Chapter III: Your Money's Worth

Sam (Amity Park, Il 21st Century)

"Jazz should be here soon to pick you up," I said helping Danny put his shirt on. He looked at me strangely, "you didn't think I would have you parents pick you up especially after the ghost drill debacle," he chuckled saying it was a wise move. "You sure you're going to be okay," he nods as I tell him I am going to see what Tucker is doing.

I take out my cell phone but something's wrong, "What is it? Danny asks as he walks out to see what's going on. I show him my phone, there are no bars on it. "I never knew there were dead zones in the school," there aren't any something is blocking the signals. "I am going to...," at that moment Jazz comes in and asks Danny what happened.

"He had a bad run in with Technus," I explain as she helps Danny get his stuff before leaving. While they are talking I look out the window. "That's weird," a strange robot is hovering in the air. I take my phone and snap a pic of it. Something tells me that our beloved mayor is behind this.

Vastra (London, England 19th Century)

"I will avenge your death," I told the picture of my beloved Jenny as I turned back to the data stamp. I notice some letters on the bottom of the screen. "This is odd," I write down the letters. They appear to be Gallifreyan but some of the letters are wrong. "Doctor, I think I found something," he races over to the screen. I show him the letters.

"Ancient Gallifreyan, hasn't been used since the Time Lords first evolved," could this be the work of another Time Lord. He shakes his head saying whoever was behind this has an acute understanding of the language. "Look at these," he points to strange markings, "if I am right those are binary markers," he explains it used to convert any language into Binary. "Who ever...,"

"Doctor," Clara calls out, "another time hole has been opened." The Doctor rushes inside the TARDIS. He called up the continuum on the veiwscreen. "Whatever is doing is causing significant disruption," the Doctor scowled as he analyzed the hole. After some adjustments he was able to get a fix on where they were going.

"Well I'll be," he said smiling, "whoever opened it is heading for the early 21st century America." It seems all roads lead there. "I think it's time for a trip," he smiles. "I'll need you and Strax to stay here. Keep looking at that data stamp," he turns to Clara and tells to get ready.

Clockwork (Ghost Zone 21st Century)

"I'm back," Danielle chimed as she entered the Main Observatory, "I never knew space-time was so full of holes," she runs over to me and kisses me before getting out her homework. "Ugh, I hate history! Write an essay about the causes of World War I and the impact it had on future generations," I look at her assignment curiously. She smiles innocently but I shake my head. "Oh come on Cloc..." there is a knock at the door. I tell her to keep working and phase down to the main hall.

"May I help you," the Observant enter in glowering at me, "is something wrong oh children of Fate?" they say that something is ripping holes through time and space. "And this is new to you because...," they say whatever is causing it is doing en masse. I do admit that is odd and conjure a map of the continuum in front of me.

"Look!" one of them pointed as a portal opened up and something emerged. "This has to be stopped," I sighed and assured them that all will be fine, "but...," go run along to you temple and pray goddess or whatever you do to avoid disaster.

Dalek Commander (Amity Park, Il 21st Century)

"This planet is grossly primitive," I said scanning the frequencies to see what I can find out about this place. The technology is barely level 1 yet I am picking up a level 2.5 energy source. "High amounts of Ionized Tellurium detected," how could such a throwback civilization achieved the synthesis of this element. "Scouts," the others turn to me. "I want you to explore this planet. 8876 and 8976 will accompany me to the energy source. Move out!"

Technus (Amity Park, Il 21st Century)

"This is taking forever Plasmius, I have a world to conquer," I complain watching Vlad work on my new mech suit. He tells me these things take time and the neural interface must be flawless. "I just want to take over the Internet, not study my brain," I look out the window, "hmmm the ghost child must have a new toy."

"What do you mean?" Plasmius looks up. I tell him I can sense a strange electromagnetic source in the area. He looks dumbfounded as I explain that I can use my power to sense when a new electronic device in activated. "It's just one of Jack Fenton's idiotic...," I take out a scanner trying to pick up where it's coming from.

"Star Star Hyphen Exclamation Point...," It was a encoded message. Vlad asks if I can translate it. I try to but it doesn't match any code I know of. My jaw drops as I realize what is happening- we are receiving a transmission from something outside the Earth.

Strax (London, England 19th Century)

"Any luck on that data stamp?" I ask my mistress as she scans through images. Her reptilian eyes can go through images quicker than a humans giving her incredible observational skills. She says it mentions something about an experiment to alter the Angels' DNA. "Who would want make those stone monsters any better?" she shrugs her shoulders. Before I could ask another there is a knock at the door.

I walk down the hall and open a door. Outside is woman in some considerable distress, "please is there where the Great Detective lives?" I said it was but she is not taking cases anymore. "No, please you have to help me my son is missing," I ask why she hadn't called Scotland Yard, "They won't help me please you are my only hope," Vastra comes out asking who is at the door. "Pardon me are you the Great Detective," she nods. "I need your help."

"Please come in," she invites her into the parlor, "now what is wrong," I pour her a cup of tea. She says her son was playing nearing an old mansion when he vanished. "How long ago did it happen," the woman takes out a picture of the place it happened. "Him," Vastra's eyes narrow in rage, "we will help you and get right on it," she says almost mechanically as the woman thanks her and places half a crown on the table. "Payment won't be necessary," she motions me to help the woman to the door.