AN: Based on the anime-only scenes of Sakuno in a uniform during the Kantou Tournament. Set during the Kantou Tournament (Rikkai Dai) to after, right before the Jr Senbatsu Tournament and the whole Ryoma gets nominated for US Open thing.

My first twoshot! Still editing the second part, though.

Echizen Ryoma had to admit it was cute to see her in a boys' uniform, large on her small frame and pleasingly loose, at the Kantou Tournament Finals. After the stress of the earlier matches, Kikumaru-senpai had fairly hugged the girl during the break, exclaiming over her cuteness.

However, there was one thing bothering him about the entire thing, and when she followed him when he said he wanted to get a can of Ponta, he found the opportunity to ask about it.

"Ne, where did you get that uniform?"

Her confused look was appealing, but he still wanted an answer so he pressed on. "The one you are wearing now."

She blushed at the seemingly random question. "Ah, Kachiro-kun lent it to me. Katsuo-kun lent Tomo-chan the one she is wearing."

He didn't know why that seemed irritating to him, though he knew Kachiro was the safest option of the three. At least it wasn't Horio. "It's kind of large on you."

Still confused, she tugged at the sleeves, pulling them down in such an innocent manner that he inwardly groaned. "Mou, Ryoma-kun, Kachiro is already the shortest guy in our class."

He pulled down his cap, not wanting her to see him blush if he were actually blushing. "Why did you wear it anyway? Couldn't you get in without the boys' uniform? It's not like you look like a guy at all even with that." He sighed as he gazed at her form, no matter how he looked at it, she could never disguise herself as a guy; she was too cute for anyone to be fooled, not that he would ever admit that to anyone. To save face because he felt he was starting to blush (if he wasn't already blushing at the time), "You didn't even try to disguise your hair." He tugged at a braid, causing a pained squeak.

"Mou, Ryoma-kun, we didn't really mean to disguise ourselves as boys."

"So why-"

"Oi, Echizen!" Startled, the two turned to see Momo-senpai grinning at them. "It's good to be young, but it's almost time for our match, Buchou is calling us."

And that was the end of that conversation, Ryuzaki's surprisingly appealing image pushed to the back of his mind as he focused on watching his teammates exhibit their numerous physics-defying tennis moves.

"Ne, ne, why did Ryuzaki-chan and Osakada-chan actually wear the boys' uniforms?" He heard Kikumaru-senpai ask during practice the next day while he was drinking Ponta nearby. Irritated, he pulled down his cap.

Katsuo spoke up, "I think Osakada-san actually wanted to wear something different but…" his voice trailed off as he gazed over at Kachiro who looked embarrassed and decided to continue what his friend had been saying. "Ano, senpai, Ryuzaki-san told me she was too shy to wear what Osakada-san had prepared, so she suggested the boys' uniform, since it kind of looks like the formal cheering uniforms also, being black and all. Like what the Rikkai Dai cheerleaders were wearing."

"Ah, new data" and everyone gasped at Inui-senpai who had seemingly popped out of nowhere and was scribbling in a notebook. "How do you know this, Kachiro-kun?"

"Ah," and he frowned at the blush on Kachiro's face, "Ryuzaki-san told me after she asked to borrow one of my uniforms."

"EHHH?" Everyone but Katsuo cried, "Ryuzaki/Ryuzaki-chan borrowed your uniform?" Everyone's eyes turned to him, and he pulled down his cap quickly, hoping they didn't sense his growing irritation.

"Aa, she did. Osakada-san borrowed Katsuo-kun's."

He was about to drink from his Ponta can again in irritation when he was suddenly hugged by Kikumaru-senpai and dragged over to the rest of the people in the conversation. "Did you hear that, Ochibi? Ryuzaki-chan borrowed Kachiro-kun's uniform! Why didn't you lend yours to her?"

"She never asked," he muttered to gasps from everyone else, even the Ichinen Trio.

"Ne, ne, Ochibi, maybe she likes Kachiro-kun more than you!"

"For someone as shy as Ryuzaki, for her to ask someone if she could borrow his uniform would mean that she probably likes that person a lot or feels comfortable with him enough to ask, 100%."

His irritated grunt was heard by everyone involved, the Ichinen Trio stepping back in fear.

"Don't worry, Ryoma-kun," and Kachiro spoke quickly, afraid for his life after he first sensed the irritation rolling off the Tennis Prince, "She told me that she didn't want to disturb you, that's why she asked me!"

"And why would she think that she would disturb Echizen-kun, Kachiro-kun?" Inui-senpai's glasses flashed.

Kachiro looked like a deer caught in the headlights, the way his eyes widened with something akin to fear.

"Because he's always so cold to all the girls, of course" and everyone turned to Horio, who had his nose stuck up in the air. "She probably felt too scared of him, even though-"

"Everyone, thirty laps!" Oishi cried, causing everyone to stiffen. "Why is everyone just gathered here and not doing rallies!" The Ichinen Trio immediately ran off, leaving the regulars alone.

"But, but Oishi," Kikumaru-senpai cried, "we were talking about Ochibi's Ryuzaki-chan!"

"You were…?" The vice-captain looked concerned. "Is something wrong with Ryuzaki-chan?"

"Nothing," he gritted out. "And she's not my Ryuzaki, Kikumaru-senpai."

"So young, so young," and it was a foregone conclusion that Momo-senpai would appear from nowhere.

"Well, if there's nothing wrong," said Oishi-senpai, still looking confused, "Then everyone run 30 laps!"

"Hidoi, Oishi," cried Kikumaru-senpai, jumping on the vice-captain. Everyone else just decided to run the laps before he decided to add any more, like Tezuka-buchou usually did when he wasn't obeyed quickly. Even with his crappy drawing skills, Oishi-senpai had become truly their Captain, and thus was not to be underestimated.

She appeared with Osakada-san after 3/4ths of practice, both with large paper bags as well as their own school bags.

"Katsuo-kun! Kachiro-kun!" Osakada's voice was as loud as ever, and he saw Ryuzaki out of the corner of his eye being dragged by that girl towards the Ichinen Trio, who had just appeared near the clubhouse.

"What are you doing here, Osakada?" he heard Horio cry.

"None of your business!" cried Osakada.

He started walking in that direction under the pretense of getting a towel from the clubhouse, ignoring the knowing smirk on Inui-senpai's face.

"Ne, Tomo-chan, it's okay," pacified Ryuzaki. "Ah, Kachiro-kun, Katsuo-kun, we just came to return your uniforms, we washed them. Arigatou," she bowed as she handed over the large paper bags.

"It's no problem, Ryuzaki-san" said Katsuo and Kachiro, the latter still blushing probably from remembering the conversation earlier.

"Ah, Kachiro-kun and Katsuo-kun" Ryuzaki took two small wrapped packages from her own school bag, "I made some cookies last night for both of you as thanks also, I hope they taste well" she blushed as she offered them to the two boys.

"A-arigatou, Ryuzaki-san!" Kachiro said cheerfully as he accepted the cookies from the shy girl, "I'm sure they will!"

"Of course they will," said Katsuo. "Arigatou, Ryuzaki-san!"

"Ne, Ryuzaki, why didn't you borrow mine instead?" Horio whined, drooling over the cookies. "I, of course, have 2 years of tennis experience-"

"No one would want to borrow your uniform, Horio!" cried Osakada.

"Nande?" Horio shouted, "Why not?" He turned to Ryuzaki, "wouldn't you have wanted to borrow mine, Ryuzaki?" She started stammering, and he felt that irritating feeling building up again at the back of his head.

He rubbed his head, deciding to make himself known. "Ne, you're too noisy."

Immediately the five people stilled, Horio gaping like a fish. "Echizen! What are you doing here?"

"I'm a member of the tennis team," he deadpanned, a glare sent full blast Horio's way which made him slump to the ground.

"Gomen, Ryoma-kun" Ryuzaki looked remorseful.

"You weren't the one shouting," he said gruffly as he entered the clubhouse.

"Ha-i…" she trailed off, and everyone stared at the closed door in confusion. One could figuratively see question marks over their heads as they puzzled over his remark.

After an awkward silence, they heard shouting, "Oishi, play a match with me-nya!"

"Ah!" Ryuzaki cried, "let's watch the senpais," and he opened the door to see her pretty much dragging everyone over to the next court, with one worried look back at the clubhouse. Their eyes met, and she blushed as she turned back to her friends.

After practice, he saw her wave goodbye to Osakada as she said she had to leave to prepare an early dinner for her grandmother. Seeing that no one was looking, he picked up his stuff and ran after her, only slowing down when he was right behind her.

"Are you going to wear the boys' uniform again for Nationals?"

She squeaked, turning around and almost falling. "Ryoma-kun!"

"Ne?" He fell in step with her, a hand steadying her arm.

She blushed at the contact, "I don't know, it depends on Tomo-chan. I just hope she doesn't choose anything too revealing next time."

Even with the irritation of the conversation earlier at practice still at the back of his head, he smirked at seeing her flush. "Ne, next time, just ask me."


He grabbed her braid, pulling it, smirking at the squeak of pain she emitted. "I'll lend you mine."

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