Tears. They wouldn't stop falling.

No matter how hard I tried...

My first day at Konoha's ninja academy had turned out horribly.

Oh, why did my mom think that moving here to this village would be such a good idea?

'Everyone will love you!' she said.

'Everything will go great!' she said.

'How can anyone not adore you?' she said.

Well, Mom...

You were wrong.

Dead, dead, dead wrong.

They all hate me.

The kids...

They first pointed out my abnormal looking pink hair that is purely natural. I can't help it. For some unknown reason, I was born with pink hair and my mom refuses to dye it any other color since I'm at such a young age. I'm only six years old, so that's why she so strongly refuses to let me change my hair color.

As I was saying, they treat me like I'm some sort of monster for having pink hair and then...


They told me that my forehead was GIGANTIC. So, I of course shielded my supposedly huge forehead with my pink bangs and tried my best to fight the tears, but I just ended up running away like some big lousy coward.

Next thing I knew, I was sitting on the swing set all by myself and no one was around.

I was... alone.

Well, what else was new?

Everyone used to bully me back at my old school too, so I shouldn't even be expecting anyone to treat me with kindness just because I changed locations, just because I have a new home now.

Where am I now?

I'm pathetically crying into my pillow while being locked away inside my bedroom all alone because everyone just seems to hate me.


Crying seems to be nothing new, and crying into my pillow seems to be a daily routine too.

I'm always so vulnerable, and timid, and weak-minded, and such a horrible mess, and...

I hate it.

But I hate myself even more for letting my emotions always get to me...

I don't get it.


Why does everybody hate me so much?

What did I ever do to deserve this?!

Why must everyone always pick on me just because of my mere appearance?!

I can't take this anymore.

I feel like I'm an alien or something, that everything I do isn't acceptable...

No matter what.

Well, moving on...

I saw a boy today. He was cute but really... quiet.

I knew he would never even think about being my friend though.

What kind of person would want to be friends with a pink-haired weirdo girl that also has a gigantic forehead?

No one.

I've never really had any true friends before, but I'm sure having them would be nice.


All of the girls would gawk over this quiet boy while I just stared at him with my usual innocent and shy green eyes, wondering what kind of person he really was.

I really wanted to be that boy's friend though, but I know that that's never going to happen. Maybe in my dreams, but never in reality.

I'm not sure why, but I wished that he would have noticed me at least...

He never did.

It's not a big surprise though. Even if he did notice me, he probably would have made fun of me like the others, but...

This boy seemed... different.

Something appeared to be wrong with that boy...

...and I seemed to be the only one who actually noticed.

Yes - He was very good looking of course with his jet-black hair (he had the weirdest hairstyle though but it suited him), his pure white porcelain skin, his attractive facial features, and with his dark but yet captivating onyx eyes.


His expression was just so full of... hate.

According to my female bullies, he's the strongest, fastest, smartest, and coolest boy in the entire school.

The girls also saw me staring at him earlier today which made them snicker and smirk, and then they resorted with telling me that an elephant would have a better chance at getting his attention than me.

Honestly, I just wanted to cry so hard on the spot at that point.

It hurt so bad.


As I was saying...

He doesn't really talk to anyone though and this boy never seems to smile.

Knowing this makes me frown and I wish that I could help him, but I don't know how.

I also saw another boy today.

He was cute too.

Well... Kind of.

The boy had spiky blond hair with whisker-like markings on both of his cheeks and his eyes were the color of sapphires.

So pretty...


Erm, back to what I was saying...

This blond boy always seemed to be alone and no one would ever talk to him.

My parents continuously told me to stay away from this boy because he was dangerous according to them; however, they wouldn't tell me why he was even considered such a threat, such a danger.

There's pain, loneliness in his eyes.


He hides it with a smile.

Everyone seems to hate him.

They give him nasty looks and sometimes I heard kids call him pretty mean names.

Oh, how I cry inside for this boy...

He seems so much like me.

I wish I could help him.

I wish I could talk to him.

I wish...


What am I thinking?

It's pointless.

No one will ever like me or even give me a chance.

Not even that blond little boy...with the sad blue eyes...and with the broken sad smile...

. . .

My name is Sakura Haruno and I just want this sadness, this pain to go away...


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