Oh look here I am late again.

This is probably going to end within the next five chapters just warning you I don't intend for this to be long.

I am sleep deprived.

What even is free time.

When I woke up my room reeked of incense. I lurched over and shoved the window open, gagging at the overwhelming smell of flowers. The sun beamed directly into my line of vision, black spots dancing behind my eyelids every time I blinked.

I checked my watch. Noon. I was never much of a morning person, and Grimmjow's midnight romps weren't helping me become one.

A knock sounds at my door. I let out something between a yawn and a 'come on in'.

Surprisingly enough, it's my Dad.

He walks in hesitantly, staring at the walls and my desk. I realize it's been months since he's been in my room, as strange as it sounds.

"You moved the desk," he remarked. "It used to be next to the bed."

I shrug. "Needed a change."

He stares at me and I realize he's as uncomfortable as I am.

"Damn," he sighs and sits next to me on the bed, running his hand over graying stubble.

"Look at you, one foot out the door and the other in some fancy college. The girls are starting high school, and where does that leave an old dude like me when you all graduate?"

I don't know whether I should hug him or not, so I rub my palms against my knees and crack my neck. "Nah, Yuzu won't leave. She'll go to community college and stay close to home. Karin will visit too but she doesn't like admitting it."

If he notices I didn't mention anything about me visiting, he doesn't comment about it. Instead, he scrunches up his face and covers his nose with his hand.

"Why does it reek of flowers in here?"

The day literally crawls by. I flip my pencil over and around my fingers, a bad habit I picked up from my friend Renji. I looked out the window every five minutes, half expecting blue eyes to stare back. A bird tapped on the glass and I nearly sprained my ankle turning around.

"Fuck," I muttered. This was ridiculous. I got up and tugged on a shirt. Yuzu stops me on the way out.

"Where are you going Ichigo?" Her voice is high and nervous, like I'm going to leave and never come back.

I tousle her hair.

"Just a walk. I'll be home before dinner." She doesn't look very assured.

"Stay away from strangers and don't you dare miss dinner! It's pork tonight and Dad will kill you if you miss another family meal!"

Karin's voice echoes from the living room. "He's a big boy now Yuzu, he can take care f himself. Don't waste your time fussing over him."

I pat Yuzu on the back and nudge the door open with my hip. "Yeah, she should be worrying about you and Toushiro!"

The door shuts on the death threats as I jog away from the house.

Yumichika looks like hell when I reach Peacock Threads. He's slumped over the counter in another long sleeve and sweats, ignoring a customer trying to pay for a bag embroidered with ten kinds of flowers that form an open eye. I move behind the register and take the tiny lump of cash she's trying to offer him and gesture sharply towards the door. She leaves in a rush. I shut the door behind her and flip the sign to "closed".

"It's like you already work here."

I lean against the counter.

"What happened?"

He slides to the floor and curls up into a ball. In any other instance, this probably would have been amusing.

"Boyfriend's in the hospital. Cancer. Surgery today."

My shock is more about how he's still running the shop instead of spending every second at the hospital rather than his sexuality. His shoulders begin to shake.

"I can't even s-see him. What if he doesn't make it?"

Yumichika turns to face upwards and I notice that his pupils are dilated. Gripping my wrist, he tugs down his sleeve with his free hand. There's a clean puncture mark in the vein threading over the crook of his elbow, a bite from a one fanged snake.

"I couldn't help it," he whispers. I crouch down next to him.

"How much do you love this guy?"

A hand grabs my throat, squeezing hard. I gag and fall backwards, Yumichika's bony knees pressing into my chest. He pulls up his shirt. I can see his ribs jutting out from his chest, his sternum a sharp point stretched over pale skin. There are probably fifty faded scars, white lines slicing up the skin from beneath his ribs to over his hipbone and disappearing below the like of his pants. All of them are neat and too clean to be caused by accident.

"I started drugs and cutting to get rid of the drugs and he cured me of everything and I'm not going to be there for him because of the Mother. Fucking. Drugs."

His eyes burn white hot before he collapses to the side of me, shaking and slightly hyperventilating. For being at least two years older and only a couple inches shorter than me, he's light like a bird with hollow bones.

"Which car is yours? We're going for a drive."

I sit in the chair outside the operating room while Yumichika talks to his boyfriend inside. Finding the hospital was easy. This is a small town. Driving the car was the challenge; I suck at driving stick and his stick shift kept jamming between fifth and sixth gear.

Yumichika comes out of the room. He's still pale, but it looks like the drugs have worn off.

"You will never speak of the past three hours."

I nod.

"And you have a job whenever you want one. Where should I drop you off?"

We drive in silence. Yumichika handles the stick shift with the skill and grace that I definitely did not have when I was driving.

"Turn here and go to the end of the street. My house is the light blue one."

He stops me before I get out. "So did you show up at my shop for relationship advice or do you have this little internal monitor that draws you to broken people?"

"Broken people?"

Yumichika lets go of my shoulder and pulls my door shut, rolling down the window.

"You're not an angel. You can't magically fix people with your love. They have to fix themselves."

The car backs out of the driveway and pauses before speeding off.

"Thanks for helping out my drugged up ass though."

Yuzu attacks me with a hug before I get the door all the way open.

"Ichigo! I thought you forgot! Where were you? What happened to a little bit?!"

"Time flies when you're having fun. I have to go do senior things now. I'll eat dinner in my room."

"Oh no, it's family night! We're playing Monopoly! If you don't get over here I'm going to feed your dinner to the cat next door!"

Karin will never change.

There's no tap at my window and I still don't sleep. I can still smell the flowers.

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