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It had been six months since we had crash landed back on earth. Now that I think about…it seems so surreal.

The escape pod that we had been pushed into had landed in South America. It took us awhile, but we managed to find a nearby village that had a working telephone. With Royce there, it was easy to get an American Military transport. At least someone had noticed him missing. Because we were civilians, Isabelle and I were treated as hostiles until we arrived at the military base. After thorough questionings, Royce was able to get us immunity, which would allow us back into the country.

My head had been ready to explode. I had never told so many lies….and to the military no less. Royce had been firm in telling us that we were not to divulge anything that had happened on the Predator hunting planet…it wasn't like they would believe us anyways. But for our sake, and not getting thrown into the loony bin, we kept our mouths shut.

I felt stupid…blaming it on a military exercise gone wrong. It was obvious that Royce held some sort of power, because they believed his story without as much as a blink. Isabelle had added onto it, by swearing she was a secret spy for them. Me…well, I was just caught in the cross fire. After talking to one person after another, the lies became easier and easier; slipping through my numb lips.

It had taken me a while, but life was finally starting to feel normal again. I stood in my one bedroom apartment surveying the fresh coat of paint that I had applied to the walls; as dark, but soft meadow green. It complimented the white trimmings nicely. After the horrors I had been exposed too, it was nice to be able to come home and relish in the silence. My apartment was small; containing an open kitchen and living room and a bedroom with a bathroom off to the side; but it seemed to fit me. I had learned to appreciate everything.

Removing my winter jacket, I walked over and hung in the closet next to the front door. I removed my shoes and wiggled my toes in relief. My first priority: food.

I made my way to the kitchen and took a box of cereal down from the top of the fridge. I had to eat it dry, as I had forgotten to get milk on my way home from work. I leaned against the counter, munching on my dinner, as I pondered the day's events.

When I had first arrived back in Las Vegas, I wanted to go confront my father. My anger still boiled my blood at the mere thought of him. He was a coward…. A full grown pansy ass man. At first I wanted to ask him, why he had done it…but I mostly just wanted to push the fact that I has survived, right in his face. Royce had advised me against it; I needed to bide my time; settle down and let him think I was dead. I needed time to prepare. As much as I hated to admit it, Royce had been right. Had I gone through with my plan, I would probably be six feet under right now. So, while I formulated a way to exact my revenge, I had taken a job at the local museum. It wasn't anything spectacular, like the Museum of Natural History in New York, but it did provide tourists with entertainment and basic knowledge of history. That's exactly why I had gravitated towards it. It held hundreds of old, dusty books, on any culture you could think of. Mrs. Grainey, my boss, was delighted when I asked if I could take home some of the books. I told her it was a hobby. I had taken everything and anything about ritual sacrifices and hunting, hoping I would find something. It had been almost an entire month before I found something. It was a medium sized, leather bound book, with the spin broken. It would seem that the Aztecs had had a very interesting story to tell.

The book described a sacrificial ritual, which repeated every 10 years. Ten women, ranging from ages 13 to 25, where selected from the tribe. They were held on pedestals, for a week's celebration. Each woman was showered with gifts, jewelry and fine wines and food. They were treated like royalty. After the weeklong celebration ended, they were taken into their pyramids and never seen again.

The book didn't say what happened to them. I had flipped through the pages, but it just continued on describing pottery and seasonal plantations. When I asked Mrs. Grainey on it, she had just looked at me like I had lost my mind.

"Why would you want to learn about anything like that?" She had asked, looking at me with surprise over her copper wire glasses.

"It's something that interests me. Plus, I had a guy inquiring about that stuff. I think it's necessary to learn every aspect on the subjects we carry." It had sounded corny, even to my ears, but I just plastered on the sweetest smile I could manage.

She had huffed in mild disgust, but pointed me in the direction of what books to read. I had thanked her and went on with my business. So long as I did my job at the museum with no complaints, I was golden in her books.

I had browsed volume after volume on Aztec sacrificial rituals. It made me shudder, to think at just how many there actually were. With a feeling of mild disgust, I had finally found it. The book had called it, "The Hunters Moon." It took place every 10 years. Weeklong celebration, doomed damsels…yadda…yadda…yadda… This book described in detail what the other one skimmed over. Each woman was taken into the pyramid, which the Aztecs had built for their gods. They were taken to the sacrificial chamber, which was generally located in the center of the pyramid. In the room, each woman was lain down on a ceremonial slab; kind like a round robin formation. She would lay there, as an offering to the gods; if accepted, she crossed her arms over her chest and would tilt her head upwards and then…..

…..the remainder of the information was lost, as it would seem the book was missing the last pages from its spin.

I had thrown the book down onto my coffee table in frustration. Every time I moved a step forward in my research, there was always roads block in my way. I think I was beginning to get on Mrs. Grainey's nerves, with my endless searching through the books and questions. So…for now…I left it.

Losing my appetite, I folded the top of the cereal box and put it back on the fridge. A shower sounded like heaven right now, so I quickly made my way through my bedroom, stripping off clothes as I did so, and quickly got in the shower.

The hot water was blissful. I just stood under the streaming water, letting it slowly unknot my muscles, after a long day at work. I never realized how much I enjoyed something as simple as a shower, but I did. I took a handful of my green apple scented shampoo and ran my fingers through my hair. It was a lot shorter now; my blond locks just hitting my shoulders. I was sure that I would miss my long hair, but the lightness of it was good. It was one of the many things I had changed about myself, now that I was back. The things that I took pleasure in before didn't seem to have as much meaning now. I didn't go out; usually opting to stay at home and read a good book. I guess I was still kind of fearful of running into my father. I had immediately changed my last name, just in case I ever had to sign anything. Goodbye Agatha Montez….hello Aggie Sweed. It wasn't the most creative name…but that's exactly what I was going for.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a warm, fluffy towel. My bare feet padded across the hardwood floors of my bedroom, as I took out some sleepwear. In the past few months, I had had to buy a whole new wardrobe, because all my old clothes were with my dad. I'd be surprised if he hadn't gotten rid of them by now. I selected a pale purple nightgown and slipped it over my head. I walked back into the living room and sat down on the soft couch. I slept more on this couch than I did my bed. Late night research binges had left me too exhausted to make the short trip into my bed room. I lost count of how many times I had rolled off onto the floor.

I took my cell phone off of the coffee table and idly flipped through my messages and emails.

Isabelle and I still talked regularly. She had only stayed in the states for a month, but quickly left to Israel. She and I would exchange letters from time to time, but it seems that they had become few and far between. The last I had heard, she had left the Israel Defense Force and was looking for something quieter. When I had asked her about Royce, she would simply let out a small giggle and skim over the topic. I had suspected that something had started between those two. I couldn't help but feel happy and sad at the same time. Those two deserved happiness; but I couldn't help but think of Rya'kvir. I was angry with him for a very long time. I didn't understand how or why he had just let me go, without a word. I had replayed the situation over and over again. He had plenty of opportunity to say something….

It took me a very long time to realize just how stupid I was.

Rya'kvir had probably saved my life, and here I had been whining like a love lorn teenager. The elder Predators had probably thought we were a liability; but he had managed to convince them otherwise. I mentally kicked myself. I needed to grow up. My feelings for him were still fresh in my memory. It was odd to think that I did have feelings for him….we were so different…

Unable to sit still any longer, I got up and paced through my apartment. The exercise, no matter how minimal, usually helped me to think more clearly. When I entered my bedroom, I lingered in front of my makeup desk. Sitting exactly the way I left it, clasped and neatly folded, my homemade necklace caught my attention. After returning to earth, I hadn't been able to let go of the three sharp claws for a very long time. It was my only link to my Predator. I had taken them to a jewelery shop and asked them to be strung on a delicate silver chain. When asked what animal they were from, I had just mumbled something about a bird. They didn't question it, to my relief.

Now it just sat there on my desk, untouched. I was afraid it would evaporate if I touched it. I knew it was silly, but I still couldn't bring myself to touch even one of the claws.

Shaking my head, I made my way back out into my living room and set up my laptop. As it booted up, I searched through the pile of papers on the coffee table, until I found what I was looking for. I popped the disc into the side of the laptop and clicked on the play icon. I had re watched all the videos on the disc, and gone through every one of the data files; purposely staying away from a certain profile, I had memorized all the data in it. I needed to find out more about this…Charles Bishop Weyland. On my initial search, I had found that he had built his own company from the ground up. It was mostly military stuff; sponsorship and banquets; but he also did a lot of researching in special findings.

"What are you looking for?" I said under my breath.

He seemed to be searching for something in particular. He would have great interest in a certain place, for a couple of months; and then just abandon it. Just like that.

"You must bring this to Charles Bishop Weyland at all cost."

The words of the frantic professor flitted through my mind. Why was all of this so important to him?

With my research, I had come across a telephone number for Weyland, but it just turned out to be a recording for the Weyland/Yutani Corporation.

Royce had told me to make a copy of the disc. If Weyland ever found out that I had his data, I needed to have a back up if he ever got it.

I rubbed my temples at the headache my computer screen was creating. I quickly shut it off, while all the information I had just looked over swirled in my head. I needed an action plan. I wanted to find out why this data was so important to Mr. Weyland….I also wanted to know if there was a way to contact Rya'kvir. If anybody knew, it was probably Weyland.

I got up and slowly walked into my room; I sunk down onto the soft bed and wrapped myself up in the comforter. I needed to act fast, but for right now….sleep was the only thing I was doing.

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