I haven't posted in a while but I have really enjoyed writing this little heartwarming piece so I decided to share. I actually had about 5 really great stories done and ready to go and I lost the SD card that held them. Needless to say I was a tad upset with myself.

This is unbeta'd so I apologize for any mistakes. I am looking for a reliable beta so please PM me if you would like to volunteer.

So without further ado:

Sam flopped down on her small sofa and popped the top off a water bottle. She loved her job at Area 51 but even for a workaholic like herself eighteen hours a day for two weeks straight was a bit much. She missed her family, especially Lizzie. They hadn't spoken in over a week and hadn't seen each other in months. Her foster-sister was working in D.C. at George Washington University. It was her dream teaching job and she was excited for her.

Sam was now a Captain in the Air Force and was finishing her first five-year assignment at Area 51. She had been here for just over a year and it still amazed her. She was planning on signing on for another 5 or more years. Her father was a General in Washington and she knew that staying in the Air Force would make him proud. She had done her time in combat but she loved her research and couldn't think of wanting to do anything else.

She was in love with her work and wasn't interested in starting a family or even having a boyfriend. Her foster-sister Lizzie wanted nothing more. They had met the first day of their freshman year of high school. Both were young, Lizzie was just turning thirteen and Sam had just turned eleven. They were both prodigies' trying to find their way in place where everyone was at least two to seven years older than they were. They had become instant best friends, something neither of them had had before. Being a military brat, Sam was always moving around and Lizzie had been in foster care since she was a toddler.

Sam was brought out of her thoughts by the ringing of her cell phone. "Hey there," she said with a smile excited to be finally talking to her closest friend.

"Hey Sammie," said Lizzie. Sam could immediately tell that something was wrong.

"What is it?" she asked as she sat down.

Two years later…

Sam was exhausted… she hated moving and this move had been a bad one. Even though she was now just an Air Force Consultant they still had no problems picking her up from her life in D.C. and moving her to Colorado Springs.

But this was an opportunity of a lifetime. Instead of just working on the artifacts that came through the Stargate she would now be working with the teams that actually went and got them. She might even be able to go through the gate herself, as long as it was a low risk assignment.

She looked at the clock and shot up out of her chair. She was meeting with the lead team, the famous SG-1, in less than ten minutes and she had to navigate her way through the underground maze that was Cheyenne Mountain.

Jack sat grumpily in his chair, tempted to spin it around until he got so dizzy that he passed out. He hated briefings, especially ones where he would be meeting new scientists. Dr. Carter was the new head of R&D and would even be allowed to go out on missions. 'Just great', he grumbled. It had taken him several years to break in Daniel and now he would have to start all over again.

"Don't look so grumpy Jack," teased Daniel from the other side of the room. "I hear this Dr. Carter is brilliant. You know they were the one who created the base dialing program as well as the Iris."

"I really don't care what he did Daniel," he harrumphed as he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. "All I know is that I am probably going to be stuck with babysitting duty."

Daniel felt bad keeping some information to himself but he knew the look on his friends face was going to be well worth it. He looked over at his other teammate, Chuck Kowalski, and grinned. Somehow he had already met Dr. Carter and knew that Jack was going to be blown away. Of course he was in on the joke, how could he resist watching the stoic Jack O'Neill trip over his own tongue.

The door opened just as Daniel was going to say something to wind Jack up a bit more. Jack and Chuck quickly stood at attention as General Hammond entered the room.

"At ease," said the General.

"Gentleman, I would like to introduce Dr. Samantha Carter, our new Civilian Director of R&D.

Jack looked over and was actually taken aback at the site of the new lead scientist. Holy shit, were the only words that came to his mind. Scientists are not supposed to be that hot. If so than he certainly wouldn't have complained about showing her around and potential babysitting duty. Though babysitting would be the ideal word because she was very young, mid-twenties at most. She had that sexy librarian quality about her that he found completely fascinating. He hadn't realized he was staring until he heard Daniel and Chuck snicker so he turned and glared. He knew those smirks and they had totally set him up. Their time would come, revenge was always sweet.

"Daniel, it is so good to see you again," said Dr. Carter dragging Jack from his thoughts.

"Sam," he said with a smile as he got up and gave her a brief hug, "It's been what three years."

"Just about," she said with a melancholy smile. She was really hoping he wouldn't ask why she had left Area 51. She wasn't comfortable discussing that with anyone just yet, it was still too raw.

"Dr. Carter let me introduce the rest of SG-1," said General Hammond as he motioned around the room. "You of course already know Daniel from your work at 51. Next we have Colonel Jack O'Neill head of our flagship team and my 2IC."

"Colonial O'Neill it is a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to our working together."

Jack so desperately wanted to say something cool that would totally impress her. It was just going to be hard to manage that in front of his commanding officer and two best friends. He looked over and yup, Danny and Chuck were smiling at him, they were both in on the secret. Assholes.

"Likewise," he grunted out and then quickly looked ahead to dismiss her from further conversation. He was such a putz, he thought to himself.

General Hammond was startled for a moment by his 2IC's cold attitude but he quickly moved on. "And this is Major Charles Kowalski" he continued.

"Mam," said Charlie as he nodded his head and smiled.

Sam felt more at ease with the Major than she did with the sour Colonel. She had already been warned that the former Black Ops Colonel was as intimidating as he was handsome.

"And this is Teal'c," said the General. "He is a Free Jaffa Warrior from the planet Chulak and the newest member of SG-1."

Sam looked up at the massive Jaffa and did her best to smile, "Teal'c it is a pleasure meeting you. Though I have worked with many alien artifacts, you are first person I have met from a different planet."

Teal'c looked down at the fair Earth woman intently. He could see intelligence in her eyes as well as much hardship and amazing strength. She would make a fine leader for this base's research department. He nodded his head in approval and gave a slight bow.

"He doesn't say much," said the Major, "But he's the first man you'd want by your side in a fire fight."

Teal'c looked over at the major and nodded his head in appreciation of the compliment.

"Why don't we all have a seat and you can tell the team your pans for the SGC," said the General.

"Thank you General," said Sam as she took the seat to his right. "Why don't I tell you all a little bit about myself," she said with a smile. Might as well put it all out in the open, well not everything, she didn't want to break down into tears on her first day.

"My last assignment was as an Air Force research scientist at 51 until I resigned my commission to care for a family member. I did a short stint in D.C as a contracted civilian lobbying for the SGC. I was brought here to do little housecleaning and streamline some of the more antiquated departments."

"Thank you Dr. Carter," said the General with a smile. He knew Jacob's daughter would be just what this base needed. They were in danger of losing some of their funding and with Sam being retired military she knew just what was needed to keep this place going. He and Jacob had gone way back and he was thrilled that his daughter wanted to work at the SGC. She was beyond qualified so it was no problem getting her contract transferred from Washington.

After the meeting Sam went directly to her lab to finish some paperwork and to start reorganizing to disaster that was to be her new home. Her predecessor was frightfully disorganized and pretty much a slob, she couldn't wait to change clothes and do some serious scrubbing. She was afraid to touch her lab table.

She did paperwork till about 1700 hours then grabbed something to eat from the cafeteria. She was going to take her tray back to her lab when she heard someone call her name.

"Daniel," she said in pleasant surprise.

"Have a seat Dr. Carter," said Major Kowalski as he motioned for her to the seat across from them.

"Thank you Major," she smiled.

"Heading back to your lab to get some more work done?" asked Daniel.

"Yes, I am afraid I have hours of work ahead of me. Dr. Smith wasn't the most organized scientist."

"Most of us were afraid to even go in there," laughed Daniel. "He locked it so the cleaning crew couldn't get at it afraid they would move something. I fear for what you might find."

They chatted pleasantly for a few minutes until Sam felt someone behind her. She looked up to see the Colonel looking as sour as ever. Did the man ever smile?

"Glad you could join us Jack," said Daniel with a smirk.

Again the Colonel just grimaced and sat down next to Dr. Carter.

He swiftly began shoveling food into his mouth barely lifting his head from his dish. Everyone at the table looked on in shock. Once finished he stood up ramrod straight turned deposited his tray and left the room.

"I don't think the Colonel likes me very much?" said Sam with a frown.

"Nah, that's just Jack being Jack," said Kowalski. "He's never been fond of scientists."

Sam looked up startled from him frank admission. "Really?"

"That's not completely true Sam," said Daniel trying to reassure her while giving Charlie a dirty look. "I'm one of his closest friends."

"Is it because I am a woman in charge?" she asked. Maybe he was a chauvinist?

"No, Jack likes women," said Charlie with an insightful smirk.

"Oh," frowned Sam. Maybe it was because she was smart and didn't spend her time primping herself in the mirror. She knew she wasn't ugly but she was no beauty queen either. Her work clothes were not very flattering and neither were her sensible shoes. She was usually in a rush in the morning so she never had time to put in her contacts and most days all she could manage to do with her too thick hair was brush it and put it up in a ponytail to keep it out of her face while she worked. But dammit she was comfortable with her looks. She knew that if she took the time she could doll herself up and show off some of her better assets but why should she bother just to work ten to twelve hours a day. She was so exhausted most of the time that she didn't have the energy to care.

Sam went back to her lab and switched into a pair of running shorts and a tank top. She wanted to clean for an hour and then head to the gym to get in a run. In D.C. there were lovely parks to run at but here she would have to settle for a treadmill that was 25 levels below ground. Luckily she lived in a decent sized neighborhood and could run there on the weekends.

Running always felt good to her. It was the perfect time to catch up on some reading or to just clear her head. The treadmills at the SGC were nice because they were big enough to accommodate the larger Marines that were stationed here. It was nice to have plenty of room to stretch out her stride and relax a bit. She was 30 minutes into her run when for the second time that day she felt someone staring at her. She looked up into the wall mirror and was a bit shocked to see the sour Colonel on a treadmill behind her.

She smiled at him causing him to skip a step and almost trip. That would have been bad. She could just imagine how much he would really hate her if she saw him trip. Men like the Colonel did not take embarrassment well. Instead he used the flub as an excuse to look down and up his speed accelerating him from a comfortable jog to a brisk run.

Sam tried not to feel slighted but how could she not? The colonel had barely said a word to her and he was the one she was going to work with the most. How could she cooperate with a man like that?

She finished her run and went straight to the locker room not even bothering to acknowledge the sour Colonel as he continued on full tilt. She tried extra hard not to notice how incredibly sexy he looked while dripping with sweat and focused on his run.

As soon as the good doctor made it into the locker room Jack slowed his machine down to a more comfortable pace. Running at an extreme speed had worked wonders to keep his mind off Dr. Cater as she ran in front of him in her skin-tight shorts and cropped running tank. Good God was she trying to kill him! He knew there would be curves under that white lab coat but was it absolutely necessary for him to be subject to all of them all at once? Unfortunately, he hadn't noticed her until he had already started running and he couldn't exactly switch machines without looking like an idiot. My God he almost tripped and made a complete fool of himself! He was such a putz.



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