Hey all, time for the second and probably final instalment of Career Analysis as I am going to be out of Careers after this. Bear in mind that this is a 75th Hunger Games, and that they are all victors at this stage. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea how some of them managed to become victors to begin with.

Disclaimer: Suzanne Collins owns the Hunger Games. I do not.

75th Hunger Games:

District 1:

Gloss: Killed by Katniss similar to the way Marvel was. Despite apparently still being strong and a victor, going into a fight to the death again knowing from experience never to let his guard down, he got killed incredibly easily with an arrow to his temple. Very similar to the way Marvel was killed, even killing one of Katniss's allies before she killed him. Gloss was likely Marvel's mentor, or at the very least he would have watched Marvel's and enough other deaths to know what to avoid. From training and mentoring. And he had done it before, being a victor... I could go on. I really could.

Cashmere: As the movie is not out yet there is no other perspective, but in the 75th Hunger Games Cashmere did nothing except get killed. She was not mentioned to do anything in the bloodbath, and most of the victors were killed off by the clock rather than each other. There seems to be no evidence that she had the skill to win in the first place, and was probably just very lucky. She got killed just after Gloss, during an attack which they strategized (how could they have ever won with those tactics). To be fair, that could have just been shock or something... either way, how was she ever a victor?

District 2:

Brutus: A brutal victor that couldn't wait to get into the 75th Hunger Games, was very decent, then eventually was killed... drumroll please... by Peeta. Peeta, who had got himself nearly killed four (I know I said it was three in the first chapter but I realized I missed out that time with the monkeys) times in the 75th Hunger Games alone, and whose only prior albeit indirect kill was Foxface. Hmm, wonder how that happened...?

Enobaria: Actually managed to survive the whole Hunger Games storyline, something that is rare with all of the pointless deaths that happen in Mockingjay. This was due to her being such a minor character that they basically forgot about her until she was added in again right at the end. Not much more to say... oh, she tore somebody's throat out with her teeth in her first games. And she likes knives. That's about it really.

District 4: (the District that apparently would be Careers, but in this one don't seem to be. In fact, they are Katniss the Magnificent's allies)

Finnick: A really cool character that was definitely not a Career (having won at 14), but had received enough training to be fantastic with a trident like a certain Greek God. Gets killed off pointlessly (they could easily all have got out) in Mockingjay for no particular reason by mutts which weren't necessary for the story at all. Also, spent most of that book mentally disorientated, which is what usually happens to the interesting characters if they survive. Which he didn't in the end. Nah, never mind, Prim was also a good character in Mockingjay... um... never mind again.

Mags: Was once a Career (probably), Finnick's mentor, and... you know what, this one actually made sense. If you want to see some which made less sense reread the others. The only strange part was when she selflessly walked into the fog so Peeta could be rescued, but that was given an explanation in the books anyway.

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