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Beth gasped but it sounded more like whimper to Daryl's ears, and that did have an effect on him which he had to distance himself from her leg. This… This was wrong… He thought only to grimace as Beth slid down his thigh closing the small gap he had placed between them. A kiss… That was as far as he was willing to go. He told himself as Beth touched his chest and bite her lip realizing how fast things seemed to escalated. It was her fault… Right? She asked for more. "Sorry…" She whispered moving so her face was in his chest.

For some reason, Daryl like it when Beth hid herself in his chest… It made him feel like he could protect her from everything that was ugly in the world. As if she was giving him permission to do whatever it took to protect her. She… Literally, she was the first girl to ever make him feel like this. He wasn't a guy that went looking for something, he just allowed them to look for him and he was okay with this. How this was turning out.

"One more…" She said quietly. "Just one more…."

Daryl turned his face to look down at her but nodded taking her face in his hands and kissed her again. There was a gentleness to it but underneath it lied a tease of the roughness that was Daryl. A smile turned the corners of Beth's mouth up and she couldn't help but be happy. She pulled slightly on his shirt to keep him close to her as she allowed his kiss to swell up that small happiness inside her into something bigger. Daryl… Daryl was her happiness.

"One more! One more!" Daryl encouraged holding Beth up so she could hammer the last nail into the tree that was going to be their practice area. She quickly lined up the nail and hammered it in as best as she could.

"Done!" She said and Daryl lowered her back to her feet. She turned to him raising her hand up, and the two high fived in accomplishment to what they managed to do just before the sun was completely gone.

"Can I shoot a few?" She asked eagerly leaning her shoulder into him and looked up hopefully to the older man, but before Daryl could answer her, Maggie came into view coming around the corner to see their training area, and then how close they were.

"Hey…" she called out surprised to see her sister and Daryl part from one another quickly. "Dinner's ready." She stated offering her hand out to her sister, who came to her slowly to take her hand. There was obviously something going on between the two, Maggie knew that much. However she wasn't sure how far involved the two were so, she was going to have to sit down with Beth and figure this out.

"Wanna talk to me about what's going on between you two?" Maggie asked holding Beth's hand and walking with her back to their camp.

"There's nothing to talk about…" Beth said quietly. "We're just friends."

"No." Maggie smirked looking at his sister and stopped her momentarily. "I can tell there is something more…. He gives you this look… .Glenn gives it to me." She teased nudging her sister.

Beth blushed, could she tell her what had happened? Would she be alright with this? Or would she tell her to stop all that she was doing. But something told her it was fine. "He… I… we kissed…" she whispered.

Maggie stopped looking at her little sister in surprised. "Was… Was it a good kiss?" She asked teasingly as Beth shook her head attempting to walk away quickly.

"Oh my god it was! Daryl Dixon's a good kiss?!" Maggie gasped surprised.