Author's Note: Thank you for your kind and honest words, Comrades moliereunderthestairs, Vipera411 are Taure!

"Boooo!" yelled Romilda Vane, who was really ugly and fat. She was also wearing an ugly T-shirt with the anarchist "A" on it. Of course, I didn't pay any attention to her awful appearance or let it influence my opinion of her views in any way.

"Down with the Red Bureaucracy!" Romilda whined in a snotty voice. "Anarchism is the only TRUE freedom, the only TRUE hope for the masses to escape the shackles! Let's get rid of the state right now and just assume that capitalism will magically disappear by itself!"

"You stupid anarchist!" I laughed uproariously. "Communism is the only path to a stateless society and you don't really understand what the vanguard party is if you think it's some kind of bureaucracy!"

"No, it is a bureaucracy!" insisted Romilda outrageously. "And the bureaucrats pervert the revolutionary spirit for their own ends, their own power! REMEMBER THE SAILORS OF KRONSTADT!"

"Fucking stupid anarchists!" I swore out loud. "Always falling for imperialist propaganda and embracing counter-revolutionaries as heroes of the people! For your information, the vanguard party is necessary to spread class consciousness so that the proletariat will know to not want to be oppressed. Then, once capitalism is destroyed, the state will start to fade away. But capitalism must be gotten rid of before the state or the fucking capitalists will just take over. I wouldn't be surprised if anarchism was made up by the FUCKING BOURGEOISIE to subvert the TRUE revolution!"

"No, that's wrong!" Romilda yelled stupidly for no reason. "EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE AN ANARCHIST JOIN ME!" My mouth fell open as several students, most of them ugly (which I didn't care about), walked across the room to join that fucking stupid anarchist Romilda Vane!

"We shall call ourselves... the Heirs of Bakunin!" she screeched loudly in her stupid whiny voice.