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Everyone in life has a story. It's that one story we tell when we're both drunk and sober with equal accuracy and we tell it to our kids and grandkids and at parties with people we don't like but want to impress and it is probably the story of the highest point of your life.

My story began senior year, when the maniac from my math class known as Grimmjow Jaegerjaques pressed his face against my bedroom window and rapped the national anthem out on the glass with his knuckles.

It was a little after midnight, and I was dead asleep.

By dead, I mean that you were more likely to get a reply from knocking on coffin lids than shouting directly into my ear. Maybe my body knew that the most significant chunk of my senior year was about to begin. Maybe it was the repeated scream of "Get your safety cone head out here and your ass in gear because we are about to pull the greatest prank in the history of senior pranks!"

All I knew was that it got me up and into Grimmjow's shitty excuse for a Chevy in less than five minutes.

We drove fast through the empty streets. Grimmjow tapped his fingers against the steering wheel and hummed as he wove through invisible traffic. Every now and then, a stray piece of light leaked into the window and bounced off his electric blue hair.

"So, what exactly is the greatest senior prank, Commander?" I said, trying to fill the silence.

"Have you ever heard of The Twits?" He replied. "There should be a copy next to your feet."

I picked up a book which cover depicted a horrifically ugly beast of a woman, whose teeth stuck out from her bottom lip like an alligator's jaws.

"Where the hell do you find books like this? The only resemblance to our school in this is when you squint and the lady looks like Mrs. Unohana's dog."

The Chevy screamed to a halt in front of our school. We both got out and stood under a lamppost in front of the school.

"Isn't the resemblance funny? Unfortunately, we are not going to be using the cover. We are using what's on the inside."

Grimmjow grabbed the book from me and flipped through the book until he got to a page with a swarm of birds turning all of the furniture over in a living room and pressing it to the ceiling.

"In this scene, these birds are taking revenge on Mrs. Unohana's ugly-ass bulldog, who wants to bake them all in to a pie. They are taking all of the furniture and gluing it to the ceiling –" I cut him off.

"Stop right there. This is impossible. Why the hell did you wake me up for something stupid like this? We are Not turning the whole school upside down."

Trying to describe Grimmjow's grin of triumph is sort of like trying to describe how a caterpillar knows to spin its cocoon: we have no idea how to start either answer and both are probably miracles of nature.

I ran past him and blasted through the side door leading to the cafeteria.

A massive group of seniors and strangers were in long lines, passing tables up a network of scaffolding that led all the way to the top, where their bottoms were painted with something and held against the ceiling until they dried. Grimmjow pulled a bottle from his pocket called 'Elephant Force.'

"They use this shit in the army to hold their boots and equipment together or something*. Thank the universe our ceilings are so low or this would have never worked."

The ceilings were low, and seemingly sturdy enough to support our lunch tables and chairs being Elephant Forced to them. Only Grimmjow would think of something so ridiculous, so unconventionally genius for a senior prank.

He tapped me on the shoulder and pulled me towards the doors leading onto the campus. "Don't forget Orange, you have a job to do."

It took less than a minute for me to jimmy open the lock holding the portable gates closed with the provided bobby pin and a twisted paper clip. Grimmjow shouted an order, and a group of strangers ran through the open entrance, toting paint buckets filled with the sticky substance. I watched them scurry like ants to the first portable.

Honestly, the teachers should really consider locking their doors in the future.

We sat on a bench on the courtyard while they finished up inside, alternating between small talk and staring at the crumbly foundations of our school.

"You know," he started after a particularly long stint of silence. "We've only got a month left here. We've done the prank. We finished exams. What's left to do?"

I shrugged. There really wasn't anything left.

The seniors before us had laid out all the traditions, and we had followed them, and we made more traditions for next year, and we had survived the four hardest years of our lives so far. "Prom, I guess," Is what I ended up saying. "And graduation and the sobfest."

Grimmjow chuckled at the last one.

"Ten dollars Rukia cries like a baby during the sobfest."

"Double it and add on that Tatsuki comes out to Orihime."

Cheering reverberated around the campus, and a crowd of people rushed into the courtyard, surrounding the bench and forming a ring around Grimmjow.

His face changed from easygoing to serious, holding up his arm to silence the mob.

You could have heard the flap of a butterfly's wings.

"We have just accomplished possibly the greatest thing a bunch of young adults can do when they get together at-" he checked his watch. "One twenty-two in the morning. Most of us will end up dead or unsuccessful in five to ten years but at least, in this one moment, we did something fantastic."

The pack went insane, cheering and screaming and throwing gluestained rags and brushes into the air like graduation hats, then crying and hugging each other like it was right before the bomb dropped and we all died. Grimmjow found me somehow, everyone parting for him like Moses and the Red Sea. He gave me a cocky, crazy grin.

"You wanna get out of here?"

I nodded and screamed yes over the sea of voices. We got to his car and sped down the road and I don't think I've ever been happier at one thirty seven in the morning.

*Elephant Force does not exist to my knowledge. If it did/does, God help us.

I don't know where this is going. I'm just sort of watching it run. I hope you guys watch too.