust you."

"...Thank you."

Now would be a good time.

"Um, Dojima-san…"

"Chie's pregnant."


Figured he'd know.

"...We'll discuss this later. You should probably get going."


September 28, Late night Iwatodai dorms.

"Even since I came back to the dorms, I've been scanning every night. I had a feeling something would happen today."

"You did? So did I…" Yukiko said surprised.

"If they both did, then something's definitely up." Yu concluded.

Yukiko seems to have good intuition. She was the first to realize something was going on with the people of Inaba last year.

"Apollyon's presence seems… stronger today. I feel we should go to the world of people's bonds tonight."

Everyone nodded, and went to moonlight bridge. Minato Jr. was left with Fuuka's parents.

September 29, Midnight the world of peoples bonds

The world looked dark and had a lot of disco lights, similar to harabah.

"Aww, you couldn't have come later? I was just about to cause some destruction…"

"Apollyon! Where are you!?"

"Where do you think?"

"*sigh* top floor."

"Smart boy. See ya!"

"Yukari-san, Teddie, Yosuke, come on."



"All right, let's try this guy out."

"Before you go…"

Fuuka summoned her persona, Juno, and a bright light emanated from her. Juno disappeared.

"And now, you should be able to avoid the enemies here without problem."

"...Whoa. Fuuka-san! Teach me your ways!"

Fuuka blushed. "Sure."

First floor



"RUN! I sense even greater power than before!"

Do I hear… chains? Oh shit.

The four started running for dear life.

"To think I'd find both SEES and the investigation team together. Must be my lucky day."

"I'M TOO YOUNG, AND HANDSOME TO DIE!" Teddie exclaimed.

"You may both have defeated me before, but no more! I shall kill you!"

The reaper shot his guns at the four.

"He's a lot more aggressive than last time! He never left chests in the TV world!"

"Wow you guys are lucky! He always would chase us whenever we stayed too long on a floor!"

"Yu-kun! The reaper can't enter the stair room!"

Oh thank God!

Floor 2


"I think I pissed my pants again."

"Um, ew?"

"Don't waste any time guys! He'll be back any minute!"

"Go go go!"

Eight floors later.

"APOLLYON YOU ARE A DICK!" Yosuke yelled holding up his middle finger.

This time, Apollyon took the form of Shadow Yu.

"Aw, but I thought you'd like the family reunion."

"How about you show us your true face you coward!" Ken yelled.

"I don't have to answer to you. Murderer."

"Shut the hell up! Ken is not a murderer!" Akihiko yelled angered.

"What do you have to gain from this?" Mitsuru asked calmly.

"Easy. Destruction. I want to see the end of all life on Earth. Not only to get revenge on this ugly world, it also just happens to be written into my DNA."

"This sounds kinda familiar…" Kotone thought to herself.

"All this is doing is making Minato's job harder! And we can't let you do that!" Yukari yelled.

"Ah, the great seal."

"How the hell do you know about all this!" Junpei asked.

"You can't hide anything from me. But I'm hiding so many things from you, it's funny."

"Well why don't we beat the answers outta ya you freak of nature!" Kanji yelled.

"I'd like to see you try punk!"

"What the hell did you call me!?"

Kanji ran up to Apollyon to crash into an invisible wall.

"Looks like it's up four! Let's get him!"

"Alright partner!"


"I won't allow you to interfere with Minato's mission!"

Apollyon transformed into a monster that resembled the hermit, but with a black and red color scheme.



Yosuke, Teddie, and Yukari were all knocked down!

"Um, Yu-kun, bringing three people weak to electricity wasn't the best idea… The enemy has no weaknesses, but is more susceptible to Wind attacks!"

"Senpai! He's also susceptible to nuclear damage! Which Yosuke-senpai has!"

"Change! Norn! Mind charge!"

"You're gonna pay dammit! Frei!"

A green orb of light struck Apollyon, knocking him back!


Teddie got up and casted Lymphia!

"I can't lose!"

Yukari got up and casted Garudyne!

"Thunder Reign!"

Apollyon attacked Yu, who just absorbed it.

"So much for we can't hide anything. GO PANTA RHEI!"

The attack did massive damage! Yosuke followed up by running up to Apollyon and furiously slashing him, Apollyon being knocked back every time! Apollyon knocked Yosuke back, and used Maziodyne again!


Everyone dodged the attack with ease! Yukari fired an arrow and pierced his chest knocking him down!

"Here's our chance for an all out attack!"

"Let's go for it!"

"Alright! Lemme at 'em!"

Everyone ran up to the shadow and attacked him like crazy!

"Agh! You guys mean business! Time to step it up!"

Apollyon covered the whole field in electricity! Everyone jumped out of the way!


Issun-boshi slashed rapidly at Apollyon, causing the electricity to disperse before they landed!

"Change! Izanagi!"

Yu summoned Izanagi and the two ran up to him. Izanagi and Yu did a critical hit simultaneously! Apollyon spread his arms out, and swung his body at Yukari, knocking her onto her side!


"Change! Kamui-Moshiri! Diarahan!"


"Norn! Throw me up!"

Norn did as told knocked Yu into the sky!

"Change! Yoshitsune! Hassou Tobi!"

Yoshitsune smashed his fist into the ground and Apollyon was hit 8 times! Yu quickly switched back to Norn and punched Apollyon in the face!

"Agh! You son of a bitch!"

Apollyon stuck his hands in the walls again and spun around rapidly, causing a thunderstorm to rain down on the four!

"Change! Scalatch! Mediarahan!"

Everyone was fully healed! Yosuke got up and launched Garudynes and Frie faster than the eye could see! Teddie froze Apollyons hands, allowing everyone to go to town! Yukari launched a powerful garudyne from under Apollyon, blowing him up, but not flying up due to being frozen! Yu switched to Surt and unleashed a ragnarok! Burning Apollyon and the ice! Yukari used Garudyne again and knocked him into the air!

"I can't bear the sight of you anymore!"

Teddie jumped up and spun his claws on Apollyon, then landed gracefully, as Apollyon landed badly injured!


Apollyon severely burned the four! Then he proceeded to severely harm them by showering them with Yukiko's petals! Then his spun his arms rapidly attacking, then jumped up, attempting to finish them off! He had copied their moves from last time!


"Oh no!"

"Tsukuyomi!" Tsukuyomi grabbed Apollyon and hurled him across the room, enduring the pain he got from being shocked!

"Mind charge! FRIE!"

Yosuke finished off Apollyon, leaving him lying on the ground in pain.

"Dammit. They're so powerful."

Slowly, the four got up.

"None of us appreciate all the things you're constantly saying about us. Listen 'friend' you may be getting stronger, but so are we. And we'll beat you down, no matter how many times you get up. Now. we want answers." Said Yosuke as he walked behind Apollyon, Yukari walked to one of his sides, and Naoto, now with the barrier dispersed, walked to another one of his sides. All were ready to unleash a garudyne on him if he moved.

"It doesn't matter what you do. I'll always exist. As long as Mitsuo is alive, you cannot kill me."

"So killing Mitsuo would kill you."

"Sensei, you're not thinking-"

"Of course not. It's not right to take a life of a sentient being. Apollyon... join us. "

"But partner! He's a killer."

"Everyone deserves a second chance."


"You don't have to answer right away. Allow me to ask a few more questions. Naoto. Yosuke. Yukari-san. Please stand back."

"You sure about this Yu-kun?"

"We don't want to pressure him."

Everyone backed up.

"Why is the reaper here?"

"He has a vendetta against you. I don't know why. I figured he could help me."

"Probably since we've beat him before. Why did you attack today?"

"Today is has been a year and two months since I first went 'berserk.' It's this day every month that I'm at my strongest."

"I see. What were you going to do if we hadn't arrived on time."

"I would have attacked Inaba."

"I have no more questions. Thank you for your cooperation. Change! Scalatch! Diarahan!"


"Narukami what the hell!" Junpei asked angrily.

"Give it some thought. Come on everyone."

Yu walked out, and everyone followed silently. No one really knew if they thought of him as kind and courageous, or naive and stupid.