(revised 10/11/02)

Siamese Whispers - Prologue

/5-22-01, 8:50 PM, abandoned factory in Los Angeles, CA/

Shit shit shit! I think my staking arm's broken. I /know/ my
head's broken - having it smacked into the cement wall hard
enough can do that. Can't think about it, gotta keep going
and ignore the blood that's dripping in my eyes and leaving
a nice trail for the vamps to follow. Gotta focus - can't
think about the pain. I'm not gonna give those Council fucks
the satisfaction of being vamp food. I'll take whatever they
throw at me and survive. It's what I do best.

Shit, what was that?!

Don't be an idiot. Calm down, you're breathing too loud,
they'll hear you and there's no way you can take 'em both on
at once. Only hope is to trick 'em into falling on a couple
of shims or something, 'cause there's nothing I can use as a
weapon with just one arm and no strength.

Don't know how long I've been here. Feels like days, but I
know it's only hours. They said they'd come for me in the
morning...not that I can tell night from day with the windows
bricked up. No working clocks, either. What I do know is I'm
hurt, powerless and wicked hungry. 'Course I got that down-
low tickle going at the the worst fucking time, too. At least
I can try to take care of /that/ once I find a place to hole
up. No way there's anything close to food in here, and if
there is, it's long past its date. I'm lucky to have a sink
with running water. I heard a person can survive about a
month with just water...if I don't bleed to death first.

Better not think like that, Joyce wouldn't like it, and I
owe her daughter big for telling me about this when they did
it to her. If I didn't have warning I probably would've got
killed in a yard fight, trying to defend myself from the Big
Berthas, instead of curling up and taking a cracked rib that
put me in the infirmary. Figured if I gotta lose the
Slayerness, I may as well have a nicer bed and a t.v. to

Okay...last door on this floor. Can't be too careful -
Council wanted me dead last year, and I know some of them
still do. Wouldn't surprise me to find a whole nest in

Yessssssss!!! It's empty! I can get my sorry ass back to that
office I saw and barricade myself in for the... for the....