A Neo-Sailor Moon fanfic
Chapter 1: "Preliminaries"

By Bill K.

Sailor Moon and all related characters are (c)2002 by Naoko Takeuchi/
Kodansha and Toei Animation and are used without permission, but with
respect. Story is (c)2002 by Bill Kropfhauser.

As always, for those only familiar with the English dub:


Finally, Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins.
Usa and Hotaru sat on a bench on the promenade just outside of the
business district of Crystal Tokyo. Each girl was dressed in a
fashionably frilly blouse and short skirt, as was dictated by the
fashion trends of 2996, Usa in yellows, whites and pinks while Hotaru,
in a concession to her nagging friend, chose lavender and white rather
than black. Each girl was indulging in her favorite reading material on
the vid-screen of their hand-held computer - - Hotaru a first year high
school chemistry text and Usa a manga. The sun shone down brightly on
the promenade and the citizens of Crystal Tokyo were out and about,
enjoying the bright summer day and the carefree existence that was
Crystal Tokyo.

As they read, many were the passersby who would notice them. Usa
was the more eye-catching, due either to her fame as the princess or to
the arresting beauty she possessed, a beauty that seemed to bloom more
with each day, a beauty that seemed almost imposing. But enough eyes,
usually male, were snared by her companion as well. They noticed
Hotaru's petite attractiveness, her lovely face with its large soulful
eyes, and the aura of innocence and kindness she radiated.

Violet eyes peering over the top edge of the hand-held computer
betrayed the fact that Hotaru had, in turn, noticed some of the males
passing by.

Red eyes glancing to the side betrayed the fact that her friend
was aware of what she was doing.

"He's cute, isn't he?" Usa murmured. Hotaru's eyes shot back to
the video screen. "Don't be ashamed of looking," Usa grinned. "That's
part of the reason why I come out here."

"Obviously you don't come out here to concentrate," Hotaru sighed.
"I was trying to read this, but there are too many distractions."

"Yes, but they are gorgeous distractions, aren't they?" Usa sighed
lustily. "If I weren't otherwise attached . . ." and her chest heaved,
drawing several glances. "So how are you doing in your mind control

"That's the third time you've asked me that," Hotaru smiled, "and
it's controlling your mental abilities, not 'mind control'."

"Well, I want to be there in case you have trouble. Remember, I'm
your sponsor and your guardian and your princess AND your best friend.
That makes it my duty to look out for you."

"I'll settle for best friend," Hotaru smirked. "The rest of it
sounds like an awful lot of work for you. I'm adjusting. School's
still a problem, though. There's been so many advances. Why, take
these hand-held computers - - a thousand years ago these were just being
pioneered and today everyone has one! And you can travel from here to
North America in just ten minutes! And this strange fabric my clothes
are made of - - I still can't believe it's recycled particle-beam
communication filiment!"

"Yeah," shrugged Usa, "but there's still nothing on cable."

"And the medical advances," Hotaru continued to marvel. "Just
skimming through the primary medical text Ami-san lent me made my head
swim. If it weren't for her help," and Hotaru's voice trailed off.
That caught Usa's attention. She glanced over and saw Hotaru staring.
Following her line of vision, she saw what her friend was looking at.

"Oh my goodness," grinned Usa as she looked at the youth. He was
about six feet tall with thick black hair, piercing eyes and elegant
good looks, and one of those taut, wiry bodies that were oh so
versatile. At the moment, the youth was unaware they were looking at

"He's beautiful," whispered Hotaru.

"Want to meet him?" asked Usa.

"OH, NO, I COULDN'T!" gasped Hotaru in intense mortification.

"Come on," Usa encouraged her, grasping Hotaru by the wrist.
"He's a good looking guy, you're a pretty girl - - it's a natural."

"Usa, he doesn't even know me."

"So? Everybody knows me and I know you, so I can introduce you!
C'mon, you'll . . . OUCH!" Usa jerked her hand back.

Hotaru's hand flew to her mouth. "Usa, I'm so sorry!"

"Was that your mind thing?" Hotaru nodded, extremely upset.
"Guess I pushed too hard, huh? You may have noticed I have a hard time
taking 'no' for an answer." Usa looked back for the boy they were
looking at. "Aw, he's gone now."

"It just slipped out, Usa," Hotaru said, mortified. "I would
never intentionally hurt you!"

"I know that," Usa smiled warmly. "Hey, sometimes I need my hand
slapped. It's a good lesson in manners."

"Maybe you should let Ami-san look at that," Hotaru suggested.
"You wouldn't want anything to spoil your trip to Elysian."

"GAWD, NO!" gasped Usa. They got up and headed back for the
palace. "I've been trying to will the days to go faster."

"I know," twittered Hotaru. "Diana says you're going to strain

"Yeah, well Diana forgets that I knew her when she was a clumsy

"Race you back!" Hotaru yelled as she suddenly sprinted forward.

"Cheater!" Usa called after her, struggling to catch up.
* * * *
"Come on, Minako!" whined Ves-Ves. "One move!"

"That's 'Sensei Minako-sama', kiddo," Minako corrected, "and as I
recall you four had all the moves you needed."

Minako was in the gym with the Amazoness senshi, trying to teach
them about what being a senshi entailed. She wore a daring gold
jumpsuit made of Flexar poly-titanium mesh - - the metal weave fabric
was both strong enough to withstand a low intensity laser blast and
clingy enough to hug the contours of the form Minako so loved flaunting.
Ves-Ves was clothed in form-hugging knit tights and a pullover shirt
that was a size too big. Cere-Cere had opted for a floral mini-dress
and pink leggings, while Jun-Jun favored light green harem pants and a
midriff-baring peasant top and Palla-Palla wore a blue dress with puffed
sleeves and very, very retro black imitation patent leather shoes.

"Yeah, we kicked your ass pretty good way back when," smirked
Ves-Ves. "But you never stop trying to improve. Otherwise, you

"Well, kid, you still have the manners of a rhino, but that
actually made sense."

"Rhino?" Ves-Ves questioned, perplexed. "What's that?"

"OK, one move. Since you're so determined to imitate a rhino,
charge me." Minako ever so slightly eased back into a ready position,
but she didn't seem that concerned with defense.

The corners of Ves-Ves' mouth turned up in a smirk. Instantly she
charged her elder. When Ves-Ves was mere inches from Minako, the
woman's hands snatched up the young girl's arm like a striking cobra,
pivoted and threw her in a compact hip toss.

Ves-Ves, though, twisted in mid-air and came to rest in a perfect
hand stand, a feat of acrobatics that would have amazed anyone watching
- - except, of course, her three fellow amazons. However, before she
could launch herself back at Minako, the blonde swept the girl's arms
out from under her with a quick leg sweep and Ves-Ves crashed to the
floor on her face and shoulder.

"I was thinking," began Jun-Jun to Cere-Cere.

"Jun-Jun, do you mind?" grumbled her sister amazon. "I happen to
be enjoying watching Ves-Ves get her head handed to her."

"Our trip to Elysian is tomorrow," Jun-Jun continued, as if her
sister hadn't said anything. "I'm wondering how Helios is going to
receive us."

Minako bent down to Ves-Ves.

"Where was the move?" demanded Ves-Ves. "That was just a leg
sweep! Everybody knows how to do that!"

"The move was in anticipating your attacker wouldn't be stopped by
your last move and counterattacking before the attacker has a chance,"
chuckled Minako. "Of course, it's not a move that's readily apparent to
a cocky little smart-ass." Ves-Ves glared daggers at her.

"You think he might still be carrying a grudge?" Cere-Cere asked.

"Usa did," Jun-Jun replied.

"Usa carried the mother of all grudges. I still don't think she
fully trusts us."

"Then it's up to us not to give her reasons to mistrust us,"
Jun-Jun advised.

"Palla-Palla is going to ask if she can ride all the horsies when
we get there," Palla-Palla announced. "There are so many pretty horsies

"Another psychic flash?" Jun-Jun asked.

Palla-Palla looked down with guilt. "The princess was thinking
about her last time in El . . . Illy . . . the dreamy place,"
Palla-Palla told them, "and Palla-Palla just happened to catch it."

"You better watch it, tuning in on the princess's thoughts!"
warned Cere-Cere.

"Palla-Palla wasn't spying, honest!"

"We know," Jun-Jun told her. "But that's something you have to
stop doing, especially to her. If she finds out you did that, she may
leave us behind."

"Ahem!" Minako said. The three amazons snapped to attention and
focused on her. "Since you're all obviously concentrating on your trip
and not your lessons, we may as well call it a day."

"Thank you, Sensei Minako-sama," Jun-Jun bowed.

"Don't thank me," Minako replied with an ominous smirk. "It just
means you're all going to work twice as hard next time. Now hit the

The four scampered for the door.

"Man, isn't she cool!" Ves-Ves was heard to exclaim.
* * * *
Queen Serenity sighed as she and King Endymion walked down the
hall. Luna and Artemis trailed behind them. Both Luna and Endymion
glanced at Serenity, recognizing a familiar gesture.

"You're not going to start weeping again, are you?" jabbed Luna.

"Oh, hush," grumbled Serenity. "My little girl's only been back a
month and she's already going off again."

"It was your idea to send her to Elysian," Endymion reminded her.

"It'll be good for her. And it was necessary to show her that
we're beginning to trust her judgment."

"I agree," nodded Endymion. "I trust her judgment. And I trust
Helios' judgment. It's just that I don't trust their judgment when
they're both in the same room."

"They need this time together. I remember what it was like being
fifteen and not being with the man I loved. It's good for their
relationship to spend some time together."

"OK, but don't say anything if she comes back pregnant," Artemis

"Oh, you men!" fumed Serenity. "I trust my daughter." Serenity
swallowed. "Really I do. Besides, she's practically taking half of
Crystal Tokyo with her!"

"Yes, she did promise to be on her honor," Endymion mused, then
glanced at his wife. "I suppose she'll be all right - - as long as she
doesn't dress up like a geisha." Serenity tried unsuccessfully to
smother a laugh and covered her mouth.

"Honestly, Your Majesty, you find the strangest things funny,"
Luna said, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Think they'll have any trouble getting there?" Artemis asked.

"I don't see why," Endymion said. "After all, Usa went there all
by herself that one time."

"Yes, but she and the others have only done Sailor Teleport once.
We all remember how that ended."

"She'll manage," Serenity replied. "Honestly, I don't think
there's anything that girl can't do - - except maybe be civil."

"And whose fault is that?" Luna asked pointedly.

"All right, I spoiled her. She's my baby and I can spoil her if I
want." And she shot Luna a quick tongue. The black cat just shook her
head in frustration.

The quartet entered the reception room. Waiting there were Usa,
Hotaru, Usa's senshi, Diana, and Serenity's senshi. Each traveler wore
backpacks that contained a miniature power pack that generated a spatial
warp inside the pack that allowed each one to carry the equivalent of
the contents of two twentieth century suitcases. Everyone turned to
face them as the royal couple entered the room. The Amazoness senshi
instantly sank to one knee.

"Oh, get up," fussed Serenity. "Oh, Usa, I'm going to miss you!"
and she hugged her daughter.

"Yeah, me too," Usa mumbled, shifting uncomfortably. She glanced
over at the others to make sure no one was amused.

"Did you pack your sonic dental rod?"


"And you packed enough clothes?"

"Uh huh."

"And you've got the scroll for Helios?"


"Do you all remember how to teleport?"

"Yes, Mother."

"And you remember the way?"

"Yes, Mother."

"And . . ."


"I know, I know. I'm fussing too much. I'll stop now."
Impulsively, she grabbed her daughter's hands. "Just . . . promise me
you'll be careful."

"Mother, we're just going to Elysian!"

"I know. It's just - - it's a really big universe out there and,
and not everyone is a nice person."

"Wow, when's the last time you ever heard the Queen say something
like that?" Ves-Ves whispered to Jun-Jun.

"Mama, we'll be fine," Usa sighed, holding Serenity's upper arms.

"OK." Serenity lingered. "Are you sure you have your dental


"Fine," Serenity huffed. "Oh, I can't until you have kids!"
Makoto and Minako could be heard giggling. Rei cleared her throat
loudly. "Um, not that you need to work on that this minute!"

"Mother, if you're through humiliating me, can we go?" murmured

Endymion grasped Serenity by the arms and gently pulled her away.
He leaned in, kissed Usa on the cheek and whispered something in her
ear. Usa rolled her eyes and kissed him back.

Usa stuck her hand in the air and shouted, "Moon Prism Power Make
Up!" while Hotaru and the amazons produced their henshin sticks and
spoke their power phrases. When all were transformed, they formed a
circle and clasped hands. Dust and wind began whipping around them,
billowing their hair up into the air above them and billowing out their
skirts. When the whirlwind around them seemed to reach a crescendo, the
jewels on their tiaras began to glow. The beams met in the heart of the
circle and seemed to make the upper white of their uniforms glow

As one they all shouted "Sailor Teleport!" The light seemed to
engulf them. When it dissipated, they were gone.

"Be safe, my baby," Serenity whispered, tears welling in her eyes.

Continued in part 2