The Terror of Yugo

Prologue: Leaving

"I won a what?"

"Mister Moto," the clipped voice on the other end of the telephone replies, as crisp and as clean as a white shirt on a laundry advertisement; "I think you will find it is hardly a win – more of a much–needed break. So, what do you say?"

"I – I – Gee, I don't know." Yugi Moto – also known as the King of Games – takes a deep breath, his cheeks reddening slightly from the pressure the strange man has just put him under. He shifts on the bed a little, shaking his head to try and clear it, before he attempts to speak once more. "Hawaii. I got a trip to Hawaii."

"For you, and four others I will be contacting shortly – all expenses paid, of course. My master, Yugo Moti, sends his kind regards. I am now sending the ticket and other details through to the Kame Game shop's email."

That makes the boy frown a little, and even consider asking the man on the phone just what he's planning – but Solomon Muto's surprised yelp a few seconds later confirms that the stranger has, indeed, sent the tickets. "Y–Yugi!"

"I know!", the boy calls from his bedroom.

"But how?"

"I'm talking to the guy right no–"

– and then Yugi isn't, because the man has just hung up; the phone clatters onto the floor as he starts from the sudden burst of static. He sits there a moment, listening to the wild whoops of his grandfather, and feeling absolutely stunned.

He's going to Hawaii.

On a holiday.

Yugi rolls onto his back, staring at the peeling ceiling as his grandfather continues to hoot – jeez, when was the last time he ever got a break? In between Battle City and Duelist Kingdom and all the other tournaments, there's been nothing but work, work, work – tournaments in the school holidays, shop assistance on the weekends and after school, with school and homework filling in every other blank on his schedule. And now – boom, he's just been offered a trip to the ultimate holiday destination.


Excitement finally sets in for the kid, and he sits bolt upright – man, he can't wait for this! The only way it could possibly be any better is if–

–the phone rings again, and he picks it up automatically, stretching over the bed to reach. He clicks the button, listens to the squawking – then his already wide eyes go even wider, wider than should be physically possible.


It doesn't stop there, of course – no sooner has Jounouchi slammed down the phone after swearing to sprint all the way to Yugi's place, than the King of Games finds that his end is ringing again. Three more have exactly the same news as Jounouchi – all too soon, the identities of the four joining Yugi on this amazing holiday are known. Ryou Bakura, Anzu Mazaki, Hiroto Honda, Katsuya Jounouchi – very last one of them is one of his friends, and a good friend at that. The poor boy just can't believe it, he just can't believe what ridiculous luck he's had, and he even says it to his Millennium Puzzle, hanging as it is by his bedside.

"Wow. I mean... I just can't believe it. Can you believe it? Hawaii, Hawaii..."

"...I just can't believe this", Yugi mutters in the direction of the small passenger jet, settled as it is upon the runway like some sort of ungainly bird. "I just can't believe it."

Me neither, the Puzzle's spirit yawns absentmindedly in the general direction of its host (it prefers the use of the word partner), as the boy scuttles towards the plane. The ancient amnesiac has heard Yugi say those words many, many times in the past week; if there's one thing 'Yami' cannot believe, it's simply that Yugi still hasn't given up on using that particular phrase.I think I am most surprised by this benefactor of yours wanting absolutely nothing in return…

"Yugo, his name was", the boy murmurs to the ghost. "Funny that his name should be almost like mine, isn't it?"

The spirit, being as ancient as the Pharaohs themselves, does not see the humour in this; but seeing as Yugi has surely pointed out this detail a couple of hundred times over by this stage, it supposes that there must be something hilarious about it. With this in mind, it hums, as though deep in thought; and continues to do so until they reach the plane, whereupon its partner is distracted from repeating anything else by the sighting of its friends.

"Yugi!", waves a tall blonde from the dooorway; and the boy immediately rushes into the plane to join his friend.


"Hey, Yugi!", a brown haired boy smiles in his direction – it should here be noted that the brown–haired girl at his shoulder also smiles and waves, before continuing to thump the male for some earlier offence. "Awww, come on Anzu – it was only a little panty tank!"

A comical pause, then the girl grins viciously. "Honda, it was a panty tank."

"Ow, ow, ow!"

"I guess that's all of us, then…?", a pale boy murmurs, brushing whitebangs from his eyes as he steps deftly over the melee that is Honda and Anzu. "I haven't talked to you in a while, Yugi." A rueful little smile crosses Ryou Bakura's lips. "We've all been rather... busy lately, haven't we?"

Yugi blinks, catching Jounouchi's warning look. Be careful, it says – and it's true, because for all they know, this Ryou they're talking to might not necessarily be him. Much like Yugi, the boy has a Millennium Item of his own; but much unlike Yugi, the spirit within it is not a nice person. "Well, I suppose we have", Yugi mumbles awkwardly after a moment's stalling; thankfully, before the conversation can go any further, the intercom crackles.

"We are cleared for take-off. Would all passengers please move to their seats…"

And it's only now, looking at the sixteen empty seats of the Dassault Falcon 7X that's so new, you could have sworn the fifty million dollar price tag was still hanging off it, that the King of Games realizes just how lucky they are, how wealthy this Yugo character must surely be, not to mention how amazing this all is.

Yugi just can't believe it, he just can't believe it...


– The Dassault Falcon 7X, a private jet, has a capacity of sixteen passengers, a flight range of 5,950 miles (which would cover the distance from Japan to Hawaii), and a price tag of fifty million American dollars.

– Short prologue is... well, it's short. Not a whole lot to say there.

– For your info - the horror/suspense stuff doesn't really start until somewhere around chapter four (it's definitely kicked in by chapter five), because I needed to take some time in setting up the story for later on. So yes, people - it gets better, trust me~

– This was originally a tradefic for Artworx88, but then the prompt kind of gave me plot bunnies, and then this whole fic happened.