Hi! So I was reading summary's for Harry Potter and Avenger crossovers and I was like 'you know there are no Tony stark is Harry's son stories.' I mean there are plenty Harry is Tony's son stories but no you know. So I wrote this! It is just a one shot so…



Tony stood outside his apartment building. He was lost in memories. He remembered when he was four and his dad told him of a world of magic. His dad was a wizard but he left to pursue a college degree in America, he changed his name to Howard and his mother changed her name to Maria. Together they built up Stark industries. They never said it but Tony was sure they were disappointed when they found out he was a squib.

He took in a deep breath, and then let it out slowly. It was now or never, he had to face his family sooner or later. His father decided to go back home and faked his and Maria's death. He left the muggle billionaire life to go back to his magical billionaire life. Tony had been too distracted by the changes and had been kidnapped.

It has been years since he has seen his extended family and only a year less since he has seen his own parents. He took in another breath before he pushed the door open. Red hair was the first thing he saw. It was on the heads of nearly everyone in the room. Sometimes he wondered why he was engaged to a red head.

"Tony!" A short red headed woman barreled into him. "Rose!" Tony said as he hugged her. His cousin had always loved to hug him. "How are aunt Hermione and Uncle Fred?" Had he mentioned that it was only his cousins visiting? "They're good. They said to tell you they were sorry they couldn't come. Uncle Ron is here though." She said as she led him further into the room.

"How are mom and dad?" He asked his cousins as they crowded around him. Rose and Hugo grinned. "They are good. We were able to bring Lily, James and Al with us." As Hugo said this a little girl no older than eight ran up to him and shot her hands up in a 'pick me up' pose.

He obliged and picked her up. "How is my favorite baby sister?" He asked her. "I'm not a baby." She told him. "Then why did you want me to pick you up?" He asked her. She squirmed in his arms. "Let me down." She told him with a pout. Everyone grinned. "Where are James and Albus?" His brothers were twins that his mother was pregnant with when they faked their death when he was sixteen.

"They're here. James is in the bathroom and Albus is in the kitchen with Uncle Ron." Hugo said. The doorbell rang then. Tony went to answer it. His cousins and sister followed him. "Pepper!" Tony said in a fake happy/surprised voice. "Hi Tony. I was in town and I decided to…" She trailed off when his cousin Rose peeked over his shoulder.

Pepper looked a little mad and embarrassed. "Who's that Tony?" Rose asked. "This is Pepper, she's me fiancé." He told her. Rose's face brightened. Hugo then pulled her out of the way so he could see. "Hi I'm Hugo and this is my sister Rose!" He said. "We're Tony's cousins." He told her. Pepper's face relaxed. Tony invited her in and they all walked back into the living room. "I'm Lily." Lily said before she sat on the couch. Just then James and Albus came into the room from different directions. Following Albus was Ron. "Hi Uncle Ron. This is my fiancé Pepper." Tony said.

Ron had a plate with cookies on it. "Hello. My name is Ron; it is a pleasure to meet you. Tony, these are from your parents." Ron said as he set the plate down on the table. "Hi! My name is Albus and this is my brother James. I see you have met our sister Lily." Albus said. When Pepper nodded James grinned. "Tony is our older brother!" He said.

Tony groaned. Ron laughed and everyone else grinned. Pepper looked at Tony with a raised eyebrow and a fake grin. "Oh really." She said. James nodded. "Yep, he told us about you. He said that you were bossy and you made him work." James said. Tony hid his face behind a pillow. "Yeah but I don't think she looks like the goddess Tony said she is. More like a pretty woman then a goddess." Lily said.

Tony just pressed the pillow harder to his face. Pepper was blushing. "I want to thank you for taking care of my nephew." Ron said. "It was no problem. Are you coming to the wedding?" Pepper asked. Ron tilted his head a bit. "I will. But these guys will have to ask their parents." Ron said.

Pepper smiled. She could tell that the kids couldn't be older then seventeen, none of them looked that old. "I'm sure we will be. Mom would kill Tony if he didn't invite them." Albus said. Pepper smiled widely. "I'm sure she would." She said.

They small group sat around the living room talking for over seven hours. They decided to leave late at night. Tony told Pepper all he knew. He told her about before he was born, how his parents left and changed their names, he told her how his dad faked his and his wife's deaths, he told her how he had lost contact with them over the years.

The only person who he stayed in contact with was his Uncle Ron, who lived in California and owned his own book shop. "So your whole life is a lie?" Pepper asked. "Not the important parts. Me…you." He said before he kissed her deeply. Their life together was just beginning. Nothing would ruin them.

I liked it. What about you? It was a badly written plot bunny attack. I know I didn't write it the way I wanted to but at least I didn't make it a chapter story. I might revisit it later. Writing about why Harry left and why Ron owns a book shop. Ron is gay in this, make no mistake, I just don't want to put that into this, it would make it too long. Well I hope you enjoyed it. Read and Review!