This is a summary of the Careers in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games. Really, they trained for this their whole lives? Disclaimer: I own nothing. Suzanne Collins owns the Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games:

District 1:

Marvel: He got killed awfully easily. Seriously, a single arrow. Wouldn't he have thought to try and dodge or something, with all his years of training and all. Retaliation was sure to be expected seeing as he had just killed Katniss's ally.

Glimmer: The ditzy girl from 1, who was very beautiful. Then she wasn't anymore, because Katniss dropped a Tracker Jacker nest on her. Highly trained? She didn't make it to the final 10. Mainly just there to show how brilliant Katniss is at indirectly killing people whilst up in trees.

District 2:

Cato: The glorified death only because he was casted as the main baddy. Still, he was not even able to kill Peeta. And Peeta almost managed to kill himself once in the Hunger Games (nightlock) and three times in Catching Fire (no swimming ability, the force field, and the fog). And Cato failed to kill Peeta twice. That is saying something.

Clove: Yet another example of why those portrayed as the baddies should not say cool lines. They will likely get killed while doing so. Notice, when the goody does it, it is perfectly alright. They'll survive. Oh, and Clove is also good with knives, never misses unless the person she is aiming for is Katniss. Attempt 1: Katniss puts the backpack up. Attempt 2: Instead of a death blow the knife only cuts Katniss's forehead open. Not killed by Katniss, but Katniss was there. See a theme developing? Anyone?

District 4:

Male (unnamed): Killed in the bloodbath. No training score or name was mentioned, so we can assume he was insignificant. Reason 1 why in the movie District 4 was no longer a Career district. The only Career not killed with Katniss at least present.

Female (unnamed): Killed in the same way as Glimmer... by Katniss (definite theme). Ditto to the rest of the above. District 4 really did not do well in the 74th Hunger Games.

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