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The next morning Sam made an effort to wear something a little more flattering and even attempted mascara and lipstick. She wasn't trying to impress anyone, just feel a bit better about herself after the disaster in the gym last night.

The morning briefing was a bit tense but she made it through and went straight to her lab. Of course she tried again to take her lunch back to her lab but was stopped by Daniel and Kowalski and ended up sitting next to the sour colonel. This time she made an effort to seem friendly hoping he would join into the conversation. No such luck.

The next week passed just the same. Sam would try to be as nice as possible during briefings and at lunch but the colonel was always standoffish. He had barely spoken three words to her. The only time she felt at ease in his presence was at the base gym. They both enjoyed running after work and seemed to hold the same schedule. They now ran right next to each other in companionable silence.

The next week things started picking up for Sam, she was getting very busy in her lab and found herself staying later and later. Somehow she still made it to the gym at the same time each night. She wouldn't miss running with the colonel, even if they never spoke to each other.

This schedule continued for the next few weeks. Eventually Jack started talking during lunch and acting a bit more like himself around the new doctor. Sam enjoyed hearing all the stories of their off world adventures, sometimes wishing she could get the chance to go through the gate. She had no idea why the colonel had acted so strangely towards her but she was glad that he was at least joining the conversations now.

One of her biggest surprises occurred directly after a Friday morning briefing. The Colonel kept looking at her strangely, like he was trying to figure something out. Finally halfway through the meeting it looked as though he figured it out and he went back to paying attention, though he would still steal glances at her every now and then.

As everyone was filing from the room he walked up to her, "No glasses," he said as he smiled triumphantly. It was the first genuine smile she had seen on him and it revealed a little of what the ladies on the base swooned over. He really was an extrememly handsome man.

"Excuse me," she said taken aback a bit. Her stomach had suddenly decided to rebell and do all kinds of flip flops and she was not happy about it.

"Where are your glasses?" he asked with another breathtaking smile. "You normally wear glasses."

"Oh," she said nervously. She had actually found her contacts in one of the bathroom moving boxes and decided to give them a try.

"Contacts," she said as her hand automatically went up to touch her non-existant frames.

He smiled at her again, "You have really nice eyes, but I like your glasses," he said with a chuckle, "they go with that really big brain of yours." He chuckled again and walked away.

She must have looked like a fish out of water. Not only did he say more than two words directly to her but they had actually engaged in a small, though extremely awkward, conversation. Had he complimented her? It was hard to tell.

She stood there gob-smacked for a few minutes until she heard someone come up the spiral staircase. She lifted her hand to adjust her glasses again but sighed in frustration when she realized they weren't there.

She decided to go burry herself in her work again, it was easier than trying to deal with these confusing emotions. She had enough on her plate than to deal with bi-polar Colonels who ignored her one minute and the next one told her they liked her eyes. Why had she even begun to try and improve her looks. She was a scientist not a runway model. She didn't have time worry about whether or not people thought she was pretty. She wished he had complimented her on her latest piece of work, that she could deal with.

On Monday Jack waited patiently for Dr. Cater at lunch. Was he the only one concerned that she had not shown up? What was keeping her? He wasn't aware of any emergencies while he was away for a few days leave. So where was she?

He tried not to let his day get away from him being preoccupied about why she had skipped lunch. He felt some relief when the clock approached 1900 hours. He would certainly see her for their run wouldn't he?

By 1930 he was worried. Where was she? He didn't dare go by her lab because he didn't want to call attention to the fact that he was worried about her.

The next day he suited up for his mission and went to the gate room. Dr. Carter had started showing up and wishing them luck from the control room. He tried not to be upset when she didn't make it for their departure.

By the second day of the mission Daniel and Chuck were ready to hand Jack over to the Gou'ld. Teal'c hadn't said a word, system lords had a tendency to be horrible on their best days so cranky Jack was still not a problem.

"Ok, Jack out with it!" steamed Kowalski. "You have been a complete ass since we came through the gate."

Jack just snarled at his best friend and continued to walk through the dense vegetation. There was nothing wrong with him, he was the same as always. Wasn't he known for being a hard ass? Well, maybe not to his friends? But screw them! If they didn't like his attitude so what, he was the leader of SG-1 and they would follow his orders no matter how they were given.

He continued to grumble for the next day until finally they made it back through the gate and to their post mission check-ups.

Daniel and Chuck were now both in horrible moods because of their cantankerous Colonel and couldn't wait to be rid of him.

"What is with you three?" asked Janet as she observed their behavior. "Were you exposed to some alien virus or something?"

"Ask Jack," huffed Daniel. "He's been in right foul mood for the three days."

"You're all as bad as Dr. Carter," sighed Janet. "I had to practically drag her out of her lab kicking and screaming last night."

This caught Jack's attention. "What did you say?" he asked.

"Dr. Carter has been locked in her lab for the past week obsessed with new contraption and I had to threaten her with an IV drip if she didn't eat or sleep.

"Am I done?" he asked the nurse who was taking just a little too much time checking his vitals. "Yes sir," she said sweetly and batted her eyelashes at him. Jack just rolled his eyes hopped off the bed and took off towards the cafeteria.

Daniel rubbed his arm when he felt Chuck smack him, "What!" he exclaimed.

"You're more clueless than he is," complained Chuck. "Dr. Carter has been locked up in her lab for the past week," he said as if it were obvious.

"So," said Daniel, "I lock myself up in my lab all the time."

Chuck rolled his eyes and almost laughed when he noticed Janet smiling. She got it why couldn't Daniel.

"Yes, you big moron, and we don't care when do that. But when was the last time we saw Dr. Carter?" he asked.

"I don't know," said a now annoyed Daniel. "Probably the Friday morning briefing before the mission. Why?"

Janet sighed and tried to hide her laughter behind her chart.

"And when did Jack get his head stuck up his ass?" asked a frustrated Chuck.

"I don't know, he's been an ass all week," he said slowly as it finally hit him.

"Holy Shit!" he said with a laugh.

"Holy Shit," mimicked Chuck as he swung his arm around Daniel, "It seems our best friend is smitten with our new CD.

"I mean I knew he had a thing for blonds and Sam is very attractive, but she's a scientist. That is not Jack's type at all."

"I think it's romantic," said Janet with a sigh.

Both men looked at her in shock.

Embarrassed, she quickly grabbed the other charts and busied herself them.


Sam looked up from her computer screen when she heard someone clear their throat.

"Colonel O'Neil," she said around a yawn, "What are you doing here? Did you just get back from P3X-572Y?"

"Yes and while I was getting checked out Dr. Frasier let slip that you've locked yourself in here and were barely eating or sleeping." He slid her laptop away and put the tray down in front her. She had to smile when she noticed that it was one of her typical meals, a spinach salad with grilled chicken and granny smith apple and a side of blue Jell-O.

"Colonel O'Neill, you shouldn't have," she was embarrassed that he had been observing her to the point where he knew her favorite foods and she had never noticed. What kind of scientist was she?

"We can't afford for anything to happen to that big brain of yours now can we? Who would fix the gate?"

Sam giggled. It was probably the exhaustion but she had actually giggled like a teenager.

Jack couldn't help but stare as her innocent giggle revealed one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen. It actually lit up the room, and Jack O'Neill hated clich├ęs.

"Now eat," he said in an obvious mock command.

"Would you like to join me?" she asked shyly, "I'll share my Jell-0."

"How could I refuse an offer like that."

For the next hour they casually chatted about everything and anything. Sam found out that the colonel loved the Simpson's and hockey. She was a bit shocked to hear that he was divorced but didn't pry as to the reasons. She had a feeling it had been something devastating. The colonel was too devoted of a man to leave someone over something trivial. It must have been horrible for their marriage to end in divorce.

Jack tried to ask Dr. Carter questions but she was a master at diversionary tactics and he was ex black ops and a master strategist. He had found out that Dr. Carter's father was actually General Jacob Carter and she had been stationed all over the world while growing up. To his surprise he also found out that the doctor was a retired Air Force Major and had even flown over the Gulf during Desert Storm. She had originally wanted to work for NASA until she had been introduced to the Stargate program. She was also level 5 hand to hand and even though she was retired she still maintained her certification. Why wasn't she on an SG team?

Finally Dr. Cater had to go back to work. Jack collected her tray and made his way out of her lab, whistling his way to his office to complete his mission report.


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