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Jennifer Knight was currently rushing around her bedroom preparing for her date tonight. Compared to the last few guys she dated this guy was perfect. He was an all-out gentleman which is a hard find in the 21st century. As of now they've only been on two dates, well if you consider getting coffee a date. Thomas Luther was his name and he had Jennifer completely smitten by his good looks and charm. Which is why she wanted this date to be perfect because what are the odds that a super-hot man with no kids and tons of money would go for an average looking, single mother of three, who currently works two jobs to make ends meet.

She was dressed in a nice long red dress that was cut-off at the knees, hair up in a nice bun, she had on a nice set of red heels, and only thing she was missing was her favorite pair earrings that Kendall got for her on her last birthday. She was relieved when she found them sitting in her little jewelry box Carlos had gave to her when she picked him up from the orphanage. She took one last look in the mirror before doing a twirl in front of the mirror. "I look beautiful" she thought before heading down the stairs.

Downstairs she saw Kendall and Carlos wresting on the couch and Katie texting on her phone while laughing at her older brothers. She loved her kids they were the world to her. She loved them more than life itself and she would be devastated if anything threatened to break the bond between her and her kids.

She stood on the bottom step smiling at the scene in front of her when she heard a loud crash and was snapped out of her daydream. She looked and saw that Carlos had knocked over a wooden end table in their living room.

"TAP OUT TAP OUT", Kendall shouted as he wrestled Carlos to the ground and pinned him twisting his arm up. Carlos starting hitting the floor with his free hand anything for Kendall to let go of his arm. Kendall let go and stood up victorious "You're never gonna beat me Carlos, just stop and give it up", he said extending his hand out to help Carlos up. Carlos glared at Kendall and grabbed his hand standing up and rubbing his arm.

"You don't have to be so rough all the time Kendall" Carlos pouted.

"I take no prisoners buddy" he said ruffling Carlos hair. "Hey mom you look fancy where you going"

"Kendall I told you this already I have a date night"

"Whoa you have date tonight since when?" Carlos said walking over to the couch.

"Mom ignore them their guys", Katie said shutting her phone. "You look beautiful tonight, is he taking you some place fancy?"

"Café Renaissance" Kendall, Carlos, and Katie all looked at each other this guy must be rich if he can afford dinner at that place. "I'll be gone late tonight so Kendall you're in charge of dinner tonight make sure Katie and Carlos are in bed by 9 and-" she was cut off when the door bell rung. "No parties and no company" she said answering the door.

"Well hello there" Thomas greeted. Jennifer couldn't stop the blush that spread across her face even if she tried. There is something about the way Thomas could talk to her that could melt her heart. In her eyes he was pure perfection. "You there?"

"Oh yeah sorry come in I want you to meet someone" she said gesturing him inside the house. "These are my lovely kids, this is Kendall, Carlos, and Katie". Thomas shook Kendall's hand for some reason he skipped Carlos and went straight to Katie. Carlos looked hurt for a second but he quickly recovered. When he got to Katie he grabbed her hand and kissed it, looking her straight in the eyes giving her a rather lust filled look, like he was ready to devour her in front Jennifer.

"Yeah I think it's time for you guys to go" Kendall said getting Thomas attention off of Katie.

"Oh you're right" he said looking at his watch. "Dinner reservations are at seven, nice to meet you Kendall see you later Katie." Carlos looked hurt again was he invisible or something, Kendall gave him a soft pat on the shoulder silently telling him to cheer up.

"Ok Kendall remember what I said bedtime is 9, you're in charge of dinner tonight, and no company"

"I remember mom have fun" he said kissing her on the cheek. He waved goodbye again as he saw them pull out of their driveway and disappear around the corner. He hoped his mom have fun she deserved it, but there is something about this guy that seriously bothered him. Maybe it was the way he was undressing Katie with eyes, or the way he avoided Carlos like he had some life threatening illness, or the way his mom seemed oblivious to the way he treated Carlos and Katie. He didn't know what it was but he knew that he didn't want that man around his family.

"I don't like him" Carlos spoke first breaking Kendall from his trance.

"Yeah I don't like him either, I'm getting major creeper vibes from him", Katie said. Kendall didn't know what to do he wanted his mom to be happy she deserved it, 16 years of rising three kids by herself she deserved at least some type of happiness. At the same time though Kendall had to protect his younger siblings from harm and Kendall just had this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that this man is just not right in the head. The way he avoided Carlos just did not sit right with Kendall and the way his were glued on Katie the whole time raised some serious suspicion in Kendall.

"What do you think Kendall?"

Kendall didn't know who spoke but he knew that they were both probably asking the same thing. "I think if he makes mom happy then we should at least give him a chance". Kendall saw the disappointed look in Carlos and Katie's faces; he knew that they were hoping he felt the same way they did. "But if you two don't feel comfortable around him then I want you to stay away from him"

Carlos and Katie perked up when Kendall said that they didn't need to be told twice they were going to avoid him at all cost. Kendall stepped in between them and wrapped his arms around their shoulders and steered them toward the kitchen.

"Besides you guys know how mom is picky when it comes to the men she dates if we don't like them then their out, I'll give this guy two weeks maybe a month tops" Kendall said making Katie and Carlos giggle.

Kendall was silently praying he was right but he didn't know how wrong he was.

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