The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #10

Pen Name: thimbles

Pairing/Character(s): Bella/Edward

Rating: M

Word Count: 403

The music dances across my skin, the notes bursting against me. Fizzing. Like champagne bubbles on my tongue. Electronic blips and pulses bouncing off me. Tickling me. Making me smile.

He leans against the bar, beer in hand, a line of empty shot glasses at his elbow. His smile is lazy and drunk, but he watches me with an intensity that belies his inebriation.

"It's your birthday," I'd told him, mascara wand in hand. "You get to make a wish."

He kissed my neck, and I pushed him away. "You'll make me smudge it."

"What kind of wish?"

"Anything. Anything I can make come true."

He was quiet as I finished getting ready. Didn't try to kiss my lipstick off. Nodded absently when I asked if my earrings were too dangly.

When we got out of the cab, he grabbed my hand, pushed me up against the bricks in the alley, kissed me hard. There goes the lipstick.

"I love you."

"I love you, too." I giggled, lightheaded from his kiss.

"You know that, right? That I love you. Always."

"Like I know my own name."


I smiled. Ah. "For you. Anything."

He shook his head, lip between his teeth.

"Tell me," I said. "No judgement, you know that."

"I–I want … No, I can't."

"Tell me."

He spoke to his shoes. "Just a kiss. Not sex. A kiss."

"You or me?" I could watch him kiss someone else … Maybe … I hoped.

His head snapped up, eyes wide and round. "You."

"Kiss who?"

He swallowed hard. The words left his mouth slowly, testing the waters. "A girl. A stranger."

I'm lost in the music, in the swirl of bright lights and hot bodies. My skin prickles.

Through the chemical haze, I see her. Spiral curls glowing red under the lights, pale skin, pretty lips. I want to taste them. For him.

Edward keeps his distance as I move toward her, but I can feel the weight of his gaze. It makes me brave.

I whisper-shout in her ear, my hands on her waist. She grins, all cherry lips and wide, dark eyes.

We dance.

And dance.

And dance.

She doesn't seem to mind that my gaze is fixed over her shoulder as her small, soft hands slide over my curves.

He nods. Shifts his weight. Taps his chest once, over his heart.

And I kiss her.

For him.

Happy Birthday.

I've since decided I don't especially like this one ... but that's kind of this whole exercise, isn't it? Flashes that sometimes work and sometimes fail.

Thanks for reading! Shell x