**This is loosely based off of the classic - Rigoletto**


One: Prologue to a Symphony

"Mom! I can't see!" Eren Jaeger leaned forward over the theaters chairs to move his mother's hat.

"Alright Eren, here, your father and I will switch." Her sunny smile and laughter at her son's excitement was catching.

"I can't believe we're going to see him!" Armin Artlet, Eren's friend bounced in his seat.

"I know! He's world renowned!" Eren leaned back, clutching his pamphlet book tight.

"The lights are going down, hush," Mikasa Ackerman, Eren's adopted sister and a year older, pointed up to the lights.

Armin and Eren exchanged a squeal. They were both very into music at the art school the three attended, Maria Rose Academy. Armin was a piano player, and very accomplished. Eren was a cellist, and Mikasa played the violin.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome me in introducing our guest tonight. He is a world class musician, singer/songwriter, and has countless awards. He has traveled the world captivating us with his magic! Please welcome Levi Rivaille!"

Lights went down and focused on a black, Grand Piano center stage. I very young, strapping man walked onstage, his usual expression – serious. He bowed slightly and sat at the piano, his assistant and also part accompanist, Hanji Zoe, also took her seat next to him.

Eren leaned forward. In all of his thirteen years, he hadn't heard anything that moved him like Rivaille's music. It touched somewhere deep in his chest, in his soul. He knew music was meant for him, and Rivaille fueled that fire.

Then man was smaller in person than Eren had thought. His jet black hair was parted perfectly down the center and his skin was pale, but glowered in the stage lights. His hands were skillful and danced around the keys. The passion he played with was awe inspiring. And then – when he sang, it was light, but strong. Like a caress but also a warning. It was beautiful. All three children were on the edge of their seats by the end of the night in awe.

Rivaille stood and waved, took his bows and walked off stage to do his duties to greet people who had passes too. Eren's mother turned with a big smile; "We have a big surprise for you guys!" Looking to her husband, he shared the excitement.

As soon as he learned that he was going to meet the Rivaille, Eren's heart started to pound. They were led backstage and to a lobby area. Eren's green eyes were large as he took in the lights. There he was.

Levi turned to the group of three and walked with a strong, sure stride. He shook hands with Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger politely and then began speaking with Mikasa. She handed him her pamphlet and his voice was low, and easy tone, musical. Eren hung back against his mother. He said a few words that made Mikasa blush and then she hurried back to show her father. Armin bounded up, blurting that he practiced the piano everyday and wanted play in big concerts. Eren watched the performer listen intently and even share a smile with Armin.

"Go on Eren..." His mother pushed him gently forward. Levi waited patiently. Eren took a big breath and stepped out.

"Come with me..." Levi motioned for the empty stage off to the side of them. Eren followed him and the lights blinded him. The man let Eren adjust and then crouched down.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Ice blue eyes met green.

Eren nodded, "Yes, yes sir."

"Levi is fine. What instrument do you play?"


"That is a powerful instrument. Do you sing?"


"Shame, you should. You look like you would be great at it."

"How can you tell?" Eren tilted his head.

"I can see it, in your eyes. They want to sing. Do me a favor, just try it, alright?"

"Okay." Eren couldn't help but just stare at the man in front of him. Levi held a finger up and walked over to the piano. Carefully, he popped off an ivory, took out a pen, and signed it, handing it to the boy.

"There you are, Eren Jaeger. Just remember, sing and practice." The man walked him back to his parents, said a brief farewell and met Hanji at a door that closed between them.

"Whoa! He told you to sing?!" Armin squealed.

"You sound like a frog," Mikasa wrinkled her nose.

"Yea! He told me to sing! And practice the Cello. I'll be on stage like him one day!"

"We all should! We should start a band!"

"But Eren can't sing." Mikasa kept adding.

Later that night Eren was tucked away in bed, his prized possession of a single piano ivory that held all of his dreams, on the shelf next to him. His parents let him sleep through the breaking news. He didn't know until the next day.

Levi Rivaille's tour bus had crashed on its way en-route to another stop. His condition was unknown.