Violet is now 6 months pregnant and it was Dash's first day of school and that is where Violet's baby shower is today, after Dash gets home from school.

"We invited some of our friends over for your baby shower, Dash will be here when he gets home from school. I wanna know how his day went." Helen said, then there was a knock on the door. Violet got up and opened the door, it was Dash.

"Hello Dash, how was school?"

"Great, I love high school!" Dash shouted as he hugged his mom and Jack Jack who was siting on the couch.

"Glad to hear that Dash, it's Violet's baby shower at 5. So when people come here Dash, behave."

"I will mom."

Few hours later

All of the family got to Violet's house and they gave Violet nice gifts.

Now the baby shower was over, Violet and Tony got lots of things for their baby.

"Wow Violet, soon your baby will be here for us." Dash said as he felt Violet's new life kicking.

"Yep, the baby will soon be here." Violet said smiling.

"We better get our new little girl's room ready, before she comes."

"You're right Tony, our little girl is almost ready to come out; see what the world is like." Violet said as she rubbed her swollen stomach.

At half of the month went by and Dash was liking high school allot, and Tony with Violet were getting the baby's room ready and they paint the room pink.

One day Violet and Tony were getting the crib into the baby's room.

"Tony, I think the crib can do near the window." Violet said.


"Because, I love it when it's over here."

"Oh, that makes sense." Tony said.

"She's moving." Violet then giggled as Tony felt his new little girl moving around.

Then meanwhile in the living room Dash was on a site that videos show inappropriate things and he loves that site.

"Haha, that's funny."

Then Helen, Violet and Tony saw things that are inappropriate for Dash to be watching.

"Ohhhh. He said the swear word." Dash said.

"Dash is that appropriate?" asked Helen.

"Yes it is."

"Let me listen Dash." Violet said.

"No, I will not let you." Dash said to his sister.

"Please Dash, Violet wants to know if it is bad for you to watch."

"Ok." Dash said as Violet, Tony and Helen listen to what was Dash watching until they heard swearing and potty words.

"That's bad." Helen said, she, her son in law and her daughter were shocked at what dash was watching.

"Very inappropriate Dash, I never heard any bad stuff like that what you are watching." Violet said.

"Dash, get off now."

"No mom, leave me alone." Dash said.

"Dash, no veoh videos with swearing." Violet said as she turned off the computer.

"Dash, this means no computer for a week." Helen said.

"Come on mom, just give me another chance I will not go on anything bad."

"No Dash, Violet, Tony and I are older than you. And so is your father."

Dash was very upset with his sister, his mom and his brother in law for going on things that he shouldn't be watching.

It was almost the end of September and Dash was a bit upset for watching things he wasn't allowed to watch.

"I want to watch that is bad." Dash said then his mom made a chosie.

"Dash, you can go on anything you want, but please don't talk about it anywhere but in the house." Helen said and that made Dash happy again.

"Thanks mom." Dash said as he gave his mother a hug.

"No problem Dash."

end of chapter 7