Danny Phantom: House Calls

By: Hordak's Pupil

Chapter I: Dark Omens

Danny (Amity Park, Il 21st Century)

"Einstein theorized that space and time were linked together in a mesh," our physics teacher droned on as I stretched in my desk trying to get comfortable. I swear these desks were used as a medieval torture device. I can imagine the Spanish Inquisition bursting through the door ordering some poor sinner to be put 'in the desk'. I giggle at my joke, "Do you have something to share with us Mr. Fenton," he asked as I realized what happened.

"Uh no sir," I sink down in my seat as everyone laughs at me. Why does this always happen to me. For the rest of the class I stayed low key until the bell rang. "Finally," I leapt up and raced out the door. The moment my foot crossed the threshold I felt a hand grab my shirt and pulled me face to face with Dash.

"Hey Fenturd I have an experiment for you," he said but before he could strike I managed to squirm out of my shirt and made a sprint for my locker to grab my gym shirt. I could hear Dash trying to catch up but he couldn't.

"Nice six pack," I heard Sam teased as I grabbed my other shirt, "what was he going to do this time," I shrugged I don't care what... a chill ran up spine. "Here you go," Sam said handing my thermos and took off. For once I am thankful for a ghost attack.

The Doctor (Unknown Location 21st Century)

"Whatever you do don't blink," I told my friends as the angels surrounded us. I am not sure how they broke free of their quantum lock but I was going to make sure they don't harm anyone again. I see my Sonic Screwdriver on the ground."Let's see how fast you are...," I stared at them and slipped out of their range.

"Finally!" Strax said picking up a piece of metal and struck them before they could chase me. "Come and get me you stone demons!" while he is dealing with them I manage to get my Screwdriver. I pick it up to notice something else- a data stamp.

"Uh Doctor we could use your help," Clara says snapping me back to the present. I noticed the mirror on the wall giving a plan. I ask her if she has a compact in her pocket. "What's that's going...," I tell just to look. She takes one out and tell her open it when I give the command, "What's the command?" I tell her I will sing a song, Mary had a little lamb.

The stone assassins turn to face me, "Mary had a little lamb little lamb Mary had a little lamb...," she takes out her compact and I move the mirror in position, The angels catch a glimpse of themselves locking them in position. I race over to them, "are you all right?" the Sontaran tells me that they had it under wraps and that I found something of interest. "I think we better get back to Vastra's so I can figure what I found," I said as we headed back to the TARDIS.

Danny (Amity Park, Il 21st Century)

"HA HA HA, come to me my beautiful technology," I heard Technus gloat in the AV room. This pest is as predictable as the sun. Steal a few gadget and plan to take over the world. I really didn't have time for this today but anything is better than being beat up.

I slowly made my way to the door when I felt something hit my chest. "You are really starting to vex me ghost child," I heard Technus say as I tried to move but it felt like I was stuck on flypaper. "You are paralyzed for the moment," he explains as I fight to free myself.

Through the corner of my eye I could see he was sharpening some CDs to use as ninja stars. That gives me an idea. I close my eyes and concentrate on focusing my ectoplasm into blade. I've seen Dani do it thousands of times. I look down at my hand, "Damn! How does she do it," Technus turns to me and says soon I will have nothing to worry about anything soon.

He throws one of the discs cutting my side. I look at the blood and ectoplasm on my glove but before I could attack he grabbed me by the collar. "Don't worry child soon your worries will be over," I heard him as say as I shivered and everything went black.

I am not sure how long I was out but something cold woke me up. "where am I?" I tried to stand up but something was holding me down. I look around and find myself trapped in a glob of ectoplasm.

I strained to get free but it wouldn't break and it was starting get warm in here. I panted trying to break free but it wouldn't give. "I have to save my...strength," beads of sweat and ectoplasm ran down my face. I try to use my ice powers but they are shorted out. Again I attempt to break out but the heat has sapped me of my strength and all I want to do is sleep.

Strax (London, England 19th Century)

"You really think this a good idea, you know how Silurians are when they are grieving," I warned the Doctor. Every since she lost Jenny she has been withdrawn and can be bit touchy to say this. He tells me that this is important but before he could knock on the door a hand juts out from the door and grabs him by the throat.

"What are you doing here? I thought I said I did not want to be bothered," The Doctor tries to speak but all he can eke out a whimper. I tell her it's okay; a second later the Doctor slumps to the ground. "I tried to tell him but you know how he is," I help the Doctor up as he brushes himself off.

"I am sorry to bother you in this sad time but I am need of your expert eye," he says taking out a data stamp. "The Angels had managed to escape and while we were fighting them I come across this," he played the stamp.

"My previous attempt had failed. I had hoped this would be the key but alas was not...," we look at the recording. Vastra strokes her chin trying to make heads or tails of it but she will need to examine it more closely to figure out who left it and why.

Dani (Jump City, CA 21st Century)

"I hate study hall," I looked around the near empty room, "I don't know why I thought this would be a good idea," almost everyone was asleep and the teacher was busy talking on her cell phone. Ah the wonders of Jump City.

I took out my history book, we had to write a report on the causes of the First World War. I opened the book and look at the clock. The hands had froze "hmmm World War I?" a familiar voice said as everything froze and the ghost of time appeared. "I am sorry to call you from class but I need your help with something," I get up and walk towards him.

"What's up?" I asked him as we arrived at his clock tower. He waved his staff creating a picture of what looked like force field with holes in them. He explained I was looking at the space-time continuum, "you mean I am actually looking at time?" he nodded this was so better than study hall. Clockwork tells me something has been making holes in the continuum and they need to be filled? "How do you fix holes in time?"

"Simple," he pointed to a corner of the room where a magnet attached to a backpack. "Time is merely a form of electromagnetism. A strong magnet can attract chronons to the hole. I raise an eyebrow he explains are chronons are the particles of time just as photons are particles of light. "I must warn you, stay away from chronovortices. They can suck you into another time or even universe," I swallowed hard at those words. "Don't worry they are rare you will be fine," he said helping put the device on my back and opens a portal.

Dalek Commander (Unknown Location 21st Century)

"All results are negative the Angels were not the key we are looking for," one of my scientists said. Our leader will not be pleased with this but we will continue to search for a suitable technology. I go over to our charts our scouts have prepared. "A possible target has been found in sector XY-90," the scientists explains zooming in on a small planet.

"Advanced genetic technology and sophisticated computer technology," this could serve us well. I order our forces to move there. "I want the closest technology forge located," the scientist opened a gateway. "Have our forces dispatched on the double!"