Well here we go having read quite a few fics on SAO I have noticed that Asuna and liz are the two girls that get kirito. Although I am a fan of the Asuna Kirito pairing I decided I will not follow that and went with Sinon instead just for a change so yep this is a Sinon x Kirito . It takes place a few weeks after the sided story Caliber.

*** spoilers for Phantom bullet (GGO) and Calibre are in this so if you write in a review that I have spoiled something for you I have no sympathy you have been warned. point to note SAO light novels have been licensed by yen press and as soon as volume one is on sale Baka Tsuki will remove their content so be quick.***

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Snow storm

The blizzard came down as predicted whiting out the area of the mission, covering the land in a thick blanket of snow, the drifts pilling up to the size if a small houses; deep inside what could be called enemy territory was a derelict and dilapidated hamlet of several rundown buildings.

Hidden in the loft of the eastern most building two people took shelter from the elements. the first one a girl called Sinon ever vigilant as she looked through her sights of the PGM Hécate II, observing out at the cold world through a the loophole she had cut into the side of the building so she could look into the target area just over 1 kilometre away. She was laid in the prone position on a thermal mat dressed in a thick light green coat and a white muffler to keep out the cold. Every now and then she would slowly push her powder blue hair out of her indigo eyes so she could keep her vision unimpaired.

The other was a boy named Kirito. He sat in one corner of the room watching the entrance covering the back of the sniper as they worked in a pair on this mission. He was dressed in his trademark black, his right hand holding the hilt of his proton sword, ready to react to the slightest noise or movement. The left hand on the gip of the holstered and now supressed FN five seven pistol, its twenty rounds ready to help in the defence. Kirito had changed his avatar, after the fun others had at his expense. After the horrible realisation of how feminine it really was, came when Kline introduced himself, to his avatar the same way he always introduced himself to girls… his new avatar was very simmiler to his ALO one slightly spiky hair and cheeky looks.

After two hours of waiting in silence Kirito keeping a low voice spoke to Sinon "How long have we got here, until the target arrives?"

Irked at his impatiens and not really understanding why she invited him on this quest, knowing full well he doesn't have as much patients as she dose. She coolly gave an answer. "The quest parameters say that we have a window of opportunity when the storm brakes. in that 5 minutes we have to get a one shot kill of the target and that is just after first light so in about 5 hours. I also need a number 2 to spot for me."

"So why are we here now? Why not just come here later?"

Turning on to her side to look at him and with some barely contained frustration she gave an answer to his question "Because this is a sniper quest and it scores you on all the disciplines of sniper concealment, navigation, accuracy, observation, stalking, judging distance and patients. Of which you clearly have none of those that is why… you are here to watch my back and use this to give me the commentary I taught you a few days ago, that I am going to need." She threw a spotting scope and calculator over to him." It will also be good practice for when the next bullet of bullets starts.

"I know I know. I'm to calculate the distance, wind, Coriolis Effect, barometric pressure and give you a running commentary of what the target is doing so you can execute the shot."

Giving him the cold look she always did, Sinon chose to praise him for remembering. "Good! You still know what I want you to do."

"how could I forget... You keep shooting me with fire arrows in ALO when I got something wrong and that last one that went up my nose." suddenly overcome with the need to rub the nostril the fire arrow was stuck in and sure he could still smell the burning . He lifted his hand to his nose giving it a rub. "Well that was just mean."

Now chuckling to herself as she remembered the moment, looking at Kirito the normal cool level-headed guy running around in circles trying to pull it out, ending with him jumping head first into a river to put out the fire. I need to thank liz for making them she thought before she jokingly told him. "Well you kept grabbing my tail... and I did warn you to stop it."

"hmmm you did." It was that comment that made him stop and think about three weeks ago. She had gave him Excalibur after a long quest in ALO. he looked back over to her, she had rolled back over to look through her sight to carry on her observation, not that she could see much in the blizzard. "What did you mean a few weeks ago?"

Rolling back onto her side again, she looked at him inquisitively not sure what he was on about. "What are you on about?"

"When you gave me Excalibur you said I had to think of you when I use it. What did you mean?"

Closing her Eyes, not quite believing how dense he can be sometimes. Sinon huffed out causing her breath to condense in a small white cloud in front of her. "What do you think I meant Kirito?" she drew out his name in a voice that was a little huskily so much so that it even surprised her a bit.

Kirito's eyes widened in surprise at the tone of her voice, she was right he was being dense to her feeling's. But then he Belonged to Asuna did he not. "You know that Asuna did not speak to me for the next few days because of that."

Rolling onto her front again closing her eyes in frustration she angrily said to him. "Why doses that not surprises me."

Getting up Kirito walked over to where Sinon was laid down. Calling up his inventory through his menu to pull out a matt to lay down on and started setting up the spotting scope next to her. The awkward silence steadily becoming harder to bare I don't see what her problem is he thaught "Sinon?"

Not bothering to look at him this time she sighed as she answered "What?"

"Tell me what's up? I don't like this and we are kind of stuck here for the next few hours."

He wants to know doses he… I thought I made that clear already. Sinon mused closing her eyes again then as she tried to form an answer. But choses to Try and ignore him. Then giving up on that idea she looked back through her sight to a wall of white as the blizzard dropped visibility down to less than ten meters Frustrated by his dumb question and that there was now nothing to look at because of the worsening storm She sat up crossing her arms so she could look at him "You are what is wrong… Do you remember what happened in the cave during the last BOB contest?"

How could I forget he thought it was when they had been chased by death gun and had to hide from him in a cave to prevent getting seen by the scans "Yes I do remember what happened."

With her ability to keep cool she asked the one question that she knew he would probably get wrong. "So do you realise how I feel about you?"

Kirito had an Idea he was not blind to the fact that other girls liked him. Much to the chagrin from Kline and the funny moments that it would cause,s in his desperate attempts to get a girlfriend, or nick naming kirito the Harem King. But where Sinon was concerned, he held her in the highest regard, almost the equal of Asuna. She was the only one besides Asuna, that knew about the Black Cats and about the three persons that he had killed, during his time in SAO. She knew his guilt and in return she had shared hers, about the man in the post office that she had shot. "I… well… I think so."

"Do you now... then tell me Kirito. how do I feel?" she stared directly in to his nervous onyx eyes hopping to hear what she wanted. Do you even realises that I possibly love you kirito, was the thought that passed through her head as she waited for the reply.

After some more silenc,e that was only disturbed by the occasional howl of the wind, or sound of snow falling from the roof. He looked down not feeling worthy of her maybe he had led her on a bit. "I think that you like me… and like me a lot."

"Yes I like you like that... but now the problem is…." she trailed of not finishing the sentence as yet another silence descended between them. Well now he knows, so should I leave it up to him? Or should I take the first step?

ten more minutes of silence past as they both nervously shuffled sitting opposite each other nether sure of what to do next. Reaching out his hand he touched her. Sinon's reaction was almost instant as she interlocked her fingers with his. "Sinon I do like you. But you are my closest friend, and then there is that I'm with Asuna."

His words cut into her like he had just drove his sword through her heart, causing her to finally loses her cool "But I want you." She waved her hand and started to bring up her menu. She wanted to just get away from him, just log out and leave him there. damn my avatar. fuck it, if it is killed in the field and I lose all my equipment then so be it, I just needed to get away. she thaught as she felt the sting of the first tears.

"Sinon! Don't go!" He was not sure what to do next, but he did know that if he did allow her to leave that would be it for there friendship, he would probably never see her again, ether in the real world or the VR one. he tightened the grip on her hand in an attempt to keep her here with him, it was a vain attempt to prevent her log out as there was nothing he could do to prevent that.

Through the tears that now rolled down her cheek she looked at him again taking a deep breath. "Then why should I stay. You have made your position clear?"

"But I don't get it Why are you like this now?"

Sighing in defeat she gave him a straight answer hell she figured if I'm going to cut all ties with him, he should at least know. "Because I love you ok that's why… and you love her not me that's why…"

Stunned into disbelief at the big L word, Kirito's jaw dropped open. Of all the things Sinon would say to him, this was not something he thought he would hear her say. He couldn't answer her, he did just know how to. What can I say to news like that? He thought as he scrambled for some sort of reply only to hear a voice

"I thought so… you have nothing." Sinon huffed out again the condensation drifted off from her breath obscuring him for a second.

Finally he was able to say something. It came in such a low voice that she struggled to hear him, even though her listening skill was quite high. "But you are making this hard for me. You know that I love Asuna and that I admire you the most of all my friends. You're one of the very few that knows everything about me, I confide in you when I can't talk to anyone else, even Asuna knows less than you d….mmmmfff…"

Listening to him talk, Sinon changed her mind as to what to do next, fed up with the dancing around and using words to express how she felt about him. If words will not work maybe actions will was her thought. In one fluid motion, she pushed herself up on her knees, pushed forward kissing him. She claimed his lips for herself, in a firm forceful moment of madness, that would ether show him how serious she was, or have her pushed back forever.

The kiss was warm and inviting in this cold world Kirito mused. As feeling of want and betrayal flooded through his mind. A want for Sinon and betrayal for this one kiss, that was not with Asuna.

The kiss was different to what he had experienced before her lips where a different kind of soft and had a cute tremble to them. One half of his mind was screaming at him to stop the other urging him to go on and experience more. Finally after what felt like hours the two parted kirito felt an urge to kiss Sinon back wanting more of what just happened.

she pulled back, having just kissed the boy she was in love with. She felt more deserving of him than she thought the other girl did. She also knew of the others that wanted for him and could understand why, they would want him. But none of the other girls would be so bold, to bravely fight openly for him. Instead of just sitting watching and making stupid pacts, that they had tried to rope her into. Treating him like he was some piece of property that needed passing around.

No if she was going to have him. her Kazuto, her saviour, she would fight for him. Like he had fought and nearly died for her, at the hands of that maniac that had tried to kill her in real life. Now was the moment for her to act on her feelings and peruse him... and if she could not have him. Then so be it, I will have lost but at least I would have tried.

As she came to the end of her thought she opened her eyes to look at him only to find he was still merely an inch or two from her lips. His own eyes fluttered open looking directly in to hers pure indigo met dark black. He looked as if he was trying to come to terms with something that his mind was battling over. just as she was about to give up, she began turning her head to look for the still open logout menu. But he pushed forward to kiss her.

It was another long kiss. It began softly and deepened, his hand coming up to the back of her neck pulling her in more. Her hands moved through his hair, one grabbing a handful so as to keep him closes. Sparks of pleasure fell down her spine, as his hands retuned the favour, playing with her blue tresses and gently down behind her ears down to her neck. His tongue darted out to caress her lips, only to soon find hers as the battle for each other's mouths began. The kissing started a fire within their souls.

They broke apart again, this time giggling a little at each other, until Sinon asked "Are you ok?"

He was not he knew he was about to betray his betrothed, his beloved Asuna. With someone that was her friend. "No I'm not it's just this it feels so right yet I can't help thinking that I am betraying Asuna. I want to do this with you but I don't know if I can." He looked away from her in disgust with himself. "How can you want me? If I can do that to her, then what would stop me for doing this to you as well?"

She closed in the distance to him sitting on top of him wrapping her legs around his waist and lent her head on his shoulder and seductively spoke to him "Because I am declaring that I love you Kazuto that I want to be your lover."

He looked up at the use of his real name. Asuna always insisted by calling him by his Avatars name Kirito. Maybe it is because that Asuna is in love with Kirito and Shino was in love with Kazuto. His head was starting to ache from it all. He wanted to give in to the urge as he caught a whiff of Shino's sent. She always smelled like fresh bluebells even in the real world and it was a sent that he adored. He gave in to the urge with a last thought as he allowed a lone tear to fall. I'm sorry Asuna but I can't always be Kirito.

He pushed forward towards her ear to whisper something to her only two simple words "Ok Shino."

Her eyes widend as he called her name and her heart filled with joy, he was finally hers. "Ok." she happily exhaled "Are you sure?" she did not know why she asked but felt like she needed to confirm with him.

"Yes… I'm sure… I am yours Shino-san… But please only call me by my name, my real name."

Slightly confused by his statement she nodded her head "I will only call you Kazuto from now on." with her simple words to him. She pulled her head off of his shoulder and claimed his lips again.

Authors note: I was bored last night so I wrote this for something to do. It is my first fic and I know I'm probably going to hell because I broke up THE team of kirito & Asuna… but I wanted to do something unconventional for my first attempt at writing.

So there we go Shino has done what the other girls could not stole Kirito from Asuna although I'm not sure if I'll just do this as a one shot or add a few more chapters tell you what if I get five reviews and some opinions then I'll add more. continuing from this point

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