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"Please stop" Katie begged and pleaded with all her might, but it only fell on deaf ears because Thomas still continued his relentless assault on her neck and jawline. She tried fighting him but he was to strong, plus his warning was still fresh in her mind but if he loved her as much as he said he did would he really do that? Surely that would kill her then where would he be?

Katie tried one more time to push the weight off of her but her actions came to a halt when painful grip latched on to her left thigh. "I don't want to hurt you Katie" Thomas voice came out low and scratchy probably from all the moaning and groaning he was doing. "Sit back and relax who knows you might actually enjoy this" and with that his tantalizingly slow kisses moved down toward her chest while his hands moved to the bottom of her shirt slowly lifting it up exposing her flawless skin.

"This is it" she thought. This is the moment where her innocence her purity is about to forcefully be ripped away from her. What would she do after this? No way would she tell Kendall or Carlos. Would they even be able to look at her after this. Would they even call her baby sister anymore after this. What would her mom think? She hardly cared for them now as it is, she would probably just throw her out on the streets is where she belonged surely she didn't want a whore for a daughter.

The names. The names would start to pour in, raining down on her, scrapping away at her subconscious till there was nothing there. Whore, slut, hooker, harlot, floozy, hussy the list went on and on. Katie didn't know how she would handle it, no scratch that she couldn't handle it. "I have to kill myself" she thought. It made sense right? No one wants a whore in their family. No one wants to be friends with a slut. No one wants a hussy to work for them. No one.

Katie laid there her form stilled waiting for that one blow that would mean her life was over. This was already painful enough but she knew something more painful was waiting for her on the horizon, yet it never came.

Katie sat up on her elbows, she was mesmerized that she didn't feel the heavy weight of Thomas still on her chest. She sat up and saw Thomas and Carlos wrestling in the far corner of her room. When did Carlos get in here? She didn't know but she sent a million prayers to the heavens that he was there.

"Run Katie" he screamed while trying to fight off Thomas. It was a losing battle though. Thomas is almost a full foot taller than Carlos and his arms looked liked solid lead pipes that you would see in a basement. There was no way Carlos could win even he knew that, but he had to save his baby sister from this psycho.

Katie didn't know what to do, stay and help Carlos or go and try to fine help, maybe Logan or James could help. They were also like older brothers to her and Carlos they would definitely help. Then again it's 4 in the morning they were without a doubt asleep and by the time they got here Thomas would have been done killing Carlos.

She didn't know what to do, now she knew how Kendall felt. She gripped the sides of her head out of frustration. "Think Katie think", she muttered to herself, but everything she came up with had some type of negative consequence. Unless, no way that wouldn't work or would it? Without a second thought Katie jumped up from her bed and zipped down the hall leaving Carlos to fend for himself.

"You're dead kid" Thomas screamed as he charged directly towards Carlos. In one swift move he lifted Carlos' entire body off the ground and threw him towards the ground. Hard. Pain started in his head and spread throughout the rest of his body like wildfire. He hit his head so hard that white spots started to cloud his vision. He wondered if a person could die from sensory overload due to pain, if they could he would be dead by now.

"I almost had her" he screamed before he started bringing his fist down on Carlos face. Each one with an explosive amount of force behind it. "She was almost mine" Thomas yelled his face contorted with rage, nostrils flaring he was well beyond pissed, he was so close to claiming Katie as his own. So close. This kid had to pay. He had to pay with his life.

Carlos was on the edge of unconscious and Thomas still didn't let up. He kept bringing his fist down on Carlos' face. "You just had to go and ruin something" he growled as his hands moved to Carlos' throat. He could feel the air getting cut off from his lungs. He could feel himself slowly blacking out until he couldn't hold on any longer and he finally succumbed to the darkness.

Carlos passed out but Thomas kept squeezing and squeezing making sure that he finished Carlos once and for all. Once he was done then Katie would be all his and nothing would be able to stop him then.

"Thomas?" He looked up and saw Jennifer and Katie standing in the doorway. He was caught red handed, his mind was already working a mile a minute to think of some deceitful lie. "What are you doing?" Jennifer asked silently praying that what she just saw wasn't real. Thomas was a good man a least that's what she told everybody, hopefully she told them truth. Katie however was blazing with anger they just caught Thomas lliterally beating Carlos within an inch of his life and he just tried to rape her, why was she giving him a chance to explain himself?

"It's not what it looks like" he began. He had never been caught before, he mentally berated himself for letting his anger have complete control but that wetback had to learn his lesson.

"It's not what it looks? You were choking my son." Jennifer voice was raising with anger. "What's this about trying to rape Katie."

"Jennifer listen she came on to me first."

"Mom he's lying" Katie yelled.

"Am I?" Thomas interjected. "Jennifer you have to believe me, I was just checking in on her making sure she was sleep and she started attacking me. I kept telling her to stop but she kept trying to get me to kiss her. She got mad then started crying, Carlos must've heard her crying and he came in here hitting me. He probably thought I did something to her. I was just defending myself, maybe I let my anger get the best of me but you have to understand. Please Jennifer" he begged. If he wasn't in such a serious situation at the moment he would be bursting with pride at the wonderful lie he just told.

Jennifer knew he was lying she wasn't that dense but that still did nothing to stop the suspicion that crept into her chest. Maybe Katie did have something for Thomas. Maybe Katie was jealous? Jealous because she had somebody to love her and Katie didn't. It was all starting to make sense.

"Just go to our room" Jennifer said trying to keep her ire in check. Thomas got up slowly taking extra precautions to hide the smile on his face. "She's such an idiot" he thought as he made his way to their shared room and laid comfortably in their bed.

Katie's eyes burned with tears, what more proof did she need to prove that their mom loved some maniac more than her own kids. She turned to look at Carlos' unconscious form lying in the middle of the floor. This was all her fault, maybe if she wasn't so weak and vulnerable she could have fought Thomas off herself and that way Carlos' wouldn't have gotten hurt.

"Carlos please wake up" she said softly trying her hardest to keep her tears at bay, but it was pointless. The tears rolled down her cheeks and landed on Carlos' bruised and battered face mixing in with the blood that was also on his face.

"I knew it"

Katie looked up at her mom only to be met with a hard slap across the face. "I knew it" she repeated anger evident in her face meanwhile Katie just stared at her Mom with a mixture of pain, confusion, and fear on her face. Her mom never hit her before or any of them, why now? "You stay away from him understand?" When Katie didn't answer immediately Jennifer raised her hand again in a threatening manner "I said understand" she repeated leaning into Katie's personal space. While she was in Katie's face, she caught a whiff of something that made her stomach turn. Jennifer was drinking alcohol and lots of it, Thomas was slowly but surely shaping their mother into something that Katie feared the most. An alcoholic. Which is how they lost their dad due to a drunk driver.

Katie was at a dead end, Kendall was gone, Carlos was practically gone, and their mom was gone. What else could she do? They were now living in Thomas' world so there was nothing she could do. She looked at her mom pain in her eyes and despair in her heart and admitted defeat by nodding her head.

Jennifer looked on in disgust before turning around and leaving a weeping Katie and unconscious Carlos to wallow in their thoughts. She didn't even once think to turn around and check to see if Carlos was alive or not. If he was alive well next time he'll think twice about attacking Thomas. If he was dead then well that really wasn't her problem because Carlos wasn't even her real son. He was just some lonely orphan that she felt sorry for at the time nothing more. What a minute Carlos was her son, her son that she loved just as much as Kendall and Katie. Then she realized she just slapped Katie across the face and sent Kendall to jail for protecting his younger brother and sister. "What is happening to me" she wondered as she laid down next to a snoring Thomas. She would check on Carlos in the morning.


The soothing early morning sunrays penetrated Carlos' closed eyelids slowly coaxing him from unconsciousness. He sat up slowly only lay to back down due to a throbbing headache. Felt like a marching band was throwing a parade inside his head and the sunlight seeping in through the blinds, buring his retinas wasn't helping his current situation either.

He tried sitting up again this time slowly and felt like he was having the an extreme case of vertigo, the room suddenly spinning wildly. What happened last night? Was he drunk? Is this what a hangover felt like? He didn't know well actually he sort of did know. All those times his father made him consume alcohol when he was younger just to entertain him and his friends. Then he would wake up hungover feeling just like how he felt now.

He wiped his hand over his forehead trying desperately to forget about his father. After the things he did to Carlos could he even call that man his father, after all what father would expose their son to drugs, alcohol, and sex at the age five against his will.

Carlos just sighed and shook his head trying desperately not to let those haunting memories back in his head. Once his eyes got adjusted to the sunlight he realized that he was in Katie's room lying on her floor which was wierd by the way, but was even wierder was the fact that he had no idea how he got here and why he felt like he got trampled at a Justin Bieber concert.

He heard a soft snore beside him and turned to stare at the sleeping peaceful face of his baby sister. She was such a devious little devil but when she was sleep words couldn't describe how adorable she was, almost like a hybrid between the world's cutest puppy and fluffy kitten.

Carlos cracked a small smile which was totally the wrong idea at the moment as pain radiated throughout his face causing him to let out a whimper. Seriously what happened last night?

"Carlos?" Katie said groggliy. She sat up slowly to find Carlos holding his face crying softly in his hands. "You ok" in hindsight she realized that was the dumbest question ever, of course he wasn't ok.

"No my face and my body and everything else hurts and I can't remember anything from last night." The look he gave Katie at that moment was enough to shatter her heart into a million pieces. A look oof pain, confusion, and sincerity.

He honestly didn't remember Thomas trying to rape her, he didn't remember Thomas beating him into a bloody pulp all because he was trying to save her. That worried Katie to no end, she knew he was hurt but didn't know the extent of his injuries. If he couldn't remember a thing from the night before then something must seriously be wrong with him.

Katie got up slowly and headed towards her vanity still tiredly rubbing sleep from her eyes, meanwhile Carlos just looked on in confusion. Once she found what she was looking for she returned to her spot next to Carlos on the floor with a mirror in her hands. She knew how he would react once he saw his face in the mirror but he had to know the truth. Once she handed him the mirror she closed her eyes because she knew the look on his face was to be the death of her.

She expected to here gasp, sobs, or even a rare curse word from Carlos but nothing of the sorts came from his mouth. She opened her eyes found Carlos just staring at himself in the mirror with a blank, stoic expression on his bruised and battered face. Definitely not a normal Carlos Garcia reaction. Katie sat and waited for him to say something, anything, she would have even settled with him yelling out corndog, at least he was saying something.

Carlos took in deep breath and let out huff man he missed Kendall. "At least he didn't get what he wanted" he said with a sad smile on his face.

Katie pitied the sad boy before her that he had to go through "this" all over again. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't be happy with a family. "At least he's not going through it alone" Katie thought to herself she wouldn't let him, she promised herself that she was going to be there for Carlos just like how he was there for her last night.

An even alarming thought hit her as they started getting ready for James and Logan to come pick them up "Kendall is going to flip his lid"

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