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A Brave New World

Naruto Uzumaki. Troublemaker, prankster, self proclaimed future Hokage of Konoha, and demon child to the rest of the village. At nine years old, he was rather short for his age, and his diet didn't really help. The only place he ever really went was Ichiraku's ramen, in part because he could afford it, and in part because ramen was the greatest food in the world. Well, in his opinion. He got a discount from the runner of the place, Teuchi, because he was their best customer. Anyone that went with him though had to pay the full price, as Hiruzen Sarutobi had found out many a time. As leader of the village hidden in the leaves though, he could afford it.

Tonight however was surprisingly taxing on the old man's wallet. Naruto had just finished his 22 bowl, a new record for the blond, and he'd just spent his last ryo, making old man Teuchi dance with joy as they walked out.

"Ahh…that really hits the spot! Thanks old man!"

Hiruzen chukled quietly. Say what you will about Naruto, but he certainly had an appetite for ramen.

"No problem at all Naruto-kun. So how was your first week at the academy?"

Naruto frowned, "It was alright…I guess. I'm in class with a few other kids I know, so that's cool…but the teacher doesn't really like me that much."

Hiruzen frowned ever so slightly. "What makes you think that Naruto?"

"Well, every time I try to answer a question, he ignores me and looks for someone else to answer it…" he grinned mischievously, "but I don't think he'll be able to ignore me after tomorrow…"

The old man sighed. "Naruto, pranking your teacher is definitely not a way to get on his good side."

Naruto gave a sheepish grin and scratched the back of his head. "Well ya got me Jiji! Maybe I should just start wearing bright colors to get him to notice me…"

Hiruzen groaned. Naruto's pranks were bad enough, but the thought of him wearing a neon orange jumpsuit or the like was just downright disturbing. Almost as disturbing as Guy's jumpsuit. He really needed to make sure that the two never met.

"Well Naruto, do whatever you think is best. Now don't you have to be getting to bed soon? Tomorrow is a school day, right?"

"Man…" Naruto pouted, "Why'd you have to remind me of that 'ttebayo? Why do I have to go to school anyways?"

Hiruzen smirked "Well, you do want to take the hat from me, right?"

"You'd better believe it 'ttebayo!" Naruto said with the biggest grin he could muster.

"Then you have to become a ninja. And to become a ninja you have to…?"

"Graduate from the academy. I've heard it all before jiji. But still, why can't I just learn from you? You're called the 'professor' right? You'd probably be a better teacher then the one I have now…"

Hiruzen chuckled as they arrived at Naruto's apartment. "Maybe so Naruto, but that's against the rules. Now go and get some sleep. And no pranking your teacher tomorrow."

"Aw Jiji, you're no fun…" Naruto said with a pout as he unlocked his door. "See ya tomorrow Jiji!"

"Good night Naruto." Hiruzen said as he closed the door as he left. Taking a look around, he started walking back to the Hokage tower.

"I should probably have a talk with Naruto's teacher. I'm not sure what good it would do, but it might at least give Naruto a chance. On a lighter note, I should probably tell ANBU to be on the lookout for one of Naruto's pranks. He won't prank his teacher, but I don't think that'll stop him from pranking someone tomorrow…"

He continued his musings all the way to the Hokage tower. He had another hour of 'official' office work left before he went home, and he intended to make the most of it.

Reaching his office, he sat down in his recliner, lit his pipe and, after making sure that no one was looking, activated a seal on his chair that produced a signed copy of Iccha Iccha: Makeout Tactics.

Having only just opened the book, it was rather disappointing and surprising when his office was illuminated by a bright flash. Immediately springing into action, the aged Hokage threw a Kunai toward the disturbance, only for it to be deflected by…something. Bringing his hands together and stringing together a set of hand signs, he prepares to launch his next attack, only to be stopped by a voice from inside the light.

"Is that any way to greet your successor, Hiruzen?"

Stepping out of the light was the spitting image of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. If Sarutobi was surprised though, he certainly didn't show it.

"Minato Namikaze is dead, so if you're trying to play the 'I look like the Hokage card', it's not really working."

'Minato' chuckled. "I assure you, Hiruzen, that I am dead. Or at least my body in this world is. Although I find it rather ironic that I was a master of time/space ninjutsu in this life, considering my other life…"

"What do you mean by 'your other life'?"

"I mean the life that I had before this one…and the one that I still have…it's kinda hard to explain…" Minato said scratching the back of his head.

Hiruzen gave confused look toward 'Minato'. If he were to be completely honest, he was completely baffled by this conversation. Either this guy really was Minato, and he'd somehow come back from the dead, or he was some insane guy pretending to be Minato that had managed to evade detection by the chakra sensor team, avoid the ANBU outside, and managed to magically appear in his office.

It was more likely that he'd come back from the dead.

"I'm going to need more then that if I am to believe you 'Minato'…" The old Hokage said, still holding his hands in the final seal of his Jutsu.

'Minato' sighed, "Alright, my name is…was rather, Minato Namikaze. I was an orphan born in the midst of the second Great War. I graduated top of my class, and was assigned to Jiraiya-sensei's Genin team. I was promoted to Jonin just before the third Great War, and was given a Genin team consisting of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara. Kakashi was promoted to Jonin just before we lost Obito on a mission, and Rin went M.I.A a year later, but the truth is that Kakashi was forced to kill her. I was given the rank of Hokage after the war ended, but was only in office for four years. My wife's name was Kushina Uzumaki, former Jinchuriki of Kyuubi…."

"And if that isn't enough for you, on my coronation day I walked in on you and Biwako about to…"

Hiruzen blushed a bright pink. He'd pretty much forgotten about that, and considering it was one of the most embarrassing moments in his life, that was saying something.

"Alright, alright, I get it…" the old Hokage said, finally dropping his hands to his sides, "You're Minato. But what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be…well…dead?"

Minato sighed, "Again, I am dead. Here. In this plane of existence. But in the one I'm originally from, I'm a bit of a…deity…"

Hiruzen just shook his head and light his pipe. "Of course you are. So what, then, was a deity doing here in the first place? And again I have to ask, what are you doing here?"

Minato scratched the back of his head nervously, "Well you see…I'm kinda in jail back in my universe. It's a very long story that I really don't feel like going into, but my mother manipulated me to castrate my father and eat my kids…"

The old man just raised an eyebrow, "Well…I'll say that's the most interesting reason I've heard of for someone being in jail. But you still haven't answered my first question."

Minato chuckled a little, "I thought that'd be obvious. I'm here for my son."

Hiruzen was a little taken aback, "Minato, you and I both know that I can't allow that to happen. He's too valuable to the village. If the other ninja villages found out that we lost our Jinchuriki, we'd be attacked at a near continuous rate. Not to mention the power play that Danzo would make…"

"You're talking as if you have a choice in the matter Hiruzen. Rest assured though, I have no intention of leaving the village defenseless. Is Jiraiya-sensei still in charge of the spy network?"

"Yes, he is. When he's not writing his books. Why?"

Minato smiled, "Well, I was thinking that I could make a blood clone of Naruto and lace it with a small amount of the Kyuubi's chakra. That way, the clone would be permanent up until the point that it dies or the real Naruto returns. We could send him away with Jiraiya for training, and no one would be the wiser."

Hiruzen sat down and thought about it for a while. "Alright, I guess that'll work. Two problems though. When the clone dispels, it would probably knock the real one out for a week to process all the information. And secondly I'd rather not send Naruto to Jiraiya. He'd be a good teacher, sure, but he needs a team dynamic if he's going to succeed in this world."

Minato thought about that for a moment. "Well, I think the first problem is just a risk we'll have to take. So what do you propose for his training then?"

"Let him carry out his term at the academy. He'll be able to make friends, and be assigned to a Genin team when he's ready to graduate. He won't be as powerful, but he won't be able to achieve his dream if he doesn't get that dynamic…"

"Oh? And what is his dream then?"

Hiruzen chuckled, "Why, to be Hokage of course."

Minato beamed. Of course he'd want to be Hokage. He was his son after all.

"One last question though Minato. When will Naruto be able to come back?"

Minato's look quickly turned solemn, "I honestly have no idea. I would guess that he'll be able to make the journey without assistance by his 13th birthday, but without my father's blessing it's nigh impossible."

"Is this the same father that you castrated at the behest of your mother?"

"One and the same."

"Well…let's have faith that Naruto will be able to turn him to his side. He has a way with people like that…"

"I'm sorry to cut this short Hiruzen, but the dimension gap will only be open for another few minutes. Can we go and get my son?"

Hiruzen smiled sheepishly, "Well excuse an old man for worrying about his adoptive grandson. But we probably should hurry."

With that the two men jumped out of the Hokage tower, headed toward Naruto's apartment.



Naruto sat up groggily and quickly slammed his hand into the alarm clock.

"Ugh. Stupid alarm clock. Why did you have to wake me up? I was having such a beautiful dream about ramen 'ttebayo…"

Climbing out of bed and yawning, he failed to notice the change in scenery. His room was cleaner then he'd left it, and it now had a white metal box by the window. Wandering over to the kitchen, he also failed to notice that the bathroom had been moved from the right side to the left.

Opening his cabinet, he grabbed at where he'd left his cereal box, only to find that it wasn't there. Opening his eyes, he saw that there was nothing in there at all.

"Huh? Whats goin on? Did someone steal my ramen?"

Turning around he noticed that his kitchen looked completely different, and that there was some really expensive stuff in the room.

"Seriously Jiji, this isn't funny. Change my room back to the way it was…"

Nothing happened. Naruto looked around frantically, before his eyes settled on three scrolls on his dresser.

"Haha! I knew they were pranking me! Last time Jiji did this, he left me a map to my things by accident. I didn't find out about it until later, but you can't fool me again Jiji!"

Grabbing the closest scroll, he opened it and began to read,

Dear Naruto

I'm guessing that if you've found this letter, it means that your father has indeed taken you back to his world, and that your blood clone is remaining in Konoha. I would tell you a bit about your father, but I'd imagine that he'd rather do that himself. Yes, I knew your father, and your mother. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you about them, but they had many enemies that would seek you dead if they knew you lived. Both of your parents died protecting you from the nine-tailed foxes attack. Unfortunately they also had no choice but to seal the fox into you in order to save the village. I couldn't tell you about that either. I couldn't risk you falling to the foxes influence, or telling people what you contained. I wanted you to lead as normal a life as you possibly could. To that end, I enacted a law that forbade people from speaking about the fox to the younger generation in the hopes that you would be able to make friends. I realize now that that may have done more harm than good. Children your age didn't like you because their parents told them to stay away, and some of the elders of the village saw you as the fox reincarnate.

But this new world you're going to…it will allow you to get a fresh start. To that end, I have included several scrolls on chakra manipulation and Jutsu. The only way you can get the advanced scrolls though is by demonstrating that you can complete the technique of chakra manipulation required for the jutsu on a seal at the bottom left corner of each scroll. I hope that I can see you again one day Naruto-kun, but more importantly, I hope you can forgive this old man and his foolishness.

With Love

Your Jiji, Sandime Hokage

P.S: No school today!

At the end of the letter, Naruto was crying. He could understand the old man wanting to protect him, but keeping him in the dark about all of this was just too much. Still, he was right. If he was in a new world, then this was his chance to turn it all around. Sniffing, he looked at the bottom left corner of the scroll, and, true to form, there was a small seal. Underneath it, there were the words 'Put drop of blood on seal to activate'.

Naruto pricked his finger and put it on the seal. Sure enough, a scroll labeled 'CHAKRA FOR BEGINNERS' popped into his lap. Smiling and giving a silent thank you to the old man, he set both scrolls aside and picked up the next closest one.

Hey Kiddo!

Nice to finally meet ya! Well, I met you…you were asleep. Anyways, my name is Minato Namikaze, better known as the yellow flash, or the Yondaime Hokage, but you can just call me dad…

Naruto's eyes threatened to come out of their sockets.

"My dad is the Yondaime Hokage?! SUGOI!"

After doing a little victory dance, he settled back down and continued reading,

Your mother's name was Kushina Uzumaki. She had the most vibrant red hair that I'd ever seen. Have no doubt that we both loved you very much. We both died in that universe after Kyuubi was released from your mothers seal just after your mother gave birth to you. A man in a mask came and attacked us, using you as bait for me so that he could grab your mother and release Kyuubi. I'm sorry that I had to seal the fuzzball into you, but there was no alternative. I was sent back to my universe when I died…I'm not sure what happened to your mother. I wish I could have been there for you, or that I could be now. But I can't. It's too dangerous for us both.

My real name though is Kronos. I am a deity in this universe, and I have many enemies. I'm trusting you to keep this a secret. You have a great power that you will have to train to unleash. But there is only one place that you can do this. You'll know where to go when the time comes.

One more thing; the scroll next to this one contains the money and clothes of this world. You'll also have to learn the language of the area. It's called English. Your apartment is in New York City. I wouldn't suggest going out until you've learned the language at least a little. You can use the computer (it's the thing with the apple on it) to look up tutoring sites on the internet. I would recommend a language school for you though. Try looking for an English language school for those of Japanese descent. I also expect you to attend regular school. Pay particular attention to Greek mythology and history classes. And if you can, learn something about diplomacy. You do want to be Hokage someday, right?

Lastly, know that I love you, and that I have faith in you. You will make me proud someday, I just know it.

Your father, Kronos/Minato Namikaze

P.S: Be nice to Alex! He'll be taking care of you for the time being!

Naruto put down the letter, trembling ever so slightly. The thought that he had a family that loved him, and that had faith in him, was a shocking concept.

"My father…he believes in me…"

"I won't let you down dad! I promise 'ttebayo!" Then realization struck him, "Wait a minute, who's alex?"

A tall man in a suit appeared out of thin air and said, "You called sir?"

Naruto made a gaping fish face before squeaking out 'ghost' and fainting.

"I see. I shall come back later when you are right of mind. Good morning sir."

With that, the man disappeared again, leaving Naruto passed out on the couch muttering something about ghosts.


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