And I bring you my new rules!

Rule #34: Never touch Dean's pie. Don't even look at it.
(*cough Sam cough*)

Rule #35: No shrines in the bunker!
(I don't care who it's to! No more!)
(We had a slight communication with more than a few pagan gods.)
(It didn't end well...)

Rule #36: Never mess with or ask why I have a bucket of sticks.
(They are A. mine and B. its a long story!)

Rule #37: Dean and Sam should never attempt a staring contest with any of us fallen angels.
(Dude you guys totally failed!)

Rule #38: "Stop you're annoying Satan!"
(Lucifer did not find that very funny when Dean yelled that at Sam.
(Me an' Markian nearly busted our ribs laughing!)

Rule #39: The initials of the song "Best Song ever" are banned for now.
(Until Dean stops randomly chanting best sex ever whenever Micheal and Lucifer are in the same room as him, this rule is of top priority.)
(I haven't seen my brothers that red since Micheal tried to kill my older sister Tara in 2500 B.C.!)
(She may have walked in on them... you know what never mind I ain't finishing that sentence...)

Rule #40: Dancing is now highly discouraged in the freshly mopped slick marble hallways.
(I banged my head open and wound up getting a talking to from Raphael alongside 32 stitches along my forehead.)
(Markian got yelled at for letting me dance in the first place.)
(Michael just laughed his butt off.)

Leave any Disney movie or multiples if you want and I'll compile them into a list! And I still need rules so please review!