Wow, this little one shot has been pressing into the back of my mind for a long time and I'm glad I managed to do it so quickly. This is the result to the poll that has been running on my profile for a few days; where I'm happy to say there are a lot more Hichi x Ichi fans out there than Gin x Ichigo.

Just for those who share my enjoyment of Gin x Ichigo, I'll be saving that particular one shot for sometime closer to Halloween as it is themed for it and I can actually force myself to write out a descent plot that involves the two. I'll be looking forward to it myself after I've made another round of updates on my multi-chapter fics.

For now though, know that this little one shot has quite a few important notes I need my honeys to understand. So please read very carefully:

This is a canon setting between Hollow Ichigo (who I will be calling Zangetsu in this because he is Zangetsu) and Ichigo. If you don't like that, then don't read. Also, this story takes place after Ichigo regained his powers, so I will be using descriptions that depict his new form. If you've not read past Ichigo's defeat of Aizen then the descriptions may not make much sense to you, but then again, the plot in this isn't very important.

This story contains a little of the dynamic of Alphas and Betas, which I believe most yaoi readers of Bleach will understand. But it's not really important, this was basically just written as pure smut so it's filled with some nice lemons. But there are warnings: There is rough sex in this, a little bondage and blood play. If you don't like it then please don't read.

Hmmm...I think I covered all that, I hope you enjoy this short but sweet one-shot. For now, I'll let you read it. See you at the end of the story.

Breathe Me In

Light blue curtains fluttered and danced at the unspoken whimsies of the wind; sneaking a cold twist into the uppermost room situated just above the Kurosaki Clinic. Where it ushered inside the late night spring air (tainted with the scent of flowers and sweet rain) to saturate the very atmosphere curled around the cross-legged Shinigami sitting exhaustedly upon the floor of his room. Dressed in a black Shihakushō, pleated hakama flaring sensually across long legs and sporting startlingly familiar orange locks, Kurosaki Ichigo could finally breathe a long sigh of relief. Spilling a rush of warm air past his parted lips in sheer consolation after having regained his powers through the combined contribution of his friends and allies a few hours before.

He shuddered headily, almost in pure bliss, under the overwhelming caress of his own reawakening reiatsu. His power, his life, returned unto him, now reacquainting itself with his form as it streaked impatiently beneath the surface of his skin. It had been so long that Ichigo had felt this comfort, so long since he had sensed this touch of belonging that spread into the very depths of his soul and seemed to bubble over and rush impatiently against the walls of his heart as it begged to be let out again...

The orange haired teen sighed almost contentedly; allowing the perpetual scowl traced across his forehead to slip away as he un-furrow his tangerine brows and breathed deeply several times to calm his racing heart. Tired lashes irritably blinked away the bitter images that flickered before battle-lust glazed eyes in remembrance of the rush of events and exhausting emotions of sheer betrayal that had nearly overwhelmed him in his clash bitter with Kugo Ginjo.

Ichigo still did know not what to feel besides the hateful rage burning beneath his skin, even after he had emerged the bitter victor in the end. However, he also knew that he couldn't afford to be dragged down by useless emotions. So, after having made sure that everyone was once again safe at the Urahara Shoten, Rukia and the others had returned to Seireitei and his little sisters were unharmed and fast asleep in their beds with their father home once again; Ichigo had finally gotten the opportunity to lock himself in his room to think over the rush of events that had stained his night in a dark betrayal that was bloodied by his own naivety.

Outside of the reprieve that Zangetsu's familiar touch brought forth in him, Ichigo wasn't sure how to approach the wide range of sensations that was throbbing incessantly against the inside of his skull. He was still too wound up with the adrenalin rush burning through his veins and the uncontrolled reiatsu streaking beneath his skin to even bring himself to seal off his powers and return to his body as he should be. Which, Ichigo assumed, his father had brought back into his room earlier as it was already safely tucked into his bed and mostly unharmed. He would have to thank the old man for that later, he reminded himself, as it must not have been an easy task to accomplish. But first he had to sort through the new additions to his Shinigami uniform that he hadn't noticed until now.

Contemplative chocolate brown eyes gazed curiously at the black markings colouring the back of his hands, curling and uncurling his fingers to observe it's brand upon his flesh...

Was this his Fullbring powers merging with his Shinigami powers? It sure seemed like it, but Ichigo couldn't be sure. The cross like brands in his skin that wound around his wrists and ankles before there was a larger one that crossed over his chest and the odd addition that traced along the collar of his was going to take some getting used to and felt decidedly odd against his skin. But it seemed strangely protective and comforting as well; almost instantly succeeding in pulling Ichigo's attention to the now black waraji that was settled across his feet. He hadn't noticed those before, but they felt more comfortable to move in, easier to find his balance as he pulled up his left knee to rest his foot against the floor and press his forehead against it to briefly bring his wondering mind back to himself.

Out of all the differences, out of all the comforts, what struck Ichigo the most was not the change to his attire, but the changes to Zangetsu's form itself as brown eyes rested eagerly upon the newly reawakened Zanpactō laying directly in front of him. Stomach fluttering with a giddy, excited warmth when he curled elegant fingers around the more completed hilt, Ichigo shivered deeply the instant he was assaulted by the powerful weapon's reiatsu flowing harshly into his limbs all over again. He could literally feel Zangetsu settling himself against his soul, feel the deep bond racing wildly within his very veins as it simultaneously reached across the depths of Ichigo's heart and everything in the world seemed to right itself once more.

Comfortably situated on the floor with his legs crossed under him, the teen made sure that the blade was cleared from knocking into stray objects before he pulled the larger and heavier form across his lap and rested it there tenderly. Brown eyes closing in bliss when he allowed curious fingertips to map out the sharpened planes and edges that Zangetsu now possessed. Ichigo familiarized himself with the gentle hum in the steel and the deadly sharpness that had cut through many of his worst enemies. Meticulously working his way across the deadly curved point at the tip, he dragged his fingers back across the surface to feel the much wider base towards the hilt before tenderly mapping out the curve in the steel curling over the hilt and curious fingers counted every link that was present in the broken black chain.


There were six complete links before it broke off halfway through the middle of the seventh one. Satisfied that he had mapped out every curve and every edge, Ichigo rested his palms against the thrumming blade flatly and allowed his entire being to resonate with Zangetsu's warm presence in his lap. It felt so right to have him back again, like it had always belonged in his hands and should never, ever leave it again. Ichigo hummed softly to himself, calming his reiatsu and mind as he allowed the harsh rush of emotion prickling beneath his skin and unsettled reiatsu to be soothed away by the tangible presence of his lost, but now regained power flowing through his veins.

He opened his heart, instinctively searching for the piece of Zangetsu that was tied to his soul as the teen quieted his mind and urged a controlled stream of reiatsu to soak into the blade and prepared to pull himself into his inner world. It didn't take long untill the world seemed to stop moving, the very air breathed into expanding lungs became still and Ichigo's mind froze its useless play of thoughts and emotions that had been clamouring for his attention since he had first sat down to think. After having spent three months in this state when learning the Saigo no Getsuga within himself, Ichigo had quickly come to recognize the subtle shift in the air as he was overwhelmed by the strange, pulling sensation that tugged him backwards into his very mind when entering the deeper planes of his consciousness.

And as always, it was quite the alarming experience that was like falling from great heights as the floor was ripped from beneath one's feet. Ichigo breathed shakily, drawing a ragged breath into his lungs when the nauseating sensation subsided and his moving form came to a halt. Brown eyes blinked open rapidly as he tried to contain the ragging excitement racing through his blood. Ichigo shivered softly, expecting to find Karakura Town spread before him under an ocean of deep despair again, but instead, he found himself on the edge of a sideways skyscraper. His entire world submersed in an ocean of lukewarm water, that even when it didn't hinder his breathing, allowed the rays of the sun to somehow penetrate the depths quite warmly to tease tanned skin.

'Zangetsu? Zangetsu...are you here?' The orangette called frantically, brown eyes searching for his companion.

Ichigo was beginning to panic, nails digging harshly into the palms of his hands as his breath hitched painfully within his chest. It was not the first time that night that he wondered if everything that had happened, had all been one horrible hopeful dream that was going to be ripped away from him any second now. And, if he ever woke up, he would find that Ginjo had killed him instead. Ichigo, however, was harshly tugged from his anxious state when frantically searching brown orbs finally landed upon the form materializing on the building in front of him. White, sheer white Shihakusho, white Zangetsu and waraji clad feet rested lazily against the edge of the building as the world came to a halt around Ichigo.

'W-what?' Tangerine brows furrowed in confusion as Ichigo shuddered under the heady, menacing golden eyes bathed in a sea of black that were gazing at him from behind a familiar long horned mask of black and white. And the ominous presence streaking across his skin, Ichigo was sure that even behind that mask an insane leer of satisfaction was trained solely upon him. But when the pale being stood, he unknowingly presented the orangette with quite the predicament as Ichigo felt a strange, tugging allure pulling him towards the darker more menacing side of Zangetsu's forms.

He shuddered suddenly, brown eyes carefully observing every movement that the hollow made. Swaying hip length white locks, which were caught by the gentle currents in the water, caused Ichigo to curl his fingers cautiously around the black hilt of Zangetsu just in case he was attacked. But instead, he watched stupefied as clawed fingers gripped the edge of a horned mask and pulled it off irritably, dissolving its heavy form into specks of white before the orange haired Shinigami was gifted, just as predicted, with a predatory leer that spread alarmingly wide across pale lips.

Black nailed fingers tugged the same blade of inverted white from a straightened back as he reverted back to his more familiar form of short hair and dark eyes. The hollow pressed the razor sharp tip of a new white Zangetsu into the side of the building and nonchalantly rested the palm of his hand against the hilt as his golden eyes observed Ichigo with a strange touch of tenderness. And the Shinigami caught up in that haunting gaze, quickly looked away. Uncertain as to the emotions that it evoked through his being. Ichigo was sure, so sure that this being in front of him would not be happy to see him at all. They had always been at odds...well except for the last few moments that Ichigo had spent in this world almost two years ago. He had only briefly glimpsed the truth of Zangetsu's emotions, seen the sincerity and sorrow within those haunted mismatched eyes which Ichigo had never even understood the pain of what the both of them must have been felt in teaching him that technique until it was too late to make amends.

He sighed softly. Perhaps he was misjudging things again, because maybe...just maybe there were emotions present within this part of Zangetsu as well...


'Ya called, King? That's the eight time you've said my name tonight, Ichigo. And I'll respond to every call so stop thinking you're dreaming. What you are seeing is very real.' His white haired doppelganger said nonchalantly, picking up a white Zangetsu again as he balanced the large blade across his shoulder and allowed his current form to shift and change into mirroring Ichigo's exactly. Grinning wildly as Ichigo balked in fright at his new form and reality seemed to be set back in again.

'You've grown taller.' Zangetsu noted, chuckling when the action instantly snapped Ichigo out of his dazed trance like state.

'W-what?! W-what's going on? Why are you here? Where's Zangetsu no Ossan?' The orange haired teen asked frantically. Fingers curling into a fist as he settled his weight evenly apart in preparation to defend himself should he need to. He felt suddenly very exposed beneath those searching golden eyes when white brows furrowed in irritation and his doppelganger scoffed at his reaction and took a step closer to his wielder with a leer.

'Che, 'nd here I thought we were past this point, King. Your reaction hurts.' Zangetsu said in mocking sadness. His form flickering out of existence as he reappeared mere inches behind Ichigo, pale lips mere millimetres away from the shell of a dainty ear as he whispered teasingly: 'Are we really goin' te be playin' this game again? I am Zangetsu, Baka. You've been calling out to me this entire time. That old man, be happy that he's still sleeping and not suppressing my powers as he has been doing since the beginning.'

'What are you talking about?! I didn't come here to fight you! I don't want—.'

'Who says we're going to fight? Show me anymore disappointment, King, and I'd say you don't like me very much.' The Zanpactō spirit murmured irritably, taking a step back as he sighed in exasperation. Sheathing the white form of his blade and settling it across his back in a mirror image to Ichigo's now. 'The old man's sleeping still, Ichi, like I said. It took a hell of a lot of outside power just to awaken me. So it'll be a while still before he's awake. Are you disappointed that it isn't him, Ichigo? That it wasn't him to greet you first? Don't you wanna play with me now?' Ichigo shuddered under the taunt, pulling away as he tried to put some distance between the two of them when the surprisingly warm presence strayed too close to his unprotected back.

'Stop it!' He yelled, turning around to face his doppelganger.

'Aww...did ya miss me, Ichigo?' Zangetsu leered, smile widening when a deep scowl pulled at Ichigo's brow and he prepared a retort. The orangette probably hadn't realized it yet but his hand had long since strayed away from his black Zangetsu's hilt as he now gazed with rising anger at his white haired twin and something else that was indiscernible. His usual burning fire, however, was not present within chocolate brown orbs...his form was still far too comforted and relaxed now that he had regained what he had lost.

'No! I did not! You—.' Ichigo was suddenly forced to trail off as Zangetsu moved, blurring out of sight for a single second before his black nailed fingers curled in Ichigo's black kosode and he pulled the Shinigami's form closer to him with a jerk of his wrist.

'Don't lie to me, Ichigo. Stop lying to yourself, damn it! The pain, the relief, the pleasure...I felt it all, just as you. And the way that you so lovingly run your fingers across my blade, pouring reiatsu into me. You forget, Ichigo, or you simply didn't know, that I can feel it all. The power that binds us together is not simple, not like you think it is. It's soul deep, connecting us in ways that you need to understand and learn better.'

'For me it's just comforting to feel you. And after so long of being forced to sleep in this eternal world of despair within you, it is quite arousing to feel every shimmer of your reiatsu across the surface of my blade. Just like you felt my pleasure and presence rushing through your veins with every single strike you made against that betrayer's blade. Wanna guess what it feels like to finally connect with you after the pain it took to lock us away here, King? Want to know what it's like to feel your reiatsu streaking into us and rousing us into a wakeful state...exploding and imploding with your rising instinct?'

'N-no!' Ichigo exclaimed, suddenly finding himself flushing under the strangely sensual words purred in his ear.

'I'll show you, Ichigo, that your mistrust of me is unfounded. I am Zangetsu. So learn to trust me, you cannot trust only one portion of your power.'


Touch Me

'T-trust you?! Are you INSANE? After what you did?' Ichigo roared in anger, furious and completely frustrated at the riddle his white haired doppelganger had just presented him with. Half of the words didn't make sense, half of the implications were too heady to ignore but to trust this being, after he had taken over his body and soul twice before? Even impaled him with Tensa Zangetsu's white blade once...he still remembered the pain from that one. It was only natural that he should be very wary of this part of Zangetsu, very wary indeed for his soul could very well break under his presence. Ichigo had seen the damage his hollow could cause when he lost his senses and it was asking him to trust it now? Not very likely, he couldn't endanger his family that were sleeping outside of his consciousness.

'After what I did? I saved your life and awoke your instincts to wield me; not much different than what the old man did with you when you faced Kenpachi.' Ichigo shifted with a snarl at the claim, not wanting to hear anymore as he gripped the hand that was wound in the fabric in his kosode and tried to pry it from his body to put some distance between them again. But it seemed impossible, the white Zangetsu was not letting go anytime soon and was hardly fazed by Ichigo's struggles at all. In fact he seemed to be enjoying them, smirk widening predatorily as a sudden push of superior strength caused the both of them hurtle through the air and collide harshly into the concrete of the building below.

Dots of black were swimming in the orange haired Shinigami's vision, his mind reeling at the sudden explosion of pain spreading across the back of his skull as he moaned softly in rising anguish. He hadn't even noticed his hollow moving in to make the strike, but now that he was left to blink harshly against the rushing dizziness settling across his mind, Ichigo tried very hard to pull himself together with his doppelganger looming so threateningly above him. With his wrists effortlessly caught in a vice like grip of a single hand, which dug black nails harshly into his skin, Ichigo valiantly fought against his restraints as he was securely pinned to the building by Zangetsu's form pressing against him. But his heart wasn't in it...something Ichigo couldn't understand as he almost welcomed the touch.

'W-w-what're you doing?!' Ichigo snarled viciously, hissing in pure rage when white hakama clad thighs clamped against his hips and restricted his thrashing legs by straddling his thighs and the spiky haired hollow moved closer to lean sensually over Ichigo's form. Casing the teen to tug his bottom lip between his teeth with a warning glare when his doppelganger's presence remained both threatening with a new sense of dominance over him and his overwhelmingly powerful reiatsu intimidated his already fading senses. It was saturating tanned skin, pushing into the orangette's veins, flowing turbulently into trembling limbs from everywhere the intimidating presence touched his being. And Ichigo...he was struggling through a new sense of rapture working its way steadily through his veins.

He had never felt this before, never in his life had he felt so completely comforted and surrounded by harsh but still gentle brushes of fingers trailing down his cheek and pressing reiatsu into him constantly. Ichigo was seeing white, crying out in surprise when black nailed fingertips slipped beneath his kosode and pressed against his frantically beating heart. He only had a single second to breathe before Zangetsu poured his rising, familiar power straight into Ichigo's very soul so that it resonated with every beat of his heart. The action almost instantly caused Ichigo to moan in strange pleasure as he arched back to shamelessly get more, deciding to allow this for now before his mind started to protest against his doppelganger's actions again.

'F-fuck!' Ichigo cursed, clenching brown eyes shut against the overwhelming onslaught when the darker part of Zangetsu chuckled above him. 'I d-don't understand...what're you doing?! I-it's...stop's...' The teen trailed off, his mind lost somewhere along the way when he felt those fingertips tap a familiar rhythm against his skin and never once stopped the rush of power streaking through Ichigo's veins as his hollow laughed delightedly at his wielder's reactions.

'It feels good doesn't it, King?' Zangetsu purred, lips pressing softly against Ichigo's temple to calm him tenderly; his unexpected action completely surprising the orangette when he felt himself leaning into the comforting caress with a strange purr. 'You don't understand what I'm doing? So naive. Yer cute, Ichigo, but you need to learn to listen when I talk. I'm giving it back, giving you the same sensations you gift me when your contentedness flows through me. When your irrevocable trust and comfort calms my ragging anger. I told you, you only need to trust me Ichigo and I'll always protect you.'

'You understand so little about us, what ties us together. So let me show you now, what I feel everytime you open yourself to relearn the bond that is forged between us.' Ichigo struggled against the grip on his wrists, not liking the slow arousal that was headily coursing through his blood and tacking onto the already rising adrenalin streaking euphorically against his skin. He felt weak, overpowered and completely lost, but why was he enjoying this so much? He even parted his lips in a gasp of surprise for a swiping blue tongue when another pair of pale lips sealed seamlessly over his and short white locks tickled the skin of his forehead tenderly.

Ichigo could feel it, the pleasure seeping into his skin, the need burning through his veins as he fought against the slick invader pressing into his mouth sensually to twine with his tongue.

He growled lowly in warning, not liking the idea of just taking it as it came as he bit down suddenly. Completely startled by the rush of blood into his mouth that tasted strangely pleasant; Ichigo felt his breath hitch the instant that the hips pressed against him, rocked forward to gain more friction for the growing arousal pooling in his groin. The seventeen-year-old's actions in warding off the sensual attack however, didn't slow his doppelganger at all. It only seemed to entice the white haired being more as Zangetsu purred in contentment and upped his assault with a deeper kiss. Forcing Ichigo's legs apart to settle more comfortably between them, he mapped out and explored a warm mouth almost forcefully and blissfully.

Ichigo could only whine against the touch. He really didn't know what to do anymore. Should he trust his instincts and go with the heady urge to submit, or should he fight against Zangetsu that was dominating him so easily as they broke apart for air. A string of saliva still connected their tongues, tainted pink with the blood that Ichigo had tasted before, as he panted for breath and his white haired twin smirked down at him teasingly. A blue tongue swept across pale lips to lick away the blood before Zangetsu pulled his fingers away from Ichigo's heart and reached for the tie in the white sash that kept a black hakama secured to thin hips.

'You're still as indecisive as ever. Do you trust your instincts or fight with your brain? Don't falter on me now, King, remember what I taught you. Instinct is survival in any situation, even this one.' Zangetsu purred lasciviously, suddenly pulling the white sash from a black hakama and securing the fabric around flailing wrists despite Ichigo's cry of indignation as he pinned the teen further by hooking the fabric around the blunt side of his white blade and pressing the large sword's form deeply into the side of the building just above spiky orange locks. 'Hollows, Ichigo, have a set system of dominance and submission when it comes to claiming their mates. An instinct every one of them are born with, something you were born with but never felt because you were too young to understand and we were together for such a short time.' Ichigo's doppelganger continued calmly, fingertips un-tucking a black kosode as he splayed the fabric open to gaze lustfully at the delectable tanned flesh that strained and twisted as Ichigo fought against his bonds to free himself with rising alarm. He rested a pale palm against the fluttering muscles of a warm abdomen and he leaned over Ichigo to calm him.

'Don't fight it so much.' Zangetsu soothed tenderly, carefully observing his wielder as Ichigo seemed to lose himself in sensation. A flush of red now tainted tanned cheeks as dark brown eyes, near black with rising lust, gazed pleadingly up at the darker half of himself. Ichigo moaned lowly when pale fingertips passed across his hardening nipples teasingly before digging sharply into the skin of his now exposed abdomen and a surprisingly gentle kiss was pressed to his forehead that caused him to wrinkle his nose against it.

'That's it, start to feel it. The instinct that drives you, Ichigo.' His doppelganger breathed almost excitedly against the skin of a tanned neck, a lazy blue tongue tracing up the side of the barred flesh before he dug his teeth into the new addition to Ichigo's kosode, tasting it before worrying the sensitive skin running below it to taste the brush of sweat and something that reminded him purely of Ichigo. 'The rush in your veins, the need to submit. You are strong Ichigo, very strong, but what your heart desires is not to dominate over the world as you easily can. Your instincts are telling you to find someone strong enough to take care of you, to show you love and treasure you. That's why, every battle you chose is to pit your strength against the strongest of men. You, the eternal protector, are constantly seeking out a mate. What we call a Beta.' The words, Ichigo found, were almost soothing to listen to as he observed golden eyes, set upon a sea of black sclera, lidding sensually against his gaze as his darker half drank in the sight of him spread so delectably in front of him.

Black hakama flared sensually against tanned skin as it slipped down arching hips, dark brown eyes gazing hazily up at the darker side of Zangetsu from behind a splay of spiky orange locks. The strands feathering softly across flushed cheeks to allow the sunlight, streaming from above the water, to ignite the light sheen of sweat that was starting to gather in little pearls across glistening flesh. Petal pink lips parted in a low moan as black nailed fingers divested those tanned hips of their barely there wrappings and trailed warm palms against trembling thighs as the white haired being rapidly coaxed Ichigo's hardening arousal into a much more carnal state. Constantly chasing Ichigo into a more instinctual need to submit.

Zangetsu hummed softly in appreciation, pressing two black nailed fingers between parted lips as he caressed a slithering tongue into wetting them properly. Those fiery brown orbs were glaring at him wilfully again, spitting fire at his actions but Ichigo had stopped his struggling. Finally giving over to the roaring rush of bliss spreading through his veins as he raised his own reiatsu to match that of his lover's that had been flowing sensually into him since the beginning. He curiously suckled on the digits in his mouth, running his tongue against smooth flesh as he groaned softly at the fingers now carding gently through his hair simultaneously. He didn't know what was going on anymore, he understood what his hollow was doing to him, understood the fundamental need within him but Ichigo couldn't understand why he was allowing it when things were going so far already.

'Good boy,' The white Zangetsu praised tenderly, ruffling his fingers through bright orange locks one last time before he began shifting sensually down Ichigo's torso after he retracted his fingers from a wet mouth. 'I can still feel you confusion, King, so let me explain it to you. Your excitement in coming here tonight, your need to be close, it was your instincts that brought you to me. The reason why I was the first to awaken this night was all for this. To claim you as mine, Ichigo.' Ichigo was scowled abruptly at the information, shivering at the heady implication as he searched his doppelganger's features for a lie but instead he only encountered true sincerity. Which was odd...considering—?

His back arched suddenly with the need to get away when a wailing cry escaped struggling lungs the instant two wet fingers pressed harshly inside of him and teeth bit down on the inside of a tanned thigh.

'Ah! S-shit! NO!' Ichigo threw his head back, fighting against his bonds with renewed vigour when an arm was thrown across his abdomen to keep him from moving too much as Ichigo cried out. It was painful, headily so, but Ichigo's heart was hammering in his chest in a frantic rhythm of need as he keened loudly the moment that those fingers began to move in and out of him in a slow rhythm. Ichigo was horrified to find that he was becoming only more and more aroused as lips sucked against the bite he was sure was bleeding against his inner thigh before they trailed a heated path of licentious fire upwards to nibble at his struggling hips instead.

Ichigo wanted to wail, startled at the feeling of tears building in the corner of his eyes as his hardened arousal was left alone.

'There's no coincidence, Ichigo, I had you marked as a Beta when your powers were first awakened. But that old man doesn't explain this stuff to you, he's been suppressing me from helping you, offering you what your heart desires by constantly pitting us against each other when we would work so much better if I just claim you as mine already. We were made for each other, you felt it right, the undeniable pull...the pleasure of my reiatsu pressing into you?' Zangetsu asked and Ichigo nodded dazedly, bringing up his thighs to cradle the white haired being closer to him when his mouth was suddenly plundered by an impatient tongue. He really couldn't think anymore, something inside of him had taken over and was pushing into him from all sides, everything was purely instinctual now.

When they pulled apart, Ichigo twisted in his bonds to follow that mouth as his dark brown eyes began to shimmer in a glow of silver. He was panting for breath, completely forgetting why he had come here in the first place when he gazed pleadingly up at his lover. He wanted something more substantial than those fingers, wanted this being to break him and mould him into something else...Ichigo wanted...

'P-please...I-I w-want—!' The orange haired Shinigami trailed off with a gasp when teeth tugged at the shell of his ear harshly.

'Hush, King, I'll give you what you want. But ya need trust me. You need to relax, Ichigo, or this is really going to hurt.' Ichigo nodded dazedly, only half listening to those words as a hazy fog of rapture, long since having clouded his mind, settled down more euphorically against his limbs than before. He whined pitifully in frustration though, as those fingers, having moved so perfectly pleasurably inside of him, was suddenly pulled out and he was left empty of all rapturous touch. He sobbed softly, wanting it to come back. But luckily he didn't have to wait long before the rustle of cloth stopped and he arched back abruptly as something much bigger and overwhelmingly intense ripped into him.

Ichigo was sure he had screamed, his fingers clawing uselessly against the smooth surface of the blade keeping him captive against the building as he sought to ground himself against the pain. He was definitely crying now, feeling shameful tears of relief streak down his cheeks as he was filled up both physically and emotionally. Turning away quite bashfully when a blue tongue licked away at his tears and pressed a lingering kiss to his lips and offered him time to adjust.

'Don't turn away from me, Ichigo. You're mine.' Zangetsu said possessively and Ichigo nodded hazily in agreement, parting his lips for a slow exploration of tongues as he felt himself relax against the painfully full sensation as all inhibitions disappeared under the brush of sheer carnal instinct. He didn't think he could take it much longer, couldn't take much more of the slowness that was threatening to calm his heart and bring back reality Ichigo refused to face. He just wanted to feel this being fill him up, pour his reiatsu into him and forever mark him as his.

'Z-Zangetsu! P-please!' Ichigo's resolve finally cracked, calling his blade by his true name for the first time that night as something inside of him seemed to click back into place. There was a warm slickness trailing down his thigh that Ichigo was sure was blood but he couldn't care anymore. The pain, the was a heady mixture as it wound and twisted with the completeness streaking through burning veins. Ichigo was losing his mind, low wails of need spilling forth from his lips as everything that had been wrong within him since the beginning began to settle down again.

He moaned lowly, arching his hips upwards as his head fell back against harsh concrete to bar his neck for his lover as tugging teeth found his skin again and Zangetsu began to move in a steadily rising pace. Ichigo cried out, wrists frantically tugging against his bonds as black nailed fingers dug deeply into his hips to keep him steady as a deep, blissful need began to coil a dangerous need within the pit of Ichigo's stomach. Brown eyes closed under the strain, breaths short and ragged as everything began to shift and change within Ichigo as he felt the steady rise to completeness streaking through his veins.

It wouldn't be long untill he broke as he reached that all welcoming panicle inside of him.

' good. It feels so good!' Ichigo cried in bliss, arching awkwardly against his restraints as his hollow shifted his angle and brushed against something that had him seeing stars as pleasure exploded through him more intensely. 'M-more! S-shit!' Ichigo wailed, still waraji clad feet curling into the side of the building as Ichigo's vision turned completely white. Blood roared through his ears, his every nerve igniting with incredible rapture as every beat of his heart seemed to resonate with the being inside of him's reiatsu pouring so completely into him. He was lost in sensation, abandoned to experience this almost painful, headily needed climax as his very soul was being dismantled under white Zangetsu's touch.

Ichigo was breathing heavily, every single sound spilling from his lungs headily erotic as he was only barely aware of sharpened canines digging into his shoulder painfully before he was entirely overwhelmed with the push of Zangetsu's power overwhelming him completely and a warm wetness burned deeply inside of him. He cried out weakly in protest, feeling the burn of the mark on the side of his neck pressing into him from all sides as Ichigo suddenly felt his consciousness start to pull away from him. He let it come, having found the trust for this being he seemed to have been lacking since the beginning for some reason.

Ichigo was drifting through a newly constructed world of ambrosia.


Bind My Soul

'Ichigo? King?' A gentle baritone called out to the orange haired Substitute Shinigami gently, fingertips brushing through sweaty orange locks as the tender action forced brown eyes to blink open blearily. Ichigo groaned softly, lazily observing the spread of his inner world resting before him from the warm lap he was curled against. Where did all the water go? The ocean that his world had been sunk beneath had been evaporated. Instead, there was warm sunlight streaking across tanned skin as fluffy white clouds drifted lazily through a blue sky with a soft breeze tracing against a relaxed form tenderly.

'Zangetsu?' Ichigo asked confusedly, turning on his back to search for his lover. He moaned abruptly though, at the intense pain shooting up his spine just as warm lips pressed softly against the top of his head and pale black nailed fingers twined with his to soothe away the sudden ache streaking across his veins. Oh ow...that was going to affect him for days probably. But the teen tried to ignore it as best he could, he had felt worse after all as he tipped his head back now to hazily observe beautiful golden eyes gazing down at him tenderly. The darker side of Zangetsu grinned down at him slyly before he helped resettle a dark Shihakushō across Ichigo's form with surprisingly gentle fingers and assured movements.

The instant that he stood and moved away from his beloved though, Ichigo called out to him in panic but his doppelganger merely chuckled over his shoulder as he reappeared seconds later with the sealed form of a black Zangetsu in his hand. Offering the powerful weapon to its master as Ichigo shifted to sit up and eagerly curled his fingers around a familiar hilt.

'Here, let me help.' The white haired hollow said just as Ichigo pushed himself onto his knees. Warm arms wrapped around a thin waist to keep Ichigo steady as a curious nose nuzzled a warm neck and the teen was pulled onto his feet and straight into a calming, comforting embrace with his back pressed against a strong chest. Causing the orangette to cringe internally as he took notice of the dark marks of red, left behind from his bonds earlier, encircling his wrists quite noticeably. He was sure that they would be bruising quite darkly over the next few days, but Ichigo just couldn't find it in himself to be angry or even annoyed. He was far too content to even feel emotions on that level now.

He just winced as Zangetsu passed a blue tongue over the sluggishly bleeding wound on the side of his neck that Ichigo hadn't even noticed before. The touch wasn't painful either, strangely erotic as the white haired being suckled on his flesh before a warmth began spreading through Ichigo's veins from the wound itself as warm reiatsu poured straight into his heart in a controlled stream. Ichigo shivered softly, realizing that Zangetsu could calm him entirely, fill him up with a heady warmth and belonging with only a simple pass of his tongue. And as his presence continued to rush into Ichigo near constantly, the Substitute Shinigami purred softly in sheer delight at the touch.

'Cute,' Zangetsu purred softly. 'You like my claim. Know that, my sweet Ichigo, this mark will forever bind us and will never again disappear.' The white haired hollow noted possessively before he suddenly let go of his mate, turning Ichigo towards him to press his lips against a still damp forehead tenderly in goodbye.

'You really need to return, King.' He murmured urgently against the top of an orange head when Ichigo curled against his chest again, head resting on a warm chest just where he could hear a steady heartbeat resonating blissfully with his. But Ichigo whined irritably through his haze of contentedness as those words seeped into his mind, he didn't think he could bring himself to move away from the circle of warmth so perfectly wrapped around him as brown eyes gazed dazedly up at his doppelganger. Scowling half heartedly at the chuckle his actions drew when warm arms tightened around a black clad waist. One arm snaked upwards to tip back Ichigo's chin tenderly in order to lock glazed brown orbs with gold set in a sea of black.

'You just let out a very powerful burst of reiatsu, your old man will be knocking on your door soon. And who knows what he'll do if you don't answer his calls.' Zangetsu warned but Ichigo stubbornly refused to let go.

'B-but...' Zangetsu sighed softly as he uncurled Ichigo from around his form before pressing a kiss to his cheek tenderly, leaving a flash of warmth in his wake.

'I know that you have many question, Ichigo. But they are going to have to wait. Return to your world, to your body and sleep. I'll bring you back to me when you're ready.' And with one last lingering kiss to petal pink lips, Ichigo was suddenly thrust from his inner world by a harsh push to his consciousness. He had only a second to flail against the overwhelming sensation and feel just a touch of lingering loss before Zangetsu's warm presence, which Ichigo now realized belonged to his hollow, curled deeply and comfortingly against his soul. Promising never to leave again just as brown eyes snapped open in reality to his bedroom door being forced open violently.

Ichigo was still slightly dizzy, unbalanced by the bliss streaking against his skin as he watched the surprising sight of his father dressed in a black Shihakushō pushing into his room with quiet alarm and considerable force in his hurried state. A large tanned hand was resting cautiously on the hilt of Engetsu as sharp eyes frantically searched the orangette's room for a threat as he came to a halt in front of his seated son. Brown eyes widening in alarm before he knelt in front of Ichigo in clear concern. But Ichigo's chocolate brown orbs were just gazing up at Isshin calmly, confusedly before he started to shift away at their sudden close proximity.

'What is it, Dad?' Ichigo inquired in confusion, frowning at the sudden appearance of his father's Shinigami form in front of him. It was a sight he was still trying getting used to after having been left 'blind' for so long. But this was the first time Ichigo had seen such a startling look of alarm tugging at his father's features, even when he was in his serious state. In fact, it reminded the teen of the pained gaze Isshin had given him only a few hours ago when Ichigo had assumed it was his father' blade that was buried in his chest. It was a gaze Ichigo did not like seeing at all, especially knowing that he was the direct cause of it...

'Are you alright, Ichigo?' Isshin asked in concern, looking quite frazzled by Ichigo's calm reaction. But his strangely fatherly act of concern, made Ichigo blink lazily as he pulled his hands away from where they had been resting against the blade in his lap with a nod. Abruptly standing, even stumbling through several steps, as he tried to find his balance after having staid in such a seated position for so long. Ichigo barely kept back his hiss of pain at the heady ache shooting up his spine, feeling once more the burn of the mark on his neck, which was thankfully covered by the addition to his kosode. But as everything made itself known along with the blissful memory of Zangetsu's touch against his skin, Ichigo groaned softly as Isshin's hand rested on his shoulder to keep him steady and his father once again inquired after his health.

'I'm fine,' Ichigo said almost irritably, brushing the hand away from his shoulder as he found his balance and gazed almost apologetically at his father. 'Why do you ask?'

'Geez, your reiatsu nearly made me fall to my knees in the kitchen and your asking me why I'm asking if you're alright? What did you do? Were you attacked?'

'No,' Ichigo shook his head in the negative; turning to the side in embarrassment as he sheathed Zangetsu form and settled him across his back. 'I was just reacquainting myself with Zangetsu again.' The teen lied smoothly, hoping that Isshin did not inquire about it any further because Ichigo really did not need Goat-Face knowing just what they had been doing. There hadn't really been much talking at all...other than the seductive information giving on white Zangetsu's part.

'Reacquainting yourself with your Zanpactō? What the hell were you doing? Fighting?' Ichigo shook his head again, completely turning his back on his father now that a slow burn of embarrassment was colouring his nose and cheek. He couldn't take this much longer, even keeping his shoulders straight against the pull of exhaustion was getting difficult when he wanted to do nothing more than sleep so that he could return to his inner world and the arms of his mate.

'Talking...we were just talking, damn it! Now leave me alone, Oyaji! I want to sleep, I'm tired—.' Ichigo trailed off suddenly as a strong hand descended upon his shoulders and he was turned around forcefully. Troubled brown eyes gazed at Ichigo critically, a stray fingertip coming up to brush the warm skin beneath Ichigo's left eye which instantly caused the teen to jerk back at the unfamiliar touch as he watched concern and confusion furrowing his father's usually goofy features.

'W-what're you doing?!' Ichigo hissed, breath hitching at the strange action before he pulled back harshly with a scowl marring his features. But Isshin merely remained thoughtful as he scratched his chin.

'I've never seen those two red marks beneath your eye before, is it something to do with Zangetsu?'

'Marks, what marks?' Ichigo asked and somewhere in his mind Ichigo was sure he could hear his beloved chuckling headily at him.

Those marks are my claim over you King, now everyone will know just who you belong to.

A warm thank you to everyone who's read this! I hope that me calling Hichigo Zangetsu didn't confuse you too much. But just know that I really enjoyed writing this one because I didn't push myself to reach my usual quota of 10 000+ words. Now I can also come back later and easily continue it where I left off.

Whether or not this will have a sequel or I'll continue it in a multi-chap fic in the future I cannot tell as I'm too busy to really think it over now but keep a look out, I might just surprise you. For now, I'm off for some hot chocolate and a belated happy spring to everybody in the Southern Hemisphere!

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