Few years later Violet is married and is 17 teen years old and is married to Tony and he has moved in with Violet at her parents house.

One morning Violet was in the dining room she wasn't eating everyone was eating until her mother knew maybe something is wrong.

"Violet, are you ok? you hardly touched your food." Helen said.

Then Violet ran to a bathroom and was throwing up Helen knew that Violet has been throwing up mostly.

"What's wrong with Violet?" Dash asked.

"Violet just might have the flu, or maybe she's knocked up."


"Like I said Dash, Violet might have the flu or she might be pregnant." Elasti Girl said.

Then Tony came back with his shoe that he uses for runing.

"She threw up on my shoe." Tony said.

"That sounds like morning sickness."

"What's morning sickness Miss Parr? it's been going all night."

"Morning sickness is a sign that you're pregnant, when I was pregnant with Violet; I was sick for a week." Helen said.

"I see, should you tell Violet?"

"I should, when she comes back out."

Then later when Violet was done throwing up she sat back down on the table.

"Mommy, I don't feel good." Violet said as her mother touched her stomach and felted her forehead.

"Yep, you're pregnant." Elasti Girl said.

"How do you know mom?"

"I can tell the signs, and everything that you're going through now and I knew all of them."

Few weeks later

At high School Violet was now 5 weeks pregnant and the baby growing inside her was small as grian of rice.

In Art class Violet was painting a picture of her family; mom, dad, Dash, Jack Jack, Tony her husband and herself with a little baby growing inside her tummy.

Well, everyone knew that Violet is now pregnant and it was a shocking news to hear about it.

"That's nice Violet." Tony said looking at her painting.

"Thanks, this is our family."

"It needs a little something, here why not I fix it." Tony said as he painted a baby in Violet's arms.

"Thanks Tony...I was going to do that too."

After school Violet was home with Tony and the rest of the family were doing what they always do and Tony went to work.

Violet was on the couch with Dash who is going to be a uncle in a few more months same with Jack Jack, Elasti Girl and Mr Incredible were going to be grandparents very soon and Tony and Violet were going to be soon parents.

"Mom, get the video cammra." Dash said.

"Why Dash? Is something happening?" Helen asked.

"I want to talk to Violet's baby, even it's still small as a grain of rice."

"Ok Dash I'll be back in a few minutes."

Then Helen got the video cammra.

"Ok Dash, you're talking to the new life inside of Violet. And...Action."

Dash has his hands on Violet's stomach and started to talk to the baby in Violet's stomach.

"Hello in there."

Violet started giggling, she loved how Dash talked to her baby.

"I'm uncle Dash, we can't wait to see you." Dash said then Helen with the cammra went down to where Violet is and crouch down to also talked to her grand child.

"Hello, I'm Violet's mother. When you are born I'll be your grand mother, don't give Violet a hard time." Helen said Dash and Violet laughed.

"Does Tony talks to the baby Violet, when he comes home or something?" Dash asked.

"Sometimes he does yep."

end of chapter 1