So, this is it. The end. Exeunt 'Cursed Blood.'

And enter the sequel, 'Cursed Heart.'

Today, the day I post this, is the 13th of March, 2014.

The day I post the first chapter of Cursed Heart will be inbetween the 30th of March and the 1st of April.

I can't wait to see you guys back here then.


For those of you going, "huh?" Here is an explanation.

The last chapter I wrote of CB was, to put it lightly, absolute crap. It was short and it was wrong. I deleted it recently, and as I sat down to rewrite it, I realise it shouldn't be chapter 30 of CB, but chapter 1 of the sequel, because I'm essentially opening a completely new chapter in the storyline.

Cursed Heart is going to be darker and grittier, with a high 'M' rating, 'MA' to 'R' in some chapters, but those chapters will have warnings at the top.

Not because of graphic smut - no clue how to write that - but because of foul language, extreme and detailed gore, intense and descriptive torture, ritualistic murder, canabalism and war. So, fair warning. The sequel will not be for the faint of heart.



Thanks go to all my readers and reviewers, but in particular - Eternally, Elmo, Gallant, girl•in•water, D3M1G0DS4KURA, Athena, and Ava.

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Okay, feel free to leave any suggestions, queries, theories, hopes or constructive crit for the sequel, in a review or PM.



He was panting, hand pressed hard to the gaping wound in his stomach. Tamsin grimaced and tried not glance directly at the hole, not wanting to see just how messed up his insides were.

Blood dripped all over his body, from wounds and from his clothes and hair, the scent telling her it was both his blood and the blood of multiple humans - possibly palace guards.

"That doesn't look like it's healing so well, Prince," she murmured as she stalked forwards.

Percy's head jerked upwards, green eyes meeting hers unerringly, even in the dark, and as soon as recognition hit, he slumped gracelessly, even clumsier than a human, at her feet.

Something cold and foreboding solidified in Tamsin's chest, and the influence of Delphi within her whispered insidious things inside her mind.

"The princess had you poisoned," she whispered. "Silver nitrate flakes on the blades of her guards weapons. They've blended with your blood and now you can't heal."

The truth was painful and undeniable. "You're dying."

Delphi was not yet silent and dormant within her, and gave her one last piece of advice.

Help him. He is important.

"Not dead yet," Percy choked out. He raised his head once again and his eyes met hers, determination overtaking the pain. "Take me to Lucian. I'm ready to swear my allegiance."


Not too far away, the Queen of the Wolves of Light howled in loss and agony.

And a princess with shoulder length black hair with golden regrowth sobbed heavily into her silken bedding.

So, yeah. Make of that what you will. This snippet is from about chapter fifteen, but it's exact placement is subject to change depending on edits.

Tell me what you think of it! I love you all. If you can't wait roughly two weeks for more of my writing, keep a close eye on Chaotic. I'll be updating that soon.

My bio now has a posting schedule up, and it will be updated regularly!

Also, just to make this clear one final time, I OWN NOTHING. ALL IS UNCLE RICK'S.