So this is the squeal to writer's block, called Everything Has Changed.

Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns)/OC (Hannah)/Jon Good (Dean Ambrose)

Sami Johnston (Sami Callihan/Soloman Crowe) / OC (Beth)

Note: I only own Hannah Johnston and Beth.

2 years later

Pensacola, Florida

Hannah plodded downstairs after 4 hours of writing of her next best seller she hoped, it was now 4pm and she was wearing shorts and a baggy t-shirt that belong to her boyfriend of a year and a half.

Hannah moved to florida after saying goodbye to Jon and was swiped up in the drama of realising her book, which turn to be a teenagers dream. She was on the best sellers list and was touring.

She was doing a signing she met Joe Anoa'i, who was dragged there by one of his teenage family members who was a fan of her books. He ended up asking her out that night and she had a good time. She feel for him and after 6 months they moved in together.

Jon was far from her mind, she only remembered him when she went to Ohio to see her family. Sami and Beth were still together and happy, Hannah hoped they would be married by now but she was still waiting for the news.

Hannah walked into the kitchen, grabbing an apple off the counter.

She heard the door open and a booming voice go 'I'm home'

Hannah walked into the lounge to see Joe, after a gym session. 'Hey babe' his deep voice boomed

She ran and jumped up into his arms, he laughed and pushed a kiss to her lips. 'I missed you' Hannah smiled

'Mmmm, I missed you too baby' he mumbled placing sweet kissing on her lips.

'I was just about to start food if your hungry' Hannah said

'How about we just order some food and watch some movies' Joe said plopping her on the coach.

'What takeaway?' Hannah mumbled flicking her brown hair over her shoulder.

'Pizza?' Joe grinned

Hannah wrapped her arms around Joe next and placed a long sensual kiss on his lips 'Do I ever tell you how much I love you?' she beamed

'Oh you do' he grinned 'You look so hot in my shirt'

'Maybe later tonight it could come off' Hannah teased him. 'But Pizza first babe'

Roman smiled and went to order the pizza.

Hannah phone went off, she picked it up to see 'Beth' flash across the screen.

'Hey B' Hannah said into the phone.

'Hey Han, How are you?'

'I'm good, you?'

'I'm in heaven Han, me and Sami have got some news.'

'YOU'RE PREGNANT?" Hannah shouted as Joe came in. 'One second Joe here, going to put you on speaker'

'Hey Joe' Sami voice said

'Hey Man' Joe said

'So, what's the news?' Hannah asked

'Well, we're engaged' Beth squealed

'Oh my god' Hannah shouted

'Congratulations Guys' Joe smiled

'Hannah, I want you to be my maid of honour'

'Of course B I will' Hannah smiled as Joe kissed her cheek and went to get some wine.

'We having a gathering this weekend to celebrate at your mum's and you and Joseph are coming'

'Yes B.'

Beth sighed 'Take me off speaker'

Hannah looked confused and took her off speaker 'You're off speaker'

'I don't know how to tell you this'

'What's up?' Hannah said as Joe came back in looking confused.

'Jon is going to be there'

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