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Oliver would be perfectly content to consummate their relationship right there on Felicity's desk. She seems open to the idea, initially. She moans against his mouth when he sets her down on top of the desk and pushes her legs open to stand between them, but makes a nervous sound and pulls away when he tries to put his hand up her skirt.

"Oliver, wait," she says breathlessly, but he just moves his mouth to her neck and settles for sliding his hands to grip her ass over the fabric. "Oliver, seriously, stop," she says more firmly and pushes against his chest with both hands. He reluctantly steps back and sighs while Felicity takes advantage of the space to scramble off her desk and run around to the other side. He starts to follow and she picks up the laptop he brought in and wields it like a weapon. It's so adorable, he can't help but chuckle.

"Is that really necessary?" he asks.

"Hey, I know you're not just a mild-mannered, billionaire CEO," she quips and smiles. He makes a grab for the laptop, but she pulls it out of his reach and gives him a warning look. Oliver sighs and slumps down into her chair and she sets the computer down.

"So I'm the only one who's had the office fantasy then?" he jokes in hopes of making her blush, but it surprisingly doesn't work.

"You're not the boss here, remember?" she replies, completely ignoring his question. "I'd lose my job if we got caught."

"Would that really be so bad?"

"Oliver," she says and tilts her head admonishingly.

"Fine," he sighs. "Dinner tonight? I'll pick you up here at 6?"

"7," she corrects. "And from my apartment."

"You drive a hard bargain, Smoak," he replies and stands. She doesn't retreat when he approaches her this time. Just smiles up at him in a way that makes him wish it were later in the day. He stops in front of her and rests his hands on her hips.

"Someone's got to make you pay for what you did to that laptop," she explains and leans up to kiss him. She means for the gesture to be quick, a promise of something more, but Oliver intensifies things, leaving her breathless and a little dazed.

"See you tonight," he says as he pulls back and swipes away the smudged lipstick with his thumb. Felicity only groans in response.

He calls his secretary immediately and explains that he'll be out of the office for the rest of the day and she should only contact him in an emergency. His next call is Diggle, who he tells to take the night off and who laughs and signs off with a mildly threatening, "don't screw this up." Thea is a little less enthusiastic, complaining that she doesn't want to oversee the numerous incoming shipments alone, but then Oliver suggests she get Roy to help and she is more than happy to let him off the hook.

The rest of the day he spends making various arrangements, calling in favors when necessary. At one point, he even appears at his favorite restaurant to beg the chef to take a night off and make a private dinner. He resists up until the moment Oliver adds another zero to his initial offer.

After that, it's a simple business of going home and getting ready. Or it should be. For some reason, Oliver struggles to find the right suit and tie. He's on his third combination when he realizes Felicity probably doesn't much care considering she always seemed to like the way he looked sweaty and shirtless in the lair most. He spends so long musing over the fact that they'll both get to act on it next time that when he looks at the clock, he realizes that he needs to leave immediately or he's going to be late.

More than a few traffic laws are broken as Oliver makes his way to her apartment. He rings the buzzer and her garbled voice comes through the speaker saying she'll be down in a minute. He paces on the top step of the stoop, wondering if he should have spent a little more on bribes when the sound of the door opening draws his attention.

"Oh my God," he mutters as he holds the door open for her.

"I didn't know where we were going, so I wasn't sure what to wear," Felicity says nervously and tucks her hair behind her ear.

"You look incredible," he says firmly. And she does. Her hair is down, her glasses are absent and her lips are painted his favorite shade of pink. The dress is sexy and a shade of blue that complements his tie perfectly.

"Thanks," she says and blushes.

He follows her down the stairs and then rushes to open the car door for her. As he did the last time he picked her up, Oliver wraps his arm around her waist to stop her from getting in, but this time, he waits until she turns to face him and kisses her lips. They stand there a few moments, making out on the sidewalk in front of her building before he pulls back, pressing his forehead to hers and smiling down at her.

"Hi," he says softly.

"Hi," she echoes.

"Are you sure about this whole dinner thing?" Oliver asks, only half joking. "We could order in, I hear Big Belly Burger delivers now." She laughs and kisses him again before pulling back to look into his eyes.

"Are you kidding? This might be the last chance I have to spend a night somewhere other than behind computer screens in a dingy club basement. I'm going to make the most of it."

"Good point," Oliver sighs and releases her. Felicity climbs into the car and once Oliver climbs in and starts the engine, he immediately tunes the radio to her favorite station; simply pushing the pre-set button closest to her side of the car, having added it to the list long ago.

"Thanks," she says and playfully pokes him in the arm. "So where are we going?"

"You'll see," Oliver says and turns to wink at her.

It's not too far from her apartment, which isn't something Oliver planned, but even if it weren't the best wine shop in the city, it might have earned that title by proximity alone.

"Ooh," Felicity coos as he helps her out of the car, "I've always wanted to go here."

"You'll love it," Oliver says and offers her his arm. "And we've got the place to ourselves tonight. They don't usually do private tastings or dinners for that matter, but I had them install a stove this afternoon." Felicity stumbles slightly at that and looks up at him in shock.

"Oh...oh my God, Oliver," she stutters, "I can't imagine how much that must have cost."

"Worth every penny," he says and opens the door for her.

They're greeted by the shop's owner and he takes them to a small table for two set up amongst the shelves of wine. The chef comes out to greet them shortly after, giving them a rundown of their courses before disappearing to the newly set-up kitchen.

"Was that...?" Felicity begins and leans forward conspiratorially.

"Yup," Oliver replies.

"But I thought he never missed a night at his restaurant?"

"Billionaire remember?" he says and spreads his hands in a showy gesture.

"Wow," Felicity sighs and leans back in her chair, "you're really pulling out all the stops. I don't know what you're going to do for a follow-up."

"I've got some ideas," he replies and smiles slyly.

"Well, as long as it's not a surprise European vacation, I'm on board," she jokes and then looks down to set her napkin on her lap.

Oliver manages to laugh, but internally he makes a note to call his pilots to cancel the flight plans they discussed.

From the way Felicity shuts her eyes and hums her approval when she tries each course, the meal and wine pairings are perfect, but Oliver scarcely notices. It's been so long since he got to hear Felicity talk that he's completely focused on their conversation.

She talks about work and her projects there and he tries not to hope that he can convince her to leave all of them behind to come back to QC. She mentions how excited her parents are about their upcoming trip to France for the summer break and Oliver decides to find out all the details so he can start getting on their good side immediately by upgrading everything. She talks about some changes she's just made to her apartment's furnishings and Oliver smiles knowing he actually has a chance to walk into it.

"So what about you?" she asks, "what have you been up to? I've been reading about you and Diggle taking down Saverin's men in the news." Oliver feels his shoulders tense and he actually shivers at the memory of what it's been like without her in the lair. "Oliver?" Felicity's voice breaks into his thoughts. "Are you ok?" she asks and reaches across the table to place her hand over his. He smiles and exhales shakily before gripping her hand in his.

"It's been a little tough without you," he dodges, but Felicity must see something in his eyes because she takes her napkin off her lap and walks over to him. She runs her free hand through his hair and leans down to kiss him and Oliver closes his eyes to savor her touch.

"I'm back now," she says softly when she pulls away.

"I know," he says, taking her hand in both of his and kissing it.

They avoid talking about the Hood the rest of the night. Instead, he talks about business; how the company is finally recovering from what happened in the Glades and making sure to drop a pretty poorly-veiled hint about needing a new tech supervisor for the much-maligned Applied Sciences Department that earns him a stern look. They discuss Thea and the way running the club has given her focus and led her to decide to go to business school. Though he wishes she were a little less in love with that Harper kid and more willing to go to a college outside of the city. He talks about his mother and the fact that Walter's divorce finally going through hasn't made her prison sentence any easier. Felicity listens attentively throughout and Oliver is struck by how much he appreciates being able to talk to her about everything in his life.

Their final course isn't the typical dessert, instead, it's an assortment of cheeses with dried fruit on the side and a sampling of wine to compliment each variety. Felicity has just sampled the French triple cream when she lifts a small glass of red wine to her lips.

"Oh my God," she says softly and shuts her eyes as if she's in ecstasy. "You have to try that." Oliver does and hums in pleasure at the taste.

"I think that's the Chateau Lafite Rothschild," he says. "It's nice, but probably not as good as that bottle of '82 I gave you."

"I wouldn't know," she replies bashfully and Oliver jolts in surprise. "I was saving it for a special occasion," she says defensively.

"Does tonight count?" Oliver teases and by the way she smiles and looks up at him through her eyelashes, he guesses that it does.

They're in the car and headed toward her apartment within minutes.

As talkative as they were over dinner, they sit in complete silence now. Oliver remembers his mouth is what got him into trouble last time and doesn't want to make the same mistake. He guesses by her fidgeting that Felicity is probably nervous.

They remain silent when the car pulls to a stop in front of her building. They exit the car simultaneously and Oliver follows Felicity to her door. His heart starts to pound as she searches for her keys, the memory of the last time this happened and how poorly that ended making him anxious. Yet, somehow, he's even more on edge once she opens the door and he finally steps into the foyer for the first time. The click of her heels on the tiled floor echoes around the space, and though anyone standing in the hall could probably hear it, the sound feels somehow intimate, a reminder that he has a right to hear this sound in this space now, that Felicity is finally his.

Oliver suddenly feels hyper-aware of her. He can hear the muffled creak of the carpeted stairs as they climb up them, can hear the sound of the fabric of Felicity's clothes shifting over her skin as she moves. He reaches out a hand and lets his fingertips brush the exposed skin of her arm and he feels her shudder. He suddenly notices how much the blue of her dress contrasts with her creamy skin and sighs at the realization that he'll finally get to find out what that skin tastes like.

Finally, after what seems an eternity, they reach her floor and she leads him to her door. Instead of opening it, though, she turns to him, her face a little flushed and her voice a little breathless.

"So this is me," she starts and twists her keys in her hands. "It's really small, but it's not as messy as it was when I was still working in the lair every night and had zero time to clean. But It's probably still embarrassingly small compared to what you're used to at the Queen Mansion so don't–." But she doesn't get to finish whatever she was going to say because Oliver stops her with a kiss.

"Please open the door," he says a little desperately. Felicity lets out a small laugh and turns away to do just that while Oliver takes the opportunity to brush her hair to the side and kiss her neck. She barely has the door open before he's pushing her through it and kicking it closed behind them. She drops her things on a nearby table and sighs when he wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. She drops her head back against his shoulder and one hand covers his where it's splayed across her stomach while the other slides around his neck and into his hair.

"Bedroom?" he whispers against her neck.

"What about the wine?" she protests, though her tone lacks conviction.

"It'll get better with age," he replies and steps back a little so he can unzip her dress. The action must dissolve any lingering anxiety Felicity felt a few moments ago because then she's walking out of his grasp, kicking off her heels so fast that Oliver would laugh at the sudden loss of height if he weren't so busy kicking off his own shoes and removing his tie and jacket.

She flings open the door of her bedroom and then turns to look him, shimmying out of her dress and letting the material pool at her feet, leaving her in matching undergarments in a shade of green not far from those she wore in the first dream he had about her. He groans at the sight and she smiles, making it clear she knew exactly what she was doing when she chose them.

Oliver's hands leave the buttons of his shirt and suddenly he's touching her skin and lifting her up so that she can wrap her legs around his waist as they kiss. His legs hit the edge of the bed and he lays them down. He only lets go of Felicity long enough to let her push his shirt off his shoulders and then they're wrapped around each other again, hands and mouths exploring. Eventually, they have to break apart to catch their breath and Oliver sits up on his knees and stares down at this beautiful woman he wants so much.

He's imagined this moment in more ways than he cares to admit, but now that he's here in Felicity's bed, with her stretched out in front of him, ready for the taking, he can't decide what he wants most. He reaches down to remove her bra and then runs his hands over her body. It's when she arches as his hands reach her hips that he knows exactly what they both want.

He lays himself down on top of her to kiss her one more time before his lips leave her mouth to trail down her body, pausing to lick and bite as he goes before sliding her panties off.

They both moan the first time his tongue delves in to taste her. Only she shivers. Oliver pulls back a moment to savor the tang of her on his lips and she catches his eye and smiles, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth, before he presses his mouth to her again and she whimpers.

His pace is slow, exploratory, but it's not long until he has to lay an arm across her waist to keep her from moving. He's glad it's there later when he brings his other hand down and slides two fingers inside her, his tongue now focused on her clit. Her hands fist in his hair and he's urged on by the way she mewls and moans. But it's the way she calls out his name when he pushes her over the edge that he likes most. He laps at her as she comes down from her orgasm–extending it–tasting as much of her as he can and then lifts his head to look at her.

Oliver sees the expression of pleasure on her face as she catches her breath and he desperately wants to kiss her, but he doesn't know if she enjoys that: tasting herself on someone else's lips. Luckily, she makes the decision for him, grabbing the sides of his face with both hands and dragging his mouth to hers for a slow, passionate kiss. He's content to keep kissing her, laying between her legs as his arms bracket her, but Felicity has other plans. Her hands slide off his face and glide down the planes if his chest, stopping at his waist and making quick work of his belt. He hisses in pleasure, breaking their kiss, when her hand wraps around him, her fingers so much smaller than his. He groans as she starts to pump him and she smiles that mischievous grin at the way he rocks against her hand.

"Condom?" he mutters, his voice low.

"I'm on the pill and clean," she replies and swipes her thumb over his tip. "Which I should have mentioned earlier, but seeing as how it wasn't a problem, I didn't want to distract you," she adds in a ramble.

"Me too," he says, chuckling, and pushes himself up and off the bed so he can take off his pants.

"I hope you're only talking about that second part," she says and he chuckles again.

He kneels on the bed between her legs and runs his eyes over body–as if committing it to memory–and when their eyes meet again, he realizes she was doing the same to him. They both smile for a second and then he's on top of her, one arm at her side holding himself up and the other guiding himself into her. He watches her face as he does, sees her shut her eyes and tilt her head back as she sighs. She bites her bottom lip to stifle a moan when he brings her right leg up and presses it to her chest between them so he can thrust deeper. She feels amazing and when Felicity opens her eyes to look at him again he feels so much affection for her that he can't go another second without kissing her.

He delights in the way he can feel her breathing grow heavier against his lips as he picks up speed. But somehow it's not enough. He wants to see her. So Oliver breaks their kiss and rolls them over so Felicity is on top and she gives him a devilish grin before she starts to move. He groans and shuts his eyes as she does, his hands reaching out blindly to grab her hips and urge her on.

After that, he just watches her, transfixed by the way she undulates on top of him, her hair falling in waves over her shoulders. Felicity reaches out and places both hands on his chest to steady herself as she starts to move faster. Oliver responds by sliding one hand down to rub his thumb against her clit and thrusting harder into her. Her head falls back and she moans and Oliver suddenly decides he doesn't just want to watch her anymore, he needs to feel her.

He takes his hand from her hip to push himself up while his other hand leaves her clit for a moment so he can pull her against him and trail kisses along her collarbone. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and her fingers fist in his hair so she can pull his face up and kiss him. The movement of her hips becomes more urgent and Oliver knows she's close, so he moves his hand back to her clit and presses hard and suddenly her head falls back and Felicity is screaming his name and Oliver isn't sure if it's that or the way she tightens around him as she comes that finally pushes him over the edge too. All he knows is that it feels exquisite and he wants to experience it with her again and again.

They continue to rock against each other, their pace slowing as they come down from their orgasms. Oliver falls back against the bed, pulling her down with him and they stay that way for a few minutes, making out while his hands move over her back and into her hair, feeling as much of her as he can. Felicity finally slides off of him, but only enough to snuggle against his side. Her lips leave his as she does, but after a moment they're back against the side of his neck.

"That was incredible," he sighs and turns to look at her.

"Yeah," she says in return and Oliver can't help but laugh at the brevity.

"That's all I get?" he jokes. "Any other time I get an adorable ramble, but now, all of a sudden, you're a woman of few words?" She laughs and reaches up a hand to his face, swiping her hand from the edge of his hair and then down over his cheek before it comes to rest in the stubble under his chin. She scrubs her nails through it and Oliver can't help the low moan that sounds deep in his throat.

"I'm just a little tired," she says softly, playfully.

"I hope not too tired," he replies and moves his head to kiss her palm before continuing. "The night is young."

"Yes, it is," Felicity replies saucily and pushes herself up to kiss him.

They do eventually open that bottle of wine. Oliver fumbles around her kitchen looking for her corkscrew and wine glasses and just manages to get the wine poured when Felicity walks out of the bedroom in just her glasses and his shirt. He hands her a glass and the bottle and then proceeds to drag her directly back into the bedroom arguing that the wine needs to breathe anyway.

The next morning, Felicity picks up the half-full bottle and worries that the flavor is ruined, but then Oliver pulls her back into bed. He takes the giggling and the way she sighs when he kisses her to mean that she isn't terribly concerned.

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