The Vampire Diaries: Season 5
Blood Revenge

Episode 1: As a Human I Be

Jeremy Gilbert was finally home. But he was not happy. He was alone now. Bonnie was the only human he had contact with and now she was dead, because of him. He wondered why in the name of God he should be the one to cause trouble. The first time he was brought from death, there were consequences. This time, Bonnie had given her life. Elena did not know that. Nobody did except him and he would have to live with that secret.

A hand touched him from behind. Startled, he turned to face Bonnie.

"Jeremy, don't be sad. It is not your fault. It is mine. Totally mine. I should not have done that spell. But what choice did I have? Love is blind they say. Now, I have known it for a true fact. But you should be happy now, Jer. Really, happy."

"But how can I?" asked Jeremy, tears welling up in his eyes.

"You are human, Jer. You are allowed to feel. I know you love me. But Jer, I have given you life for you to be happy. Move on, Jeremy."

"It is easy for you to say that, Bonnie. Look at me. I am human. You are dead, My sister is a vampire. Out of them all, only I know how to feel. But who will understand mine?"

For a moment, Bonnie looked hurt but then she immediately recomposed.

"Jeremy, listen to me. You will only waste my gift if you be sad all the time. Do you love me?" asked Bonnie.

"Yes, Bonnie, I do." He placed his right palm on Bonnie's face. Bonnie smiled.

"Then do as I tell, Jeremy. Do as I tell."

Jeremy nodded.

"Now, clear up your eyes."

Jeremy rubbed his eyes but the moment he had taken off his hands, Bonnie had disappeared.

"Bonnie! Bonnie!" he shouted.

There was no answer.

He looked at the burned down Gilbert house. Reminiscing his memories, he took a step towards his old house. At that moment, a voice called out to him. He turned and saw his sister.

"Elena!" he shouted, running to embrace her.

But as he hugged her, he began to feel a difference. Jeremy had always thought vampires were cold but now, he felt Elena warmer than before. He looked at her.

"Elena, did you take the cure?" he asked.

"Now, why would you ask me that, Jer?" she asked.

"You feel different."

"Do I?" she twitched her eyebrows.

Jeremy looked at her for a while and anger leapt upon his face. "Katherine!"

He had nothing to do but count the minutes gone. It was not like he could do anything. He blinked his eyes but the darkness of the room remained. He tried to break out of the chains that bound him but they were very tight.

He did not how he had got here; only he felt pain at the back of his head. Somebody had hit him. Memories stirred back inside him.


"So you recognize me. That is good," said Katherine.

"What do you want?" asked Jeremy, clearly infuriated.

"Nothing. Just your heart ripped off."

"You can't. You are human now."

For a moment, Katherine wore a look of annoyance on her face.

"I can't. But he on the other hand…."


"Me" said a voice from his left.

"Stefan. Finally! Kill her!"

Stefan had smiled then. But why? Was Stefan working with Katherine? That sounded ridiculous.

"Stefan, kill her!" said Jeremy.

Stefan stopped for a while and then said, "What would I achieve by that?"

And then he had sit something upon his head.

Now here he was, bound to a chair. Why were they keeping him here? He thought he knew. Katherine wanted something. That was for sure. And normally she got what she want. But then, she was a vampire. Now, she was a human. Would she really be that crazy to show her guts this fast? How did she become human? For a moment, Jeremy thought. Oh, she had taken the cure! But suddenly, it seemed absurd to him. Katherine would never take the cure. She loved being a vampire. Why would she want to become a human? No, she had been tricked into taking it. But who? Damon? Stefan? Elena?

Stefan had been there and he had sided with Katherine. Why were they together? Was Stefan still in love with Katherine? Was his love for Elena a farce? No, as far as he had seen, Stefan felt true love for his sister. No, his sister had done something for him to have acted so. But what?

He spat. Had Elena chosen Damon?

This would have turned Stefan. Like Katherine said, ripped his heart off.

The room was getting darker. A bulb lit up at the corner of the room and five minutes later, the lock turned. The door opened and into the room entered the lookalike of his sister, Katherine Pierce.

"Woken up, are you?" asked Katherine.

Jeremy lay silent.


She walked to a table and picked up a glass filled with water.

"Don't you want to know why you are here?" asked Katherine.

Jeremy looked at her, eyes with fire.

Katherine smiled. Coming near, she splashed the cold water on his face.

Jeremy shook his head, water dripping from his fair skin.

Katherine laughed. "Maybe I am not a vampire anymore but I do know some human torture."

"You deserved it, Katherine."

Katherine's face grew sober. "What did you say?" she asked, her voice getting a little shriller.

"You deserved it. It feels good that you finally were made to drink the cure."

"You know, it was really bad that Elena thrust the cure into my mouth. She will pay for this. Trust me, she will."

"Elena has already been through worse. Believe me, she will get through this, and this time, she will kill you and we will finally be rid of you."

Katherine laughed. "You are bold. I give you that. Here you sit, tied and chained up, yet you have the balls to face me. Believe me when I say it, Jeremy, I am not an easy one to be crossed. People tell I am self-centered. Utter rubbish I say to them. How is Elena not self-centered? Tell me that, Jeremy. She hid from you things about Vicki. She took from you those memories. And now Bonnie is dead. She brought you back so Elena becomes happy. Why should Elena get all the things when she does not even deserve it? It is a miracle she has survived this long, you know. Of course, she had Stefan and Damon and Caroline protecting her, and who is the one with those wonderful blue eyes? Matt, was it?"

Jeremy tried to loosen himself. His fingers found a knife inside his jacket pocket. He slowly took it out careful not to catch Katherine's attention.

Katherine continued, oblivious to Jeremy's movements, "Elena will die. But for now, we need you as a hostage. Elena will have to do as I tell or you die. Again."

She smiled. But the next moment, surprise engulfed her. She had not expected Jeremy to break out of those chains.

"How did you get out?" asked Katherine, thoroughly amazed.

Jeremy showed her the knife in his hand.

Katherine scoffed but was still wary of the approaching Gilbert. "That knife cannot fray the chains. You must be kidding me."

"Bonnie gave this to me before she left for a vacation. This knife is spelled, Katherine. But you know what the best thing is, this knife can kill you."

Saying, Jeremy lunged towards Katherine.

Sharp as her reflexes were, Katherine jumped to the side. Jeremy dashed against the table. Katherine tried to run but before she could reach the door, Jeremy grabbed her by her foot. She tumbled down and not a moment later, Jeremy was on top of her, the point of his knife towards her heaving chest.

"Now you die, Katherine."

Katherine looked at him almost begging.

"Don't!" she begged.

Jeremy laughed. "Now you know how it feels to be a human. So vulnerable, so weak! Did you ever think like that when you were a vampire? I do not think so. You always got what you want, Katherine, is it not?" He held her roughly by the scruff of her neck. "Now, you asked me why Elena deserves anything at all. That is because unlike you, she cares. She really does, even though now she is a vampire."

Katherine laughed but soon choked as his grip tightened.

"You know what, Jeremy, go ahead. Kill me. You won't succeed."

Jeremy raised his knife to stab.

"Do you really think you are the only one to have a witch on your side? Oh, wait, you don't. Bonnie is dead, isn't she?"

For a moment, Jeremy floundered. "How did you…"

And then he was thrown off Katherine.

She looked up to see a young vampire standing. She recognized him.

He smiled. "Katerina! You did need my help after all."