Augenblicke - The Twilight Twenty-Five - Round 8

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Prompt: #11

Pen name: TiramiSue84

Pairing/ Character(s): Edward, Bella, Emmett, Alice

Rating: M

Word count: 473


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I watch as the boys pack the trunk of Em's car with our bags. Not that I don't want to help or anything, the guys simply won't let me because apparently, "I don't know how it's done properly". You know, because cramming stuff into a trunk is now considered rocket science and all. Jerks!

"Alright, done. We just have to wait for Alice to bring her stuff, and then we are good to go." Edward says, as he comes to stand beside me.

"About damn time."

"Relax, Emmett, I'm sure she'll be here any minute now. You're not the only excited to going back home, you know."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. We've been waiting for her to drag her bony ass down for fifteen minutes now. We'll be only gone for the weekend, how much stuff does that girl actually need?"

As much as I try not to, I snort. They are so clueless.

"What's so funny, Bella?"

"Oh nothing, Eddie, all good. Nevermind me."

"I don't think so. I see the grin you're trying to hide. Spill."

Arms crossed over his chest, Emmett walks right up to me. "Yeah, Swan, spill."

I mimick his stance. Might as well get a bit fun out of this. "Seriously, you can't figure this out by yourselves?

One minute passes by, then another. If it weren't for the ongoing noise the campus parking lot right before the holidays brings with it, I'm sure I'd be able to actually hear the wheels turning in their heads. Glances are exchanged, eyebrows furrowed and then...

"Those fuckers!" And while Emmett runs off toward my dorm building, Edward and I burst out laughing.

He's the first to recover. "Not that I like to think about my little sister doing that, but seeing that reaction totally made it worth it."

"I don't think I've seen Em run so fast."

"That's only because you've never spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with us before. Seriously, as soon as there is food or presents involved, he goes insane. One year, he even knocked Dad out of the way, elbow shoved into ribs and all, just to see which presents under the tree held his name. Completely nuts, that guy.

"Must be a family thing."

Grinning, he pulls me into his arms. "Definitely. But don't even try to deny that you're loving it."

"Absolutely." Stepping up on my tip toes, I place a kiss on his lips.

"Yo, lovebirds, get into the car. I've got the little traitor, time to hit the road." Alice hauled over his one shoulder, her three bags dangling from the other, Emmett walks back over to us. "Chop chop, there's pie waiting with my name on it. Go!"

Stuffing the last bits of luggage into the car before getting in ourselves, we finally take off.

Aaaand... DONE!


Despite it being a bit nerve-wrecking here toward the end, participating in the contest really was such a great experience! I gained a few gray hairs, but it was worth the fun :)

No pre-reader here (sorry). However, I really, really have to thank Bigblueboat once more here, because she's been holding my hand and kicking my butt and cleaning my flashes on top of writing her own! THANK YOU! In case you haven't checked out her flash collection yet, DO IT!

Also, I really have to thank all of you for reading and leaving so much great feedback! I really appreciate it!