Got exams next week, but here I am, publishing a story. Anyway, yes, I know, the summary sucks. But, let's forget it, 'kay? So, basically, gotta warn you guys. This is a MA-rated story; packed with sex, (probably) rape, blood, violence, or anything bad stuff you could think of. And beware of grammatical errors and simple language, coz' English is not my native language.

Note: AU! Set during Edo era.

Disclaimer: Belongs to Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

'It occurred few years ago. When I was still caged by my master, and he, Kagami Taiga, was still my maiko. Yes, we were both geisha. However, it was nothing but a camouflage for prostitutions. Chained by debts, we had no way out. Until there was a man, who changed everything entirely…'

The sky was cranberry reds. Crows cawed loudly in the distance. The small pleasureroom was flooded with weak evening light.

But it didn't stop them.

Not even a slightest.

Their bodies heaved in a messy tangle of sweaty limbs and catching gasps. A moan escaped Kagami's bruised lips. His legs wrapped tight around the plump shoulders. His stomach flip-flopped as his perverted customer pushed deeper.

Kagami whimpered. But he never cracked open his eyes.

A 'tch' sound was heard. A hand suddenly appeared at his throat, and those plump fingers curled around it tightly. Kagami choked on his own saliva.

"Open your fucking eyes," his customer spluttered with indignation.

Kagami shook his head. The grip tightened dangerously.

Desperate for oxygen, Kagami begrudgingly wrenched open his eyes.

The man was fat with a shaved head but heavy stubble everywhere else. His crooked teeth were showing when he grinned wickedly. His pale skin moved in ripples as he thrust into Kagami, sweat oozing out of his skin like waterfalls. Drool dripped down his mouth, making a sickening puddle of thick saliva on Kagami's abs.

Kagami felt sick at the features presented before his crimson orbs. 'Perverted pig,' he thought to himself.

His thought was cut off when the fat man hit his prostrate. Kagami arched his back in response. His customer grinned again and abused his prostrate over and over again. Kagami let out a silent scream. 'Fuck him, fuck his dick!'

Kagami's hand roamed around for his neglected dick, but the man pinned them down above his head. He hissed in pain.

The fat man kept pounding and pounding into him, drinking in Kagami's moans. Fat slapped against skin. Kagami squeezed himself around the fat man, desperately to get some friction on his dick, and the grip on his neck grew stronger. 'Dammit, is he trying to kill me?!'

"Fu…ck..!" Kagami hissed from behind his teeth. He lifted his hips higher. Saliva dribbled across his bottom lip. Red-black fringes glued down to Kagami's forehead.

One last motion, Kagami bit his bottom lip until it drew blood and a wave of orgasm swept through his body down to his spine, all the way to his toes, bringing his customer along.

Kagami slumped back on the tatami, breathing raggedly. His bare chest glistened with sweats and semen. Coldness settled on his heart, weighing it down.

But, he managed a steady face.

However, his perverted customer could care less at all. He didn't even spare as much as glance when he pulled out. A loud thud echoed through the small room when he sprung to his feet. His fat heaved up and down as he waddled to pick up his black hakama.

Throwing some gold coins to Kagami, he smirked and left the room.

Kagami could only lie helplessly on the floor, staring at the gold coins as the sticky semen began to cake up on his muscular body.

He felt disgusted with himself.



A rude yawn escaped a tanned male as he cut down a side street of Asakusa province, his midnight hakama blown back with the late evening wind.

Several threw glances over their shoulders at him, but quickly averted their gaze when they saw a sheathed sword attached to his hips.

It was Honjo Masamune, the sharpest and finest sword ever made by the legendary blacksmith, Masamune. It was perfectly balanced and aligned that it split light, but didn't needlessly cut that which was innocent and undeserving.

They gulped nervous down their throats.

If the sword was Honjo Masamune, then the person must be… their eyes discreetly trailed up his sculptured face. And soon, they turned pale and dropped their head in fear.

How did they not recognize him much earlier?

Yes, the tanned male was Aomine Daiki, one of the direct vassals of Akashi family. And the head of Akashi family, Akashi Seijurou was appointed as the Daimyo, who ruled the province.

They began to scuttle off, head sinking between shoulders like frightened animals.

Aomine, who'd been witnessing them scurrying away, rubbed his stiff neck.

Other samurai might have smiled triumphantly at being feared by commoners. But Aomine was rather pissed off.

Sure his name was widely known around the country. Every human soul knew his reputation as one of the best samurai in the world.

But, it doesn't mean they had to glue their eyes down the earth every time he walked past them.

He wasn't a ghost to be feared, goddammit!

Walking down the street, Aomine shifted to side to dodge a group of children running past him. One of them accidently kicked a can in his direction, which Aomine successfully caught it and threw over his shoulder, straight into a bin with impressive precision. The children went into a chorus of approval and whistled.

"Hey, teach me how you do that!" one of them cheered.

"You're a hundred years too early to learn anything from me, brat," he wore his signature smirk, but his tone was light, indicating no hint of arrogance.

"Boo, stingy~!" nonetheless, the kid laughed happily and turned to his friends.

Aomine watched as they scattered around the street, frolicking freely without fretting over status and power. Honestly, Aomine was envious of their joy faces. He had never had chances to play like a kid was supposed to be.

Right after his parents' death, Honjo Masamune was passed down to him and his uncle, Imayoshi Shouichi gladly had taken the opportunity to raise him and have an utter control over his life, from his meals to his curfew to his love life. Before Aomine knew it, he was already dancing on the palm of Imayoshi-san's hand.

And it irked him so much.

He hated to be controlled.

He hated to be caged.

'Fuck this shit!'

However, how much as Aomine wanted to rebel, the contract with Akashi family had chained him down. Whether he liked it or not, he had to embrace his fate.

Letting his legs carry him aimlessly, Aomine's nose almost made friends with a huge wooden fence. He blinked for few times. 'That was close,' he heaved a sigh of relief when he finally registered it in his mind. Aomine tilted his head, knitting his brows in confusion. He walked along the street, trying to peer inside.

Fortunately, he found a small hole just enough for him to take a peek.

With a very limited vision, Aomine managed to make out a shape of human figure sitting by the window. He couldn't see the face or anything, but 'wow!' it was the hair that caught Aomine's attention—crimson-black layered hair. 'Like blood!'

Aomine backed away a little, scanning his surroundings. 'Uh huh, I can't climb up. That's too troublesome.'

His fingers trailed along the fence until he got to the front gate. It was a huge, well-carved gate with a board on the top of it. There was written 'Geisha House.' Aomine raised a brow. 'So, she's a geisha?' Aomine shrugged at the thought. 'Just checking~'

And he breezed into the house.


Kagami sat by the window, watching the horizon.

The sky changed from cranberry reds to deep navy blue.

He had always liked navy blue. It soothed his cluttered heart and brought peace upon him. Kagami wished his hair were blue instead of red.

He hated his crimson hair. People loved to stereotype him as 'the feisty redhead'.

Especially his perverted customers.

They loved his service for his brutality and harshness. They loved his muscular body that usually sheathed in a bright scarlet long loose kimono. And they loved the protest Kagami put up while thrusting into him mercilessly.

It was so erotic, they said.

'Erotic? Fuck that! It hurts, idiot!'

He let out an exasperated sigh. Every single man he met only interested in fucking him senseless, wanting to experience something that they claimed their wives couldn't provide or let off some steam. There were no such things as love or gentle.

Just fuck and leave some money behind.

Kagami honestly didn't remember how he ended up in geisha world. All he could remember was Himuro and Alex weren't there with him anymore. And there had stood a man with a black jet hair, smirking down at him.

His chains had rattled loudly when Kagami had been pushed forward by an old haggard man.

The black haired man had run his thumb along Kagami's face and introduced himself as Hanamiya Makoto, his new master.

One thought had come across his mind; he wasn't going to like this man.

Kagami had been right.

Days after the trade, Kagami had been brought to the geisha house and trained to be one under the okiya's care. Hanamiya had told him the training was very expensive, and his debt must be repaid to him with the earnings he makes. It may continue after he becomes a full-fledged geisha and only when his debts are settled is he permitted to move out to live and work independently.

However, Kagami doubted he'd ever regain his freedom again. As long as Hanamiya was still breathing, he'd stay in this filthy world.

Probably, forever.

"Kagami-kun," a soft masculine voice called out. "You have a customer."

The wooden door was slid open, revealing a pale skinned male with petit bodied in a very fine melting blue kimono.

He was Kuroko Tetsuya, few years older than himself. He was Kagami's okiya (trainer) and the only person in this world, in whom Kagami confided and trusted.

Strands of silken light blue hair swayed when he strutted over to Kagami's place. Every small movement he made was like a dance in Kagami's red orbs. They were smooth and light. Kagami couldn't help but awe at the thoughtful and graceful movements.

Similar to Kagami's fate, Kuroko was thrown into this world few years earlier than Kagami. He had undergone the similar ordeal, so Hanamiya had chosen him to train Kagami. Sometimes, he'd feel guilty and claim he was supposed to be in Kagami's place, not him.

Of course, Kagami would just shrug it off.

"How are you, Kagami-kun?" he gently asked.

"Fine," Kagami put on his signature grin, but no mirth in his voice.

However, Kuroko, being an observant, could decipher the pain his maiko hid behind his idiotic smile. Kuroko's fingers travelled up to Kagami's neck. It had bruised badly. Despite of the blank expression he wearing, Kagami could tell he was upset from his tensed shoulders.

"They hurt you again," the slight changes in Kuroko's tone convinced Kagami he was truly, truly upset.

"Gotten used to it."

"Too bad you're stuck here," Kuroko got on his feet and walked up to his wardrobe. "You could've become a great samurai."

"At least I've gotta meet you."

"Too sappy, Kagami-kun. Very unlikely you," Kuroko threw a monochrome silken red kimono with lilies embroidery to Kagami. He put on the garments, and Kuroko helped with the obi. Kuroko pulled back the collar, revealing the nape of his neck, much to Kagami's chagrin.

"Endure with it, Kagami-kun," and a grunt was his only response.

Kuroko adjusted Kagami's kimono again, and patted his shoulders. "You're ready," Kuroko breathed. He took a few steps backward to provide Kagami some spaces to get up. "Come," he gestured to the door.

Taking a deep breath, they headed over to the pleasure room, in which Kagami's customer was waiting. The hallway was already dark, only to be illuminated by faint lights. Kagami stole a sidelong glance at the other pleasure rooms. Bright yellow lights filtered dustily through the door that made of paper squares glued on a wood lattice. Some rooms were filled up with laughter, while some…

Kagami refused to think about it.

And they reached their destination. Kuroko sat up before the door to show his respect for the customer, and Kagami followed suit.

Kagami could see Kuroko's fingers trembling on the sliding door. He knew, deep down, his okiya hated to do this, escorting him to customers. Kuroko had a kind heart, after all. With a gentle pat on the light blue haired male's shoulder, he whispered. "I'll be fine."

Kuroko's shoulder relaxed. It was a subtle reaction, but it was enough for Kagami.

One small push, a ray of yellow light spilled onto his face. Kagami quickly dropped his head low, as a respect and sign of submission to his customer.

For few hours, he belonged to his customer.

More light flooded onto his whole being as the door was wrenched open. He could hear rustle sounds, and a shadow before him disappeared. His heart was beating furiously when Kuroko's soft voice presented him to his customer. His stomach churned once his ears caught deep voice responding to Kuroko's announcement.

'Shit… I hope this one is much better than others. My ass still hurts, dammit!'

"You may raise your head," said Kuroko softly.

As he was told to, Kagami slowly brought his head up. And he was startled when navy blue came into his sight. His favorite color. Recovering from the shock, his eyes cascaded down to the tanned face and clashed with a pair of sharp midnight eyes.

Time seemed to stop.

So did his heart.

Until the deep voice cut through the atmosphere. "What? You're actually a dude?!"