Author's Note: The alternate ending to the story. It begins the same, ends completely different. I hope you guys dig it and tell me if you spot an error. Enjoy!

Kuchen awoke in a bed for once in her life. She looked down at the black and white striped sheets that were draped over her, then looked at the electronic device that was hooked up to a charger extended from the wall, sitting on her bed. Her birthday was today, according to what she had remembered. December 23rd. She leaned on her side and picked it up, being careful not to unplug it.

Mo had got her a cell phone and her very own apartment, which Kuchen was skeptical about. She was happy that her older brother would do such a thing for her, using the 5,000 dollars he'd stashed away from the Dance-Off in October. The German was afraid, but Glitch had told her that she was eighteen and needed to be strong. She agreed. There really was nothing to worry about. Besides, Hi-Def had their apartment right above her, so she felt safe.

Kuchen thrust the blanket off of her body and swung her legs over the edge of her bed. Yawning and scratching the itch that sat beneath her thigh-highs, she slid through her phone, reading the multiple messages that were sent to her from her friends.

From: Emilia at 6:15am
Rise & Shine, K! Happy Birthday!

From: Bodie at 6:20am
Happy B-Day K! I'll b sure to mak u a special smoothie! 3

From: Miss Aubrey at 7:12am
Don't think that just because you're eighteen, you're better than everyone. Happy Birthday anyway. I have more clothes for you BTW. They're so last spring.

From: DJ MacCoy at 7:34am
Hav a groovin b-day, DJ Krazy K!

The German felt positive energy course through her veins. She stood up and picked up a gray hoodie off of the floor, slipping it over her head and stepping outside of her room and into the living room, yawning and stretching. The figure before her made her breath hitch in her throat. She felt as if her heart had stopped.

"Oh. About time you made it back. Did you get the groceries?"

Kuchen's father sat before her on a black couch. He wore a white dress shirt, a pair of black pants from a suit and ebony dress shoes, laced perfectly. He crossed one leg over the other and played with the sharp kitchen knife in his gloved hands. The teenager began to shake. She fought back tears, holding one hand in the other.

"Guten Morgen, my dear Schwanhild. Or should I say, 'Kuchen'?"

"M-Mr... Emil..." the girl whimpered.

"Why not call me Daddy like you used to? You think that just because you're all grown up now, you can call me by my real name?!" Emil growled, stabbing the knife through the leather of the couch.

His daughter wiped a runaway tear from her cheek with the sleeve of her hoodie. She listened to him speak, wanting to scream for Mo and Glitch who were probably asleep above her.

"Happy Birthday, my dear. Daddy's been missing you. Missing your whines and cries. He's been broken without you, and the house has to be cleaned by his hands. You know how daddy doesn't like to get his hands dirty." the German male spoke, fixing the white elastic gloves on his hands, then drawing the knife from the couch.

"You aren't my daddy... my daddy didn't hurt me like this. My daddy took me out for ice cream whenever I was sad, my daddy fed me! He never let me starve and deny my very existence!"

"That. Daddy. You once knew. Is. DEAD!" Emil shouted, making her flinch. He stood to his feet and clenched the knife in his hand, simmering with anger. "Now come home."

Kuchen shook her head at him and made a run for the tiny kitchen, nearly slipping on the tile floor because of her socks. Her father trailed behind her, the knife gripped tightly in his hand. Extending a free hand, Emil grabbed a hold of his daughter's ponytail, pulling her towards him, nearly snapping her neck from the sudden force.

"Who said you could run away from me?" he asked, watching her shiver and secretly beg for her life.

The strong, terrifying man gripped her neck, slamming her face into a nearby wall. He smirked evilly at the cracking noise that came afterwards. Emil grabbed her ponytail and pulled her face away from the wall. A thick trail of blood fell from Kuchen's small nostrils, her face was nearly the same color as the blood and fresh tears fell down her face, following the blood to the tile floor.

"You look so pretty in pain, my darling." Emil complimented, pressing her body against the wall and tugging her head back by the dark hair she bore, he placed the knife to her throat.

Kuchen breathed heavily, refusing to let him hear her sob and beg for mercy. She gasped, feeling her father press up against her back.

"I hope you remember your 14th birthday," Emil laughed, rubbing Kuchen's waist with his free hand. "It's time for a reminder of just how powerful your daddy is."

Mo sat his phone down on the table after calling Kuchen for the 10th time today, and watched as Lil' T talked to a magician. She had her hands on her hips and was prepared to call her big sister for approval. She rolled her neck up at him and gave off snaps between her words. Shifting from one hip to the other, she spoke sternly, sometimes laughing at some of the things the man said.

"I like you! You cool dude. Ey, Taye! I think we've got our magician!" the short African-American yelled, pointing to the tall man in the suit and top hat.

The older B-boy then looked at Angel who held a ladder that Miss Aubrey was standing on. She reached up high and nailed the other half of the banner to the wall, making it more clear and easier to read.

"Just perfect. Like me. Almost like me." the red-head smirked, climbing down to the floor.

Glitch grabbed a seat next to Mo at the set table and looked at him, worried about the upset look he had on his face.

"Uh... you a'ight?"

"Hmm? Yeah, man. I'm good." the elder lied.

"So, did Kuchen pick up?"

"Nah... I'm sure she's fine though." the chocolate man changed the subject, uncomfortable with the one at hand. "It's nice of them to hire a magician. I always knew K was so interested in stuff like that."

"Man, that magician better be good! If he ain't, we might have to kick somebody out the party." the prodigy said, looking over at the magician from across the room.

"Chill, lil' man. I think he know what he doin'. Yo, you got a quarter?"

Glitch slipped his fingers into the pockets on his pants and felt around until his finger brushed against metal. He pulled the quarter out of his pocket and looked at the date below the head.

"2009. Here."

Mo took the quarter for him then laid it flat in his hand. He made sure to give the Korean a good look at it before clapping suddenly. Glitch jumped a bit, surprised by the noise. Mo opened his hands and held them up openly. The quarter was gone.

"How'd you do that?!" the younger b-boy exclaimed, eyes glowing with amazement.

"I know a little magic." the older b-boy smirked, reaching behind Glitch's ear and pulling the quarter from it.

"Dude..." Glitch gasped, staring at the American currency Mo held between his fingers. "You don't only know magic,-"

"I am magic." the King of Flash interrupted, smiling at his amazed friend.

Kuchen crashed to the floor, arms draped over her nude and bleeding body. She cried silently, still feeling the salt that was rubbed into the multiple cuts on her body burn her flesh. She laid on her side and curled up on the cold tile floor. The only thing she saw before her was Mo and Glitch's faces. Even though they were illusions, her body became calm for a split second.

She heard a zipper become re-done and listened to the footsteps on the floor get louder and louder. A foot was placed on her arm and she was forced onto her back, letting out a heart-breaking sob.

"M-mommy..." Kuchen whispered to no one in particular.

"Mommy's gone. Long gone. It's all your fault, my dear." Emil spoke above her, smirking devilishly.

The shaking German girl looked up at her blood-covered hoodie on the floor that she had on before. Her heart began to race and her body became numb from blood loss. The green-eyed male picked up the kitchen knife that he came bearing with, clutching it in his blood and salt covered gloved hands. He knelt down to his daughter and looked into her pleading and horrified eyes.

"Yes, my love..." He flipped the knife in his hand so that the blade was pointing downward towards the floor. "Your mother's cancer was all your fault."

Kuchen gave him a surprised look, remembering how she learned about cancer from a documentary one day on TV. Before she could get a chance to speak, Emil raised the knife high and plunged it to his daughter's face.

The world went pitch black as air ceased it's way up her throat.

During the funeral, no one spoke or cried. They promised each other not to. Angel told them she wouldn't want them crying for her and they all agreed. Mo's apartment became colder than usual and he and Glitch barely exchanged words for a while. Dance practice was cancelled often and the elder often found himself waking up in the middle of the night and checking the couch for the German's presence, hoping that he was just dreaming.

Glitch, on the other hand, realized just how cool it was to have someone to play with whenever Mo had left the apartment to go somewhere. He was lonely and for once, music didn't sooth the pain he'd felt in his chest.

In the month of February, Hi-Def found themselves at the cemetery, standing in the cold weather and staring down at the gray tombstone on the ground. They wore what they wore the day they found her in the parking lot, chowing down on raw meat to calm her hunger. The date was the exact same as well. It had been exactly a year and they felt that they'd already failed her.

"Hey... Mo?" the Korean forced out, playing with the bundle of red flowers in his hand.

"Yeah, Glitch?" the chocolate man replied, refusing to take his eyes off of the tombstone.

"You... you remember how you said... that you were magic?"

"I remember." Mo told him, thinking back to the quarter trick he'd showed him.

Silence sat between the two before the prodigy spoke again.

"Make her come back..." Glitch whimpered out, attempting to hold back tears that fell down his face anyway.

The older B-boy looked down at his younger half, watching him look back up at him, his face becoming red as he bit his lip. Mo pulled the Korean into his arms, listening to him give off muffled sobs of guilt and desire into his bright blue hoodie. Glitch wrapped his arms around his brother and clutched the flowers tightly in his hand.

"I would if I could." Mo told him, rubbing his back to relax him. "It'll be alright, lil' man... put the flowers down for her. I'm sure she'll love 'em."

The Korean pulled his face from Mo's body and wiped his tears with the back of his hand. He flinched as they froze in the wind. He straightened up and stepped forward, then knelt down onto the pale grass. He reached out and placed the flowers below the tombstone, reading the name carved across the top. His big brother joined him, kneeling down as well.

The chocolate guardian said a quiet prayer then leaned forward. Glitch watched, wondering what he was doing. He placed a kiss upon the stone, whispering a small 'thank you' from his thick, quivering lips.