Warnings: Rated M for future violence, swearing, and mild sexual themes. [OC x Hiccup; slow burn.]


Seventeen year old Bane Soverson had once had a dream of writing down Berk's history in the Hall of Records as the library's Chief Adviser. As a young child she always had an affinity for books and reading them, admiring them, and restoring them to glory if something had befallen them. But as a young child from the age of eight to fifteen, it was her Gods-given duty to do nothing more than take the wisdom from the pages and apply it to something she thought just didn't fit what she was actually good at. Her hands weren't meant for healing; they were meant for managing. The island of Berk didn't need her help: the books did. The books were poorly handled and in much worse shape than she had ever seen any of her kinsmen. She was not where she needed to be.

Then one day she ceased to think that way; a hole had been ripped through her way of thinking- she had begun to see the island for what it really was and found that what it truly needed was in fact the one thing she never wanted to be: a savior. Sure, she wanted nothing more than to barricade herself behind a fortress of books and lock herself far away from anyone and everything, but the realization struck her, and it struck her hard. There were people that needed her, friends that needed her help, and who was she to deny them? So the books ceased to matter in any way except to grant her knowledge on medical needs and her dreams shifted from something that was once selfish to something admirable. She wanted to help people.

And with the help of a friend she would give anything for, even the world and her selfish dreams, she saved the island of Berk.

Closing the leather bound book on her desk, Bane lifted her arms above her head and stretched in an attempt to get rid of the cricks in her back. Behind her she could feel warm eyes against her, confirmed when hands grasped her own which hovered in the air. She gave a small smile; two years had come to pass since the day her future changed forever, and she had never been happier with the fact. The book in front of her was a dull reminder that she never got to be a Chief Adviser of any sort, but the boy behind her-

"What are you doing?"

She smiles at the boy, older and stronger, gripping her hands with an affection that can't be missed. His metal heel clinked against the dark wood of the floor when he slid himself closer to her and his lips found her forehead.

– was a warm reminder that her future had something much better in store for her.

When the moon was highest in the sky, the smell of burning wood stung Bane's nostrils. Ash fluttered in from her open window, billowing around her floor and catching in the tiniest of nooks and crannies. A stray bit of ash washed across her face, which tickled her skin and brought her rocketing from her bed. She realized, perhaps a moment too late, that it was happening again: the dragons had once again come to take hold of the village's livestock and she was pretty sure she had slept through most of it (she had always been a deep sleeper; it came with having a cushy life as one of only two healers inhabiting Berk).

She kicked at the sheets that had become tangled around her legs, attempting to free herself and apply the emergency first aid that was needed in the midst of a dragon attack. Her body worked without a hint of life to it, in fact she acted more as a machine than anything nowadays. It wasn't a life she wanted to live, but it was an occupation that needed to be filled and with only her brother to willingly fill it, she had no other choice to be the second to have the honorary title. Burn wounds, lacerations, and missing limbs were not rare things in Berk. It was something that needed to be done, but that didn't mean she was any less bitter about it.

Outside the window she could hear screaming and the crackling of fire, but she couldn't even flinch because she had grown so used to it that it was almost second nature to hear her kinsmen screaming. It wasn't like anyone was ever bothered when a limb got burnt off, so why should she be worried when they weren't? The only time she ever got scared was when a certain friend of hers, who just so happened to be a horrible Viking, thought it a good idea to go out into the line of fire and try to get himself killed. That was another thing, not only did Bane have a full time occupation of healing the sick and injured, she also had a full time job of keeping one Hiccup Horrendous Haddock's guts from staining the cobbled stones.

She neglected to pull on her wool socks or cover her feet with shoes, which she would surely regret later, in favor of grabbing the handle of her doctor's bag and sprinting out the door. She wouldn't go to any of her kinsmen, wouldn't attempt to drag their bodies back to her house where they could wait until they could be healed, wouldn't apply emergency first aid to anyone (because they were Vikings and they didn't really need it anyway), but instead made a beeline straight for the center of trouble. Hiccup wouldn't be at his house; he'd be out trying to fight dragon's and getting himself killed. She'd stop by the Blacksmith's hut first just in case, though.


A man with his bottom on fire ran past her, screaming for Odin. Bane sniffed, rubbing the ash from her nose, and hoped he'd have the common sense to not jump into the ocean. You can still get hypothermia when your butt is on fire. A few other residents rushed by with weapons drawn high, shouting obscenities and tripping over one another to get to the nearest dragon. That almost made her smile. Almost.

She rushed past the horde of people crowding around the Blacksmith's hut to get their weapons, and sprinted to the back door. "Hiccup." She hoped he would be there. She didn't want to try and maneuver her way through dozens of screaming Vikings and fire-breathing dragons. Her eyes scoured the inside of the hut, packed tight with weapons and machines and hooded things. Her eyes met oak colored hair, and her wish was granted in the form of an antsy youth waddling around the the hut in worn slacks. The tips of her toes tingled with the warmth from the welding fire.

He jumped when she touched his shoulder, spun him around to face her. The weapons in his hands made his scrawny arms shake, so she took the liberty of dropping her doctor's bag and tugging the blades from his grip. She dumped them on the counter where five different men grabbed for a hilt.

"Bane! What are you doing here?"

It was a question she chose not to answer, deflecting it with her own.

"What are you doing here? I'm surprised you're not trying to kill dragons." She made the sarcasm in her voice ever apparent when she stressed the last part. There was no killing dragons when it came to Hiccup Haddock.

He smiled at that, which unnerved her for some reason, and swiftly removed his apron. The material landed in a heap over a chair. "Actually, I'm glad you're here. Look at this." He pulled a machine that had been hidden in a dark corner into the light of the fire and gestured to it's complicated mechanisms. The round surface of the metal spheres attached to rope shone in the dim glow of the moon. Bane gave him a look, suddenly realizing why she got uncomfortable when he smiled like that. Hiccup didn't seemed fazed. "Now I know what you're thinking, but this time, this time it's going to work. I looked over my notes already and tested it; there's no way it can fail."

Bane grimaced, folding her arms over her thin night shirt. "Hiccup..."

He rambled on. "I know I can't wield an ax, or wave a hammer around, or throw one of … these." He held up a tool that had been mounted to his device and looked at it with almost-disdain. "But this will throw it for me!" He slapped a hand on it, which caused it to go flying through the hut window and hit someone in the face. The unlucky Viking groaned and fell on his back. Bane's eyebrow rose. Hiccup rubbed his shoulder.

"Yeah, that happened before you got here too. But still! I just have to be more careful with the lever."

Bane shook her head, her hands falling from her chest. One hand came up and peeled back his shirt, lowering it just below the collarbone to reveal and ugly burn mark. There were so many places on the boy's person, so many wounds and scars that would never disappear, all because of his recklessness. "Do you remember what happened last time you charged in half cocked? This happened. You could have died." She wanted to stress the seriousness, but she just came off sounding angry, which she wasn't. Annoyed? Yes. Angry? Yeah, but never directed towards Hiccup. He had enough problems with his dad and all the other villagers hounding him; he didn't warrant her mistempered emotions, so she wouldn't direct them towards him. She had a hard time being and staying angry at him even when he did warrant them.

He grabbed hold of her hand and pried it from the front of his shirt, letting it slide back to her side. "Yeah, but that won't happen this time." The look she gave him showed her disbelief, which made him sigh. He tried for a gentler approach, "Come on Bane, please?"

Her teeth gnawed at her lower lip, uncomfortable with his green eyes which pleaded for admittance.

"I need to do this! How else am I going to make my mark?"

That made her groan, and she deflected the tingle that rose along her spine, the way it did when she knew she was about to cave and let something really bad happen. But she had always had a problem of saying no to the boy, had an even bigger problem of caring too much about what he did, but in the society of Vikings, each day could be the last day you see your best friend. Bane wasn't about to let that happen. Hiccup was probably the only kid her age who had shown her kindness (or rather, the only person she let show kindness towards her). But she had a soft spot for her friend, friend, singular. He would charge into the fray whether she told him to stay back or not; it was just a matter of her being there to protect him.

She groaned and picked up her bag.

"All right. Fine."

He smiled, which made her want to punch him in the face.


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