This, my dear readers is me trying to finish what I started. I will finish this story if it takes me eight years because I hate to start something and not to finish it. My absence of this story is simply that I don't like fanfiction much and really do not write or read them anymore. This does not mean I am judging you, just simply which I want to write my own stories and enjoy what the author has written. You may be wondering what I'm on the site for, writing one. The answer is that this has been in the back of my mind for months and I hate unfinished work, so I will try to finish this novella to the best of my talents for the time being.


I was stunned by the figures in front of me, especially the boy with the scar and the ratty clothes. The rest of the boys (gingers, mostly) and one girl seemed confused in our presence, as if we were lost dogs in a grown man's home.

One of the ginger boys made it his duty to find out the reason of our coming. "Who in the bloody hell are you?"

Mrs Weasley elbowed him in the side. "Watch your language, Ron."

"Apparently we're bloody wizards," Nico said, the slightest of smiles lingering above his lips.

I, still flabbergast and standing in the same spot, looked over at Harry. He had regained his composure and when he caught me staring, nodded at me.

Annabeth glared at me in a way that could only mean your hiding something big and you know I'm going to find out soon, you stupid asshole. Okay, maybe I read a little too much into things, but I swear that is what her eyes were saying to me.

Mrs Weasley ushered us all to sit down on stools. Once we were all seated she began to talk. "These fine young men and women will be staying with us for the time being. They are wizards and witches, who, if you don't screw this up, might transfer to Hogwarts."

Mrs Weasley, I began to notice, was acting strange. She acted worried as if about to become caught.

"Now go. Make them feel welcome and find them some beds to lie on," she said.

"And just like that, expecting us to take this well. Like this happens every day. Such a mum thing to do. I'm Fred, by the way. Maybe you should tell us your names," one of the two ginger twins said.




"Odd names, don't you think, Fred? I'm George, as you should know. This is our sister Ginny." The other identical pointed to the only redhead girl.

"Ron," the last redhead said.

"Hermione. And, Harry, before you introduce yourself, I want to ask you how Ron's been able to keep quiet this long. Longer than I've ever seen," the brunette girl said.

"Because I know who they are," Ron said. "And Harry does too."

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