AN: Cas is an angry-flirty drunk.


Gabriel bounced anxiously in his seat as he waited for the others to arrive for dinner. One by one, the rest of the small television crew showed up. Sam set six glasses of water around the table and gave Gabriel a concerned look.

'You okay?' Sam asked when Gabriel's head shot up at the sound of the door opening.

'Yeah…uh… Everything'll be all right. Eventually,' Gabriel replied. He relaxed when he saw Samandriel enter the dining room, looking over his shoulder in confusion.

'He thinks Cas is gonna murder him in his sleep,' Anna explained.

'He won't when he realizes it's for the best!'

'How is getting him fired "for the best"?' Samandriel asked as he sat down.

'I didn't get him fired,' Gabriel said. 'He's taking time off to be here. He's gonna quit on his own. I know him, and he just needs a push in the right direction. Away from that…toxic environment and crazy woman.'

'Well, I just passed him in the hall, and he uh…went on and on about how it's your fault he got fired… After he flirted with me,' Samandriel said before picking up his glass of water. 'He said he won't be joining us for dinner.'

Gabriel groaned and dropped his head onto the table. 'He's definitely gonna kill me… And hide the body.' He looked up and stared miserably at everyone around the table. 'If I die from a shark attack, he did it. I know he can do it. Fuck…maybe this was a mistake…'

Charlie rubbed Gabriel's back and shushed him. 'He'll get over it,' she assured him. 'He just needs to let off some steam.'

Gabriel sighed as he sat back in his chair. 'Anyone wanna switch rooms?' He was met by multiple scoffs and laughter.


Castiel took another swig from the bottle of champagne. He stared out across the lagoon while he leaned against a palm tree. He pushed off the tree and unsteadily made his way to the edge of the old pier. His life was ruined. All his plans were ruined. And it was all thanks to his meddling older brother. He lifted the bottle to his lips again and groaned in frustration when he found it to be empty.

He dropped his arm and swayed uncertainly. There was a soft splashing coming from beneath him, and he looked down. At first, there was nothing, then a flash of color appeared under the surface, followed by a splash behind him. He frowned as he leaned over more. He could just make out something beneath the pier. If he could just get a little closer… He squawked loudly as he lost his balance and fell into the water.

Dean had been hoping to speak to his brother again, but, instead, some other person was on the pier. He didn't think twice when the stranger fell into the water. He darted forward and pulled the human to the surface and helped him back onto the pier. He hurried to the side and clung to edge, making certain to hide his tail and fins. 'Hey, uh…you okay?' he asked.

Castiel nodded as he pulled himself into a kneeling position and coughed. 'Y-Ye—' He broke off into another coughing fit. When he could breathe normally, he took a moment to catch his breath. His head was still swimming in alcohol. He looked over to see a young man staring at him with wide eyes. He blinked slowly as he replayed what had just happened. 'Were you under the pier?'

Dean's heart skipped a beat at the sight of blue eyes. 'Uh…yeah… Um… Was lookin' for my brother?' he managed to reply. He could feel his fins rising around him, and he quickly forced them back down. Yes, the human was attractive, but mate-worthy? There was no tail, no fins, no markings to judge. Just dark hair, blue eyes, forearms littered with tiny scars and a few fresh scratches, nice lips…and the voice that came from those lips…

Castiel got into sitting position and crossed his legs. He leaned forward and narrowed his eyes. 'Are you skinny dipping?' he asked suspiciously, his eyes dipping down.

Dean bit his lip. 'Uh… I dunno. What's a skinny dipping?'

'Are you naked,' Castiel reiterated.

'Oh! Of course!' Dean happily replied. He fought against his fins as Castiel smirked at him.

'My name's Castiel.'

'D-Dean…' Dean leaned away as much as he could as Castiel crawled onto his stomach and propped himself onto his elbows.

'So, Dean… Why are you swimming around naked if you're meeting up with your brother? Or is that just an excuse for getting caught?' Castiel looked over Dean's arms and chest, and he really liked what he saw. The small part of his mind that was possibly sober reminded him that he didn't know anything about the man in front of him. Another part reminded him of his college years. Years that he had tried to leave far behind. Not even Gabriel knew what he had gotten up to.

Dean shrugged and tapped his fingers on the wood of the pier. 'Yeah, you caught me… Just out havin' some fun and uh…had to hide when you showed up.'

Castiel nodded. So that was what he saw. 'Well, don't feel like you have to hide anymore,' he said, smiling. 'I'm friendly.'

Dean edged along the pier to a corner, and Castiel followed. 'I can see that...' He glanced down to find his secondary fins completely splayed. He let go of the pier to push them down and dropped into water.

Castiel hurried to edge and peeked over, seeing no sign of Dean. 'Dean?'

'I'm okay!' Dean said as he popped up on the other side. He was blushing brightly, still not completely in control of his fins. He didn't know why, but he couldn't bring himself to swim away and leave the human. No, he knew exactly why. He had found that he liked how humans looked. How different their legs were compared to his fins. And their voices… Especially this human's voice. He just wasn't expecting his body to react as if courting a mate.

Castiel looked over his shoulder and smiled. 'There you are. You should come up here.'

'N-naked. Remember?' Dean's grip on the edge of the pier tightened as Castiel settled in front of him again.

'Believe me, I don't mind. I'm having a shit day…you could make it better,' Castiel said. 'Here, I'll make us more even.' He sat up and struggled to pull his wet shirt over his head.

Dean breathed in sharply as Castiel's head came free from the shirt. Short, dark hair stuck out in every direction. Dean wanted to touch it, to feel it beneath his fingers. He swallowed and didn't move when Castiel leaned in close, inches from his face.

'I could take more off,' Castiel offered.

'You look fine just like that,' Dean breathed. His thoughts came to a grinding halt when chapped lips pressed against his own. He stared as Castiel pulled away, frowning down at him.

'Oh…sorry,' Castiel murmured. 'I thought…'

'Thought what?' Dean asked. He still couldn't gather his thoughts. Not with Castiel's bare chest within reach.

'That you liked me,' Castiel said petulantly. He sighed sat back, staring at the path that had brought him do the pier. 'Sorry to ruin your evening. I'll just…go.'

Dean reached out and placed a hand on Castiel's ankle. 'No, stay. I do like you… It's just…I've never kissed anyone before,' he said.

Castiel shifted his stare to Dean. 'Really. Good looking guy like you?' he said incredulously. 'I find that hard to believe.'

Dean shrugged as he softly rubbed Castiel's ankle. 'Never got that far, I guess,' he said. Well, he had gotten pretty far, but his kind went in a different order. Kissing was for mates. 'But…I'd like to try it out. With you.'

Castiel laughed and placed his hand on top of Dean's. 'Then come on up here.'

Dean almost hefted himself onto the pier, but stopped himself just in time. 'Uh… could you…close your eyes?' he asked. 'I'm a little shy.'

Castiel shook his head but closed his eyes nonetheless. He'd done far stranger.

Dean pulled himself up onto the pier, the end of his tail still in the water. Lightly, he touched Castiel's chest. His fins spread out at the sound of Castiel's deep moan. He guided Castiel next to him, careful to keep his fins from touching the human. He leaned in close and paused just in before touching Castiel's lips with his own. 'Never done this before,' he whispered.

Castiel smiled and pecked Dean's lips. 'It's okay. I've got plenty of experience. I'll show you.' He pressed forward again, blindly aiming for Dean's mouth. He caught the side and kissed his way to the front, nipping and sucking. He gently bit down on Dean's lower lip and tugged on it. He giggled when Dean pushed him down and joined in the kiss.

Dean followed Castiel's lead, matching and imitating movements. Castiel's tongue dipped into his mouth and swirled against his own tongue, and he groaned loudly. He was leaning over Castiel, covering half his body with his own, his fins spread as far as they could go.

Castiel held onto Dean's shoulders tightly and he arched against him. He could feel something cold and clammy brush against leg every now and again, but he ignored it. Dean's enthusiasm was much more interesting.

Dean wanted to feel more of what Castiel had to offer. And he wanted to feel it all over, but fins and scales were nowhere near as sensitive as skin. He was about to pull the rest of his tail from the water when he was forcefully pushed off the pier.

He resurfaced, fully prepared to fight, and found Sam glaring down at him. 'What?!'

'What the hell do you think you're doing?!' Sam shouted.

'Taking my mind off things,' Castiel grumbled. He scratched his head as he sat up, looking around. 'Dean?'

Dean ignored Sam's protests and pulled himself up so that he was once again peeking over the edge at Castiel. 'Right here,' he said with a smile. 'I uh…slipped.'

Castiel smiled back. 'Then come back up here, and we can pick up where we left off.'

'I don't think that's a good idea,' Charlie said as she made her way to Castiel. 'C'mon, Cas. Let's get you inside. Gabriel's worried about you.'

Castiel crossed his arms and glared at Charlie. 'I'm not speaking to that…that assbutt… But I might be willing to speak with you.'

'Gabe said he left you with champagne. Did you drink the whole bottle?' Charlie asked.

'So, what?'

Charlie shook her head as she stooped to collect Castiel's shirt and help him stand. 'Hey, Freckles,' she said to Dean. 'Wish I could stay and chat, but…I have babysitting duties.'

Castiel looked down at Dean. 'I'm staying at the hotel over there,' he said, pointing. 'Room number twenty-one. My door'll be unlocked.'

'His door will be locked,' Charlie said.

'I'll be right here tomorrow night!' Dean said, grinning at Castiel's nod.

She urged Castiel forward and nudged Sam to get his attention. 'Don't be too hard on Dean. I've only seen it once, but Cas comes on hard. And he won't remember it in the morning, so there's nothing to worry about.'

Sam nodded at Charlie and watched her take Castiel back up the path to the hotel. He sighed as he turned his attention back to Dean. 'What were you thinking?! Were you even thinking?!'

Dean rolled his eyes and flicked his tail out behind him. His fins were still in a position to show off. 'He fell in, and I helped him out,' he said. 'Then he kissed me.'

'So that gives you permission to…to initiate a mating?!'

'What?! No!' Dean glared up at his brother. 'It's just kissing. I know enough about humans that it doesn't mean the same thing. He wanted it!'

'He's drunk! God, Dean… You can't take advantage of people like that.'

'Is that…why you're mad? Because he's drunk?' Dean asked uncertainly. 'I don't…understand. What's drunk?'

Sam sat on the edge of the pier, shaking his head. 'He wasn't in his right mind. You can do what you want with him when he's sober. Er…in his right mind. Look, the fact that you were on top of him with your fins…' He trailed off with a sigh. 'You probably won't understand this, but…he's a marine biologist. He studies fish. If he were to find out about you…us…'

'Hey…I'll be careful.'

'If he even remembers,' Sam pointed out.

'C'mon! How could he forget me?' Dean said cockily. He lost his grip as Sam pushed him and fell back into the water, laughing.